Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 187

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 187 Two Souls Unite


Flowers, check. Tuxedo, check. Rings, check. Checking myself in the mirror! Check! Check! I had taken a bath for long and scrub my whole body just for this day. I agreed on the ritual today and it was held on the garden of the Academy. In the fountains of the Gods and Goddesses.

Gibson is also wearing a white tuxedo. Because of Clarence's richness in this world, he made everything in rush. His parents own a business and he's rich enough to arrange a lot of things overnight. I don't even have time to tell my parents about this.

Gibson is filming everything in the room and told me that he could show it to my parents and brothers about my wedding. I won't be late this time. I went to the garden an hour before the time of our wedding. Back then, I saw myself being late for our wedding. It still gave me anxiety, but Clarence promised me that everything will be fine, and he will protect me and Althea.

"Why are you so nervous?" Gibson asked as he focused the camera on me. I look at him.

"Back then, we have a tragic past. We were both got killed before our wedding."

Gibson nodded.

"Don't worry, this wedding will happen."

However, I still feel anxiety after I dream that tragic past of us. Althea was my Queen and I was her knight. I should've protected her that moment. Now, in this life, I will protect her. My sister Guinevere will bless us together with Gibson. Butterflies keep flapping on my stomach. Now, everything is settled.

Everyone stood and music starts, and I am stunned when I saw her in a very beautiful white gown. Not our usual gown back to the Inside World. However, it wasn't the gown that stood out, but she stood out because of her beauty. My heart thuds louder by just looking at her. She walks slowly and when I am an inch on reaching her, I didn't think twice of hold her hand tight.

She gave the bouquet to one of her attendants and I hold both of her hands. She's tearing behind the veil. I squeeze her hand as Gibson starts the ritual.

"Dearly beloved" then he was suddenly speechless. "Okay, let's skip to the ritual thing inside this world. So, uhm, Lancelot and Althea, this ritual is sacred, because I, God of Death and my sister Goddess of Soul, will bless your souls to be tied together with no matter what. Lancelot, do you agree on this setup?" I almost laugh at him and I look into my love's eyes.

"I do. My soul will always belong to her."

"Good." Guinevere nudged her brother. And Gibson cleared his throat. "Okay, so Althea, do you agree on the setup?"

"I do. My soul will always belong to him. My love."

"Make an agreement," Gibson said.

"Say your vows," Guinevere told. I took the ring and put it on her as I started my vow.

"I, Lancelot D'Auvergne, will protect you with all of my life. I will always stand by you. Love you with all of my heart and soul. I promise you, witnessed by the Gods and Goddesses in this sacred place, that whatever happens, you are the only one that I will trust. My love was eternity like Universe and that love isn't easy to break. No one can break my love for you." She's tearing behind and she pulled her other hand as she wiped her tears and cleared her throat. She reached the ring and put it on my left ring finger as she started her vow.

"I, Althea of Era, will always love, trust you with all of my heart, and will always be faithful to you no matter what, from thick or thin, I will always stand by you. Hold your hands tightly until death does us apart and will be reunited for our next life. My love, Lancelot, I will always be with you. My soul, my heart, and my body only belong to you."

"In the name of our Almighty God, I Goddess of Soul, bless you. Your souls are strong enough not to break both of you. From this lifetime or another lifetime. You will always be together."

"You may now, kiss your mate," Gibson announced. I open the veil and she was indeed beautiful even though she is tearing.

I wipe her tears and kisses her forehead. Then I wrapped her waist around my arm and kiss her lips, slowly and gently. Until it gets passionate and focused on kissing her, murmuring my love between my kisses. We forget about everyone around but because of Clarence's loud voice, we faced everyone, and Clarence told us that we should have photography first so we could hang it in our room.

We did have pictorials and there's a feast on the entire academy. But instead of staying there, Davin drove us to the Patterson's house. The house is lightened with candles and there are flowers everywhere. Then there's a room for both of us. It seemed the wide King Bed was for us to make love.

"So, I'll leave you guys," Davin said and leave the phone. "Contact me whatever happens. Marissa's house is just nearby."

"Thanks, Davin," Althea said and Davin drove away.

Althea removed her veil and I help her with it. She pushes the coat and threw it on the floor. I smile at her and she bit her lower lip, seducing me.

