Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 144

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 144 His Foster Parents 2


The card was easily swiped, and I took it into my teeth while I am holding lots of bags and boxes. I didn't let her hold any of it. My hands are full when we get to the car. I told her to pull the key from my pocket pants. She slides her hand on my pants that I feel hot sensation runs into my whole body. Why that single touch turned me on? I told her to click the right remote to open the car and she did. I put it all inside at the back.

I drove to the grocery store and it takes two hours for us to gather her things. Girl's stuff is crazy. Leona even put latex condom on it. She asked me about it, and I explain it to her. That makes her brows went up. I scratch it that makes her pleased. After groceries, we rest for a while and eat in the French Restaurant near the grocery store. She's the one who gave the golden card to spend it because she knew that I will probably give my card instead.

When we get to my car to drive again toward the town where my parents live, she immediately removed her shoes and I can see that it has shoe-bites. I pull an ointment from the small drawer of my car and pull her feet into my lap. I started putting the ointment and massaging it that makes her gasped and m.o.a.n a little. That turns me on. Damn, damn. That makes me really aroused.

"I can use a massage." She muttered.

"I can massage you every time you wanted." I told her.

"Yes. That is enough. My feet are sensitive." She mentioned. I nod at her. I put back the ointment on the drawer and then, I adjust her seat so she could sleep.

"We have a long way travel. You have to sleep."

"How many hours?"

"Just three." I wink. "We can get there less than of that if I drive fast."

The whole time of driving, she was sleeping. I don't know why she kept sleeping like it was her meditation and I played low songs for her to relax. She's a heavy sleeper. Last time I saw her sleeping under the fountain of the Goddess of Soul, she didn't even move when I lay her down in my arms.

Our house was acre far from the houses and it was wide and two-story. My mother has a wide garden that she usually decorated, and my dad help with landscaping it just for them to make new designs and ideas on how to plan an event like garden parties. I round on the driveway where there's a fountain.

I shook her and called her name for her to wake up. But she didn't. She is breathing normally. I move closer after I removed my seatbelt. I stare down on her those full beautiful crossbow lips of her. I push my lips down on it and wait for her to wake up. I pull back my head and observe her.


"Did you just kiss me?" she asked with closed eyes.

"Yes, I did. To test you" she opened her eyes and gently rubbed it. She blinks and asked for water. Good thing that I bought two bottles in the grocery. I took one and open it for her. She cleared her throat. "You okay?" she nodded. The double door on our terrace opens and my mom came running with my dad. She still has an apron. I smiled and glanced at her.

I gape on the blood that runs from the left hole of her nose. I immediately pull Kleenex beside me where I always put it there and put it on her nose.

"Are you really okay? Why is your nose bleeding?" she took it and blow her nose. She swallowed hard like she is hard to swallow.

"I have tried to take their souls away from evil." She muttered.

I look into her eyes and hold her cheek. I don't know what she can do and what gift she has but it worries me that it makes her health bad. I pull another Kleenex and gave it to her. I open the door beside me, and I walk around. I hug my mom and dad quickly and I open the door for her.

I held out my hand and she took it. She is bare feet and didn't mind it. Her nose is already clean from all of the bleeding, and she held the bloody tissues. I look at my mom and dad whose eyes are wide with amazement. I know, they like her more on, they loved her because she's beautiful and all. Goddess-like beauty. Exception and hard to describe.

"You must be Guinevere." My mom shrieked and walk to her and hugged her with kisses on both cheeks.

"Yes, I am. You must be Clarence's mother." She smiles.

"I'm Krystal and here, my husband, Geoffrey." Dad is grinning ear to ear and glanced at me with a wink.

"Nice catch son." He murmurs and walk to Guinevere to greet her. "Bonjour, a va?"

"Je vais bien." She said fluently oh so s.e.xy. "Et toi, Monsieur?"

"Very glad to finally meet you." My father glanced at me and wink again. "Come, you must be really tired."

"Where are your shoes?" my mother asked looking down on her beautiful feet.

"It hurts my feet, so I left it in the car. Don't mind me. I love walking bare feet." She told. I took the tissues from her and throw it on the trash can and closes my car and walks with them inside. My mom had made a few changes inside and it was more beautiful elegant and everything.

They both sat on the sofa while I walk to the kitchen to grab a stainless container with warm water and a clean towel. My mom startled me and give me kisses with a wink.

"She's very beautiful and kind."

"Yet cold," I added. She raised her eyebrow. "Yes, she's cold most of the time to me."

"I guess, you deserve it." She giggled and told me to entertain her and walk her around. I went to the living room and I can see that my father is enjoying speaking French with her. I am speaking in French when I get to them and they learned it and teach me how to speak American English.

"Oh, I have to grill barbeque for our dinner. I leave you both alone." I know, I know. Dad is giving us time to make out or something he told me. He winked at me and I can't help but chuckle. I kneel in front of her as I put down the container beside her feet. I pull her feet up and put it down on the warm water. She breathed and lean on the couch.

"That's nice." I look up at her who felt so relieved. She smiled beautifully. "You have very kind parents. They treasure you like their own son. Have you already recovered from the pain back to the world where you came from?"

"I did. I am more than happy enough, right now." I stood, bent down to her, took the side of her neck as I kiss her lips passionately.

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