Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 150 2

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 150 Hydor Part 2

My Hydra and my Kraken squawked and the waters are responding to them. I squeeze my hand on the iron bars as it started heating. I boost up and my fire immediately melts the lock of the iron.

"Queen of Era you have no right to intervene in my ruling here."

"Yes. I don't have the right to intervene as a Queen of Era, but as the one who gave you this world and the universe, I have the right when another is intervening."

What I mean is, Gods and Goddesses do not intervene on people's business but when it comes to another God or another Goddess who puts things on people's business for their greed, I shall intervene.

"I don't even know how you could manifest the water even the fire and air, but you have no place here." I throw my head back and push the iron.

"You don't understand me, King Whales. I am Serina Goddess of Water. I am Odissi, Goddess of Fire, I am Zoeira Goddess of Earth, I am Aryanna, Goddess of Air. You can call me one of them." I started unwrapping my scarf showing my face to him. "I died Catastrophe in this ship."

I can see that everyone are gaping and their eyes are almost poking out from their face.

"But I am the only Goddess who has those Goddesses inside me. So now, who broke my sister's heart giving her pure loneliness and died in her shell?" I look directly at Prince Wade to King Whales. I don't know Serina's story but I knew one of them or even Prince Warren and Princess Wendy has something to do with it. "The Goddess of Water, gave your ancestor an affinity for it, yet here you are, using it differently."

"I" King Whales stammer and they all knelt except King Whales, Princess Wendy, and Prince Wade.

"I am not here to question your ruling, King Whales, but you keep killing innocent people seeking for their mistakes that you also made that every one of you can commit." I said it very loud. The sea monsters behind me squawk in agreement on me.

"How could you be the Goddess?" King Whales ask. I sigh and rolled my eyes. He is damn questioning me.

"I don't even know you see, I just regain my memories. But it is none of your concern. I am the Goddess of the Universe, Adhiti. I forgive you at this moment, and I shall not see people in this cage ever again. My children are not eating people. They died there drowning and their souls never make it to our paradise." I stare at King Whales. I can see darkness behind him, including to Prince Wade who is all so sweet and caring at all, but I can see shadows behind him that haven't eaten him yet.

King Whales forcibly kneel together with Prince Wade. I glare at Princess Wendy who couldn't take it and kneel out from her heart. I sigh and a very swift air blows and Luther is in front of me. My eyes widen to see that he is holding a spear in front of him. My eyes darted up to see a man in black cloak glaring down. Trying to kill me.

The two sea monsters started hyperventilating, wailing in anger who tried to kill me. Luther pushes the spear on the chains to free the woman and the child. I pull a dagger from my boots and throw it to the man who tried to kill me. It hit him and it bleeds him. My eyes widen to see that he is bleeding in the familiar color green purple redblack.

I raise my hand as the water comes along and pushed the man down. They all cleared away as I run to it, grabbing as sword pointing it to the injured person on the cloak all covered up. I breathed, my chest pumping up and down.

The cloak seemed to move into smoke as it changes figure like a slimy thing. It gets bigger and taller. Is it Death's competence? His face is a decayed skull, so gross.

"Holy shit, dude! You scared the hell outta me!" I blurted. I am just surprised that's all but I am not terrified of this creature. I gripped on the heavy sword and pointed it to him. "If you are one of Abyss's command on taking their souls, well I am here to stop you. I got a long way ride from Era and this is all I've got! Shitty lucky."

"Goddess, please step back." Luther covers me from the shitty lucky thingy. I just named him that. "This thing cannot be killed easily. He will go back and go back to his master."

"Then," I put down the sword. "Let him go." I look directly into the creature's eyes. "Tell Abyss that he won't have what he wanted. Because, I shall, lead him to nothingness." I declare. The shadow melts down the floor.

I face the crowd again and my eyes darted to Prince Wade still all so lonely and empty. I don't know what he felt but he looked suffering inside.

"You shall meet your mate soon, Prince Wade," I told him. "No more killing here, and if this thing continues, I won't think twice of killing all of you," I warned them.

I climb up to the ship and jump into the water and the tentacle of the Kraken held me. I look back at Luther who flew to me and takes me up. I wrapped my arms around him as he takes me to where Phrixus is. As we landed, I suddenly feel a crazy stir on my stomach. Something is not right in this part of the place.

"This is the place where Goddess Aqua and Fire used to bath." I look around. It was beautiful yet something isn't right.

"They capture Aqua" I murmur. I can see flashbacks inside my mind. My poor sister, crying and crying as she felt the one by one death of her sisters. Aryanna and Zoeira... then Odissi. Luther has been seized and locked up so he couldn't save them.

The familiar silhouette walks in, Aqua smiles and it was Prince Wade who looked very lonely. Aqua finally know what it is, Prince Wade left to say goodbye and after he left, she's been captured and been caged like an animal in very far away for days and weeks. Her loneliness leads her to death father took her back to paradise to regain her strength. And I know this time, Wade betrayed her.

A familiar heat comes into my veins. Anger.

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