Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 177

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 177 Promise Kiss 3


After dinner, since the rain had stopped, I walk around the garden that has posts of lights. I feel no evil shadows around. I fix the soil and the plants just to get my mind clear for being preoccupied. But I can't help but feel worried about lots of things.

"Don't you like the gift that Soul gave to you?" I felt his powerful presence behind me. I turned to him. And he sat down on the fountain. A God that was surrounded by clouds and holding a thunderbolt. "The breeze seemed nice here."

"Was he the gift you are saying, my God?" I keep doing what I am doing. "No man would love a shattered woman." I turn back to him.

"If it is love, no man would turn back from it."

"There are lots of women, better than me. More beautiful than I am. And more alluring. He doesn't deserve someone like me." Feeling insecure was one of my worst enemies.

"Is it what you think or is it what you feel?" I don't even know how to answer that. I face him and exhales exasperatedly. "My dear, daughter, even I, don't get wrong about choosing a person to give a gift. Soul never gets wrong of choosing a person to give a gift. Do you know what the life of the tree on her realm is?" I keep quiet. "It was the souls that have been waiting until there's a right time for them to go down and find their soul mate and at the same time do what their purpose here on earth."

"I have my purpose. And it is to protect Adhiti, fight Abyss, and help the people of Earth."

"Those are a few of your main purpose. But you always deny one or two." He stood and walked toward me, as he kissed my forehead. "My daughter just let the grass grow. If you keep cutting it or trimming it, it will just keep growing until you give up and let it be." He wasn't talking exactly about the grass. "Let him grow into you."

I sat down on the fountain and glare on the grasses that keeps growing. I hate it now. On what he said to me, was getting into my nerves. I should go back tomorrow. I will let them deal with other problems. I had saved the twin and I should move on and save others.

"It's cold here." His footsteps are quite heavy on the ground. He stood in front of me stepping on the taller grass that hasn't been cut. "Why are you always lonely, Althea?"

"Was it your attitude to always snoop around and get your nose into other's businesses?"

"It might be, milady." He inhaled the cold air of the night. "Should you be back in the room and rest? Your cut wasn't healed yet." I stood and face him. He's inches taller than me and he had to look down at me.

"Or was it your way to clean my wounds and look at my b.r.e.a.s.ts?" his eyes dilated and then a playful smile curves on his lips.

"Sorry about that. I didn't see much of it. I was more focused on the thing that is inside your veins." I rolled my eyes and glare at him. "Can I have my kiss?" I look at his lips, looking all luscious and like a crossbow that is stretch out as he smiles. We aren't in bed or even near to the bed.

I scoop his jaw wrapping my hand around the back of his head and pull him down as I tiptoe and meet his lips. I felt his hands on my waist wrapping it around me as he pulled me closer, making me walk in my tiptoe. I gasped and he smiled at me when our lips departed from that action.

"It wasn't a real kiss yet." He muttered. His breath smelled like peppermint and gr.a.p.es.

"Lancelot. It's enough."

"It wasn't a real kiss, love." He scooped my chin as his other arm was wrapped around me. I try to keep my balance from tripping. His soft lips gently nip my lower lip and trying to part my lips as he kept nipping my lip and suck it. I felt his tongue licking the seam of my mouth until I surrender and let him do as what he is expert on doing.

His sweet kiss felt so right and wrong at the same time. I let him take the lead, and as we kiss deeper and longer, I keep drowning on him. His scent, his touch, his kiss, and his taste were all I wanted to feel when my eyes are closed. It felt warm, not cold. It felt so good not so bad. It felt more than what I ever felt. My heart skips beat from the kiss.

He let my mouth go and we grasped some air. He doesn't mind that we are both breathless and keep kissing me. I felt a big drip over my head, and it started raining hard on us.

"It's more romantic when your first kiss with your mate is in the rain." I heard Sky whisper inside my head. I almost grin. Instead of feeling disgusted, I feel so good and it is driving me insane.

He let my mouth go and he smiled though we are both soaked from the rain.

"Again, we are wet. What's with your God?" He asked with a beautiful smile that shone in this night.

I gape, my lips feel swollen from that kiss. His lips as well. He leaned his forehead to mine and kiss my lips again. "I never felt a lot of electricity in my veins before." He murmured and hold me tighter.

"I shouldn't let that happen."

"Why not?"

"It doesn't feel right to me?" his eyes become lonely and I hate to see it.

"Do you have a lover perhaps? Or are you getting married?"

"No and no." I caress his beautiful face. Wishing to see it every day and night.

"Then what it is, love?" he caressed my long hair and embrace me to keep me warm. If I wasn't shattered. If I wasn't impure, I could drown into him. I could let him be with me. I don't want him to think that I am a dirty woman. I don't want him to think it every day and night that I am a whore or something.

"I'm not the woman for you." I couldn't hold my tears anymore. I let it rolls down from my eyes and let the rain wash it.

"What makes you think of that?" he kisses my forehead. It felt so powerful. I don't want him to move it away from my forehead. Just a few seconds. I wanted it. I pull my arms from him and he didn't let me go. "Tell me." His other hand scooped my face. "Tell me." I push him and he let me go. It felt really cold without his touch.

I hug myself as I turn back from me. I felt my heart shattered as I walk away from him. I let my tears wash by the rain so no one would think that I am crying.

"Althea!" he calls.

"Please, let me be." I murmur though he wouldn't hear it.

I walk in the corridor with my hand at both of my sides and the walk directly to the girl's dormitory. They all seemed to stop talking in the main room. Guinevere stood and toss me the towel that maybe she's been keeping. Probably they predicted it or perhaps saw it.

"Did you speak to my brother?"

"Whose brother are referring to? The mortal or the immortal?" Guinevere smiled.


"I did. Could you lend me another clothing? I will be leaving tomorrow."

"Of course. It's on my dresser. Other clothes have tags, it's the one you should use. Remove the tag before using it."

"Thank you, Lady Guinevere." I nod my head as I leave. I walk directly to the bathroom and took a warm bath as it rains on me. I keep thinking about the kiss. I still felt it on my lips. Once that I am done, I went to her dresser and choose the clothes that have a tag and remove it.

"Meow" I turn to see a white furry cat. She purrs and walked toward me as she rounded on me and rubbed her fur on my wet ankle. "Meow."

"Katherine?" I kneel and sat on my heels. She sat down and look into my eyes. "You're here?"

"Of course, Princess." She talked to my mind like a real person.

"What are you doing here?"

"I am guarding a few around here. But now that you finally came. Would you take me to Adhiti so that I could protect her as well?"

"Yes, Katherine. What would you take me with you on the inside world?"

"I'll show you by tomorrow if that's alright with you. How about we visit the Patterson's house?"


"Clarence will lead you to their house. It is near to Era's portal."

"I will." The door opens and Lancelot peeked on us.

"My apologies." He closes the door.

"What a hot young man, you should bang him."

"Bang him?" I asked quizzically. Katherine yawns and walked off.

"Never mind."

"What does it mean?" I ask the cat.

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