Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 188

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 188 Strange Savoir


She is mute. She never talked. But she spoke on her mind and I read her. She doesn't have a name yet because she hadn't told her name. She told us to get on our horses and not to camp here. We immediately did as what she told because monsters keep coming and we gather three guns and their magazines as we loaded them.

I can't sight her anymore but I can see her near us. I follow her lead as we run away from the site where monsters are. Until it was breaking dawn our horses are thirsty. We finally found an oasis. A well that seemed like smoking and a hut. I look at our strange savior who stopped in front of the hut.

"This is my house." She told me in my mind.

"Are we welcome here?" Calixe asked and she glanced at him. She bowed at us.

"What's your name?" I asked her and we settle our horses on an empty stable. We put hays and water from the oasis. Darius carried Bon inside and put him on the comfortable seat that is made of woods by hands.

She looked at me as she removed her cloak.

"Sirilla." She said as she speaks in her mind.

"Sirilla, how long have you been living here?"

She didn't answer.

"Are you living alone?" I asked again. I've been very nosy. But I wanted to know more about her.

She went to the kitchen which isn't that far from the living room and she took out meats that have been dried.

"I'm sorry for bugging you." I approached her. "Is there anything I could help?"

She pointed out the big bottle that is made of clay.

"I need water to boil." She said without speaking through her mind.

I nodded and took it. He went outside and throw the bucket on the well. Once that it was filled with water, I pulled it and wash the bottle first thoroughly and then finally filled it with new water. It's quite big and heavy when I take it inside.

I helped her with boiling the water and chopping meats that she probably hunts.



After Althea caught the arrow it suddenly disappeared in her hands with black smoke. Lancelot positioned at Althea's front and then Gibson pushing Rosy behind him. There are coming more arrows and I removed my coat and use my telekinetic to make a barricade around us.

Laurence made a light ball in his hands and threw it to where the arrows came, and it all turned into black smoke.

"Abyss," Guinevere mumbled. She closed her eyes to call for her brothers and I keep my hands up to cover them from any attack.



I smelled a familiar scent in the air. They are near. It wasn't just the scent of my sister, my brother Lancelot or Princess Althea, there are other scents and then there is this special scent that I can't determine. I closed my eyes. Wings. I can smell or picture soft silver wings in my mind and burning rubber.

"They are under attack!" Calvin said. "Ready your armors and horse. "Guinevere and Lancelot are in danger!"

Laurence is fast as he took his sword and shield and left.

My troops ride in the direction as I lead them. It didn't take long when we find those who are attacking them from nowhere up in the air. Then it disappears into black smoke. The smell of burning rubbers still lingers in my nose.

I stopped when we are near. Laurence is in front of a winged man that looked so familiar. He's tall and bulky. He had that big silver wings just like what I pictured. Behind Lancelot is Princess Althea and then there's a boy, tall with black eyes and hair and behind him is a girl in a red-hair and hazel-eyes.

"Guinevere?" I called and she showed up behind the winged man.

Guinevere gave the clock to the winged man and he put it on.

"Hi! You must be Guinevere's brothers in this world." The boy in black hair said as he stepped forward and extend his hand to Laurence. Laurence accepts his hand. "I'm Gibson."

"I'm Laurence."

I jumped off from my horse and approached them. I smiled at them and looked at the winged man as he covers his wings with the cloak and his head. I pulled Guinevere into a hug and kissed her forehead then I faced the man named Gibson.

"Then, you must be Calvin," Gibson said.

"Let's introduced each other when we got home," Guinevere said. "It's dangerous here."

And she's right.

Our soldiers lend horses for them. The winged man lifted my sister in the horse and walked and followed her oddly as he held the horse's lace. He can run fast as well.

It didn't take long when we reached our house after coming along the town, full of flowers and beautiful houses. Yes, that's our town here in psyche and we reached the gate to the house. I watched as Lancelot helped Althea from the horse and he kissed her lips. They smiled at each other with that sparks between them.

Then, there's this winged man as he helped Guinevere from the horse without even grunting from her weight like she's just like a feather to him. I couldn't help but to creased my brows. That man is my sister's guardian.

"Cheri!" My Maman and Papa exclaimed and run to her and hugged her tightly.

I smiled as my parents looked so happy that my little sister is finally back.

"Maman, Papa, this is Clarence, my warrior, and lover. Gibson, my brother in the above world, and Rosy his lover. Then, Davin our foreteller." Guinevere said.

My jaws dropped and the same with Laurence. We looked at Lancelot who is just smiling and he took her to their parents.

"Maman, Papa. Princess Althea is now my wife."

I suddenly feel dizzy and nearly fell on the grass. But that was just my drama and Laurence is fast to catch me.

"Calvin, are you okay?" Lancelot asked. Laurence dramatically pulled me up.

"I am fine, brother. With so much happening and introduction, I think I can't take it. Why didn't you tell us that our little sister had a lover?" I wanted to scold him badly.

"Well" Lancelot creased his brows. "Didn't I tell you about them?" He scratched his head.

"And your wedding?"

"It's fine. We will have another wedding here." Lancelot said and he kissed his wife's hand.

"II think I can't take it," Calvin said and I collapsed dramatically at Laurence's arms.

"Calvin, don't leave! Calvin!" Laurence said and he dropped his dramatic face and dropped me.


Laurence exhaled and put his hands at the back.

"This is not funny," Lancelot said but Guinevere started giggling. I sat up and sighed.

"It's fine. It's not like we can't find our soul mates." Laurence said. "Our oldest brother is just being dramatic. We should go back inside and ready for the feast. Ladies," He called the servants. "Please ready their rooms!"

"Clarence will stay with me," Guinevere said and we all froze. "He didn't really sleep without me."

"Yes, Lady Guinevere." The servants bowed at them.

"My room is my wife's room!" Lancelot added.

"Let's go to the garden while we wait for the food," Mamman said. We nodded as they took their things and we all went to the garden.



Seeing General Magnus still serving the D'Auvergne is like nothing to me. I feel nothing towards him at all. Not hatred or anger that he abandoned me. But I am happy that he abandoned me, and I make two people happy for being their son, even though it separates me from my Goddess.

I stand behind Guinevere.

"Why won't you seat, Clarence?" Lord D'Auvergne said. I only nodded at him. "Come on, it won't be fair if you keep standing while we had seated.

Their seats aren't benches where I can let my wings down, but an armchair made of iron. I looked at Guinevere and she nodded at me. I removed my cloak and spread my wings and Laurence is fast as he offered me a bench.

"Thank you, Lord Laurence." I bow my head. I unfurl my wings and sat down.

"It's all good." Laurence smiled. Guinevere's parents are shocked as they gaze at my wings.

Foods and drinks were served to us that fast and I started eating using the correct utensils. Guinevere squinted maybe because of the heat and the sunrays directly to her. Since she's at my right, I spread my right wings and cover it on top of her head.

We eat and talk about the Inside World. Davin told them everything and Gibson. While I remain quiet and I watched Guinevere eat most of the time. He gathered her long silver hair, so it won't go along with the food that she is eating.

"Clarence, you are truly Guinevere's Guardian?" Calvin asked.

"Yes, Lord Calvin. I am also Gibson's Guardian. I am protecting the twins in this world."

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