Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 189

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 189 Photograph


I helped with taking the warm blankets and lay it down on the floor as I continue putting fire on the chimney to warm everyone inside, the house. Calix is already sleeping, and Bon is also sleeping on the sofa. Then, there's only Darius and me who are still awake. Sirilla is nowhere. She said that she needed to hunt.

"Oddly, Sirilla needs to hunt at night," I told Darius.

"Yeah, she's the daughter of the night. Which means she's a night owl." He told.

"I agree with you. The night is more dangerous than morning." I exhaled and I lay down keeping a gun beside me and a dagger. "I hope that Adhiti wouldn't leave the castle after she received my message.

"If Adhiti would, then she might be already going to where it was," Darius said. "It's still too dangerous."

"I know." I closed my eyes as I exhaled. Then I suddenly opened my eyes when I heard something outside. I immediately get up to my feet and took the gun. He went outside and found Sirilla dragging to what seemed to be a boar. "Sirilla?" I called. Darius followed me.

Sirilla looked at me and her eyes are glowing in golden color.

"I'm sorry. I have to go to the other town where there's no winter like this to get fruits and vegetables." She said speaking through her mind.

"It's okay." I nodded at her.

"Okay?" She asked.

"Yes, it means it's fine or an agreement."

Sirilla nodded. I took my coat and helped her with the sack. I carried it to the kitchen and Darius also come out helping her with the boar that is still alive. They put it on a barn. I looked around and check and they went back inside.

I washed my hands and went back to my spot to sleep. I sighed. I suddenly stopped when an owl is howling somewhere. I stood up again and walked outside. The owl is just on the terrace and he had a letter around his feet. I took it and caressed his fur.

I opened it and it wasn't just a letter. It was my son's portrait, smiling at his mother. I looked at the back and there's Marissa's handwriting.

"My love, Daren and I are missing you every day. Please come back to us with others, safely. I love you."

I kissed the photo and Darius and Sirilla caught me.

"Darius! Here's the photo of my son!"

I showed it to him, and he smiled in awe.

"He's so adorable and he looked like you."

I also showed it to Sirilla.

"This is my son."

"How is that possible to have a portrait that looked so real?"

"It's called a photo. When we go back to the main kingdoms, I'll show you how it's done."

"It's the God of Night," Sirilla said looking up at me.

"Yes, and he brought you to us." I can't hide my excitement at this moment.



I massaged my husband's body and heal his tiredness. He's been very helpful around. Few are coming and even the people that escaped Ar are also here. The building or unit that Nicholas had built for them was occupied by big families. Nicholas temporarily gave them hut and each of them is helping for it and he would give free foods for them.

Nicholas also helped with how it should be designed. He also grew trees and forming it like a house for them. It looks magical and that's how he got tired from doing all of it with his energy. Aaron is also busy commanding and telling someone to list down the people to have proper registration.

The knights are also helping around. It looked so happy in the town. Nicholas also asked the Lords of few houses to helped and donate. They did help and donate. Sending carpenters that are going to be paid by the palace.

I stopped when Luther arrived as he stood on the balcony. I slipped off from the bed and approached him.

"They found where the dragons are." He said. My eyes widen.


"In the Gate of the Abyss torment."

I bit my lips.

"Lord Patrick and others found it and hear Fera's cry telling them to leave."

I felt like my heart crushes into pieces. It was Abyss. Why? Why would he need to take those dragons and torture them?

A phoenix came and perch at Luther's arm. It's Odissi.

"I will take them." I finally said. "I'll travel there."

"It's dangerous, Goddess!" Luther said.

"I know. But I need to go there." I insisted.

"Adhiti, I love my children, but risking you to go to the Abyss torment is a suicide. You can't go there. It's a trap." Odissi said.

"What should I do?" I asked Odissi. "Abyss is mating to Arianne and he's already controlling the Ar. People there are suffering." I exhaled.

"You are smarter than this Adhiti." Odissi insisted on her fierce eyes. "I'll help you with whatever your plan is. But for now, we need to calm down."

I wiped my tears and nodded. Odissi left and Luther bow at her with his fist on his chest. I turned back from them and went to the bed. I crawled over it to my husband's chest and cry. Nicholas wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly.

"Love, what's wrong?"

"I don't think that I could save them all."

Nicholas caressed my hair.

"You can. I am here to help you and guard you. Okay?" He kissed my forehead.

"But you are too occupied with everything around the castle." I caressed his face. "Go to sleep."

"Let's sleep together. And tomorrow, we'll face the problems together."

I fell asleep with his caress and woke up feeling better. I need a proper plan. Until I don't have one, I will help around the Kingdom. Maybe grow more vegetables for the ingredients for soup will be better.

I follow my King to the town and helped him with growing trees and make it a house for the people. It's a big tree and the big bark of it was molded into a house. They were so happy, and I also plan for them where they could plant vegetables in their backyard with fat and fertile soil.

I took out a cloth and wiped my husband's sweat. He smiled and at me and also wiped my sweat. The people adore us. But it's not like we are showing affection. We are just like that. After the whole afternoon, we went back to our castle to rest. I finally could see Nicholas's stepmother and seeing her like that isn't making me feel good.

"Don't come closer to her, okay?" Nicholas said. "It's odd that I could see shadows around."

I sighed and nodded at him. In a very gentleman way, he helped me and escorted me to our room as the servants prepare our bath. After they prepare their bath, Nicholas dismissed them, and he helped me removing my thick dress.

"It's so hot, Nick. Maybe I should dress little for working in the town." She said. "Normal clothes will do, you know."

"Okay. I'll set that up." He kissed her forehead and reached my stomach. "No baby yet?"

I chuckled at him.

"Not yet, my love. But soon, after everything is done, I'll give you more of it."

He grinned at me and kissed my forehead. He suddenly groaned and he gripped on my arm accidentally. His grip is surprisingly strong as his knees fell on the floor.

"I'm sorry." He let go of my arm.

"What's wrong?"

"My back felt like twisting."

"Oh," I put my hand over his back and caressed it. Healing it. He sighed when it's gone. He smiled at me and kissed my hands with his knees still on the floor. "Are you okay now?"

He nodded with a sigh.

"Thank you."

He stood and removed his clothes. Then, he removed the last piece of my clothes and carried me to our bathroom. He gently put me on the wide bathtub, and he slipped close to me. He took the sponge and soak it with water and rubbed it to my body.

"I wanted to bath you every day like this." He kissed my lips.

"Nick, I will be delighted."



"Althea brought a camera. A polaroid. Let's dressed up tomorrow and take the first photo here in the inside world."

"Sure. What should I wear?"

"The dress that you wore for our wedding."

"Great!" She grinned at him. "Then, let's have someone to paint it."

"Yes, and let's put it here in our room."

"Nick, I love it already."

"You know that I'll do anything for you." He kissed her forehead. "Love," he called again which felt a little odd. "If I lose myself, don't hesitate to kill me. Okay?"

"What's wrong?" I creased my brows.

"Abyss will come to me. I will be his close target to get to you. Don't let him ever have you. And if he did, I will crawl from death and take you away from him."

I don't know what to feel. To feel happy that he'll do everything for me or sad that he'll die for me. Somehow, it's funny that he wanted to crawl from death to get me.

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