"You don't have to seduce me." I grinned at her.

"I know." She pulled me to our bedroom, and she helped me with my clothes, layer by layer.

"When we get back to the inside world, let's get married again," I said with lots of plans in my head.

"Do we both have to? We are blessed by the God and the Goddess." I remove the pins on her hair and carefully place it on the ceramic bowl on the side table.

"I just want to marry you all over again," I told.

She started unbuttoning my shirt and remove my bowtie. She unbuckled my pants while I am removing pins on her hair. I remove my shirt and she turned around as I help her zip down the gown. I help her remove it. She's already n.a.k.e.d on top and as the gown falls on the floor. She's wearing a lacey pantyhose and that curves were so perfect. Instead of devouring it with my eyes, I hug her from behind and kisses her shoulders.

"Are you ready, my wife?" I can feel that she's anxious. I can feel that she's nervous. "It's me. Your husband, Lancelot. I won't force you if you don't want to."

"But I want you!" it sounds more like blurting. I smile and hugged her n.a.k.e.d body. She pushed my arms and she opened the bathroom. There's a bathtub enough for both of us and she turned on the faucet as the warm water runs to the bathtub.

She turned to me and I admire her beauty on that pearl skin of hers. I kissed her mouth and then her chin. I rubbed my hand on her sides, caressing her curves. There's nothing I wanted in this world but her. All of my wealth is nothing without her. And I will pursue more and give her a beautiful life, the life that we never both have before. But I just realize that we both don't need a grand living, just both of us loving each other is enough.

We bath each other and end up making love on the bathtub. It was so hot, so hot though it was cold outside. She wasn't afraid anymore. She looked serene while leaning on me. I kiss her top head and we finally get up and we dry each other with new towels with our names on it. It's so adorable that Clarence had settled this kind of setting overnight.

We reach the bed and there are no dark shadows. It's just so light. The ambiance felt so light and her face was light as well. I will make her nightmare vanish with our lovemaking.


In the morning, I woke up with her pillowing my chest, her arms around me, and her other leg is straddling me. She smiled as the beam of the sun was on her face. She looked so angelic as ever. It smelled breakfast outside. And when I peek on the window there's Clarence, Guinevere, Gibson, Rosy, and Davin with their bags. I put my robe on and open the glass window.

"Hey, guys!" I had adopted everything around here in the outside world in a short time.

"Hey!" Gibson waves. "How's everything?" he grins.

"Perfect! So, you guys are settledwhere to?"

"Home." Guinevere smile and she is just adorable. I wanted to squish her and just kiss her cute face.

"Okay!" I went back to bed and grin at my wife. "Let's make love again while they are preparing breakfast." She laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Let's be quiet."

"Why?" She pushed my robe and wrapped her legs around my h.i.p.s.

"They'll hear us."

"I don't mind." After what seemed like thirty minutes, we are done from making babies, and we get ready.

She's wearing combat shoes, skinny jeans, and a white long sleeve shirt that is made for her. She picked up her special bow and arrow and pick up other things to send to Marissa. We ate our breakfast outside, and Clarence finished cleaning up the whole house and locking it after.

We walk in a different direction. The direction to Psyche. Rosy, Gibson, and Davin collapsed. I look at Clarence. Oh, since he was born here it was easy for him not to faint. He picked up Davin and Gibson while I pick up Rosy as we started walking and put them on the shed of the tree. We have at least three hours of walk toward our house. But we have food and water, it will be all fine.

When they all wake up, Clarence put his specially made cloak for himself to cover his wings and took heavy bags.

"You okay with that Clarence?" I asked him.

"Yup. It's very light for me."

"When did you get bulkier?" I suddenly asked. When he was a kid, he's quite tall but thin. Now he's very lean, muscles and looks strong and I look at my petite sister. Hmm, does he already occupy my sister? I mean, did he satisfy my sister enough? I shook my head and wanted to kick her guardian.

"Am I that bulky?" Clarence asked Davin who only nodded his head.

We all stop when an arrow was flying in our direction. In a swift movement, Althea had already caught the arrow before it even hit Guinevere directly on her heart, and Clarence had already cover Guinevere just a few meters before it hit her. I cover pull my sword and look around us.

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