Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 195

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 195 God Of Sky In The Mystical Academy


It's been days since Davin, Gibson, Rosy Guinevere, Clarence, and the couples Lancelot and Althea went back to the inside world. Maybe it's been two weeks now. We can't leave the academy easily because of slithering darkness outside. My gift as healing is not enough to fight those shadows. If only Clarence is here to light up everything. The barrier is still strong and so, we grow more trees of fruits instead of going out of the academy to buy other groceries.

We don't have a new headmistress and the professors are helping each other. We need someone to lead the Academy. Davin and others aren't here. It's making me pissed that they leave us just like that.

"It's more of physical training now," Danica mumbled as they watched everyone work their swordsmanship and marksmanship.

"I hope Professor Nicholas is here." I sighed. "And Professor Patterson.

"I know," Carmina also sighed depressingly.

"What should we do now? I miss shopping."

"It's dangerous to go out and buy whatever we wanted. Everyone in the Academy will be put in danger."

"So, are we going to starve here without proper stocks?"

"You can always leave the academy." A boy said. He's sitting on the corridor bench as he had his feet over it while reading some ancient book.

Carmina tilted her head and she approached him and sat on the other side of the bench.

"What's your name? I haven't seen you around before." She started interrogating him.

It's true. We haven't seen him around before. He had ash blonde hair and light blue-sky eyes that look very fantastic. His skin is also like a touch of honey.

"I'm Thunder," He smiled and extend his hand. Carmina accept it and shook it.

"Thunder, what do you suggest?" I asked as I approached him.

"Well, go out when it's sunny buy some stocks."

"But Leona's monsters will always wait in the road."

"Why won't you use your skills to put them down?" He suggested.

Danica thought for a while. Danica could control or levitate any metals that's why she's under Professor Kraig. I could heal trees, animals, and humans, I am under Professor Annabeth. Then, Carmina could control the wind and make a tornado with it.

"Where are your boys by the way?" He asked and looked around.

"Well, Davin, Clarence, and Gibson went to the Inside World.

"And the wing guy is Clarence?" Thunder asked.

"Yeshow do you know about that?"

"He's all over the news." Thunder shrugged. "So, do you want me to accompany you outside?"

"I don't think that the professors would let us?" I shrugged.

"I think they also need stocks. You could ask your male professors and I could accompany you."

"Great!" They said excitedly.

"Then, I also need a few things and I am using Clarence's car." He lifted Clarence's keys. I frowned.

"How did you have that?" I asked. He also lifted Guinevere's card.

"Well, my sister gave it to me, and she said that I should spend it."

"Your sister?" Carmina creased her brows. "Guinevere is your sister?"

"Yes." Thunder said.

"So, you were one of her brothers in the Inside World?" Danica asked. Thunder shrugged.

"So? Are we going in or out?" He asked.

"Out." The girls said.




So, I think I had enough golds and silvers that I earn by working in the castle and working outside as part-time. Nicholas gave me enough salary, by escorting my girl or other Princesses. My first gift to Almira is a pair of shoes that cost me 2 golds.

She loves the shoes that she could wear in the ball or something. I know that she had lots of it in her wardrobe but, somehow, I wanted to give her something that she'll love.

"Your Majesty," I bow to Nicholas, and Nicholas looked around.

"What's up Andrew?"

"My sister told me to keep an eye on you," I said casually that makes Nicholas laughed.

"It's been weeks now," Nicholas said as he looked up the sky. "I wonder where she is."

"She'll be fine." I patted him.

We approached Phrixus with Blaze. Somehow, Blaze grows bigger than yesterday. Phrixus is somehow like a dog. He liked to be snuggled like Blaze and their big wolf is playing with Blaze. We didn't tell Phrixus about Adhiti finding Fera because he might go after Adhiti and put himself in danger. Nicholas has been protecting them and with the soldiers around.

"So, when do you plan to marry my sister?" Nicholas asked.

"If I have enough money to offer, then I'll marry her right away," I said with a grin.

"You don't need to offer her something," Nick said. "I don't believe in status in this world. I'll let them marry whoever they love."

"So, I can marry her right away?" I grinned.

"Yes. What did my sister say?"

"Nick," I move closer to him. "I don't have that big diamond ring for her."

"Don't stupid!" Nicholas smacked my head.

Somehow, a bird flew to them and it shifted to the shape of a woman. She's wearing a green cloak. She had that mark around her forehead. The Goddess of Earth. We knelt and bow our heads.


"Rise," Earth said and they both rise. "I won't take long. Lord Andrew, I need you to go to the academy. My brother Sky is there to protect them. Abyss is leading his army to break the barrier that Clarence and Lancelot made. Please lead the Academy for me. Our children are there waiting."

"As you wish, my Goddess."

"Bring Almira with you. She'll help a lot." Nicholas suggested.

The Goddess is pleased.

"Yes, Almira is not just my child but Adhiti's. Please help the students in the Academy." Earth smiled beautifully and the trees and flowers are also smiling around us. Then Ruin patiently sat beside her and wiggle his tail.

Earth bent down and patted Ruin's white fur.

"Ruin, you adorable warrior." Earth kept patting him as he fell on the ground and wanted to be patted more. Goddess Earth giggled and she looked up at us. "Well, I asked Prince Flame to accompany you here, King Nicholas. He left the Pyr a week ago."

"Oh," Nick mumbled. She smiled every so genuinely.

"Well, I think you need accompaniment. My sister would love it. Besides," She looked up at the tower where the Queen dowager is watching them. "Darkness is around this castle." She said and looked back at Nicholas. "And you are their main target."

Nicholas nodded.

"I understand, Goddess. I will do my duty as a King. And if I didn't fulfill my duty, Prince Aaron will take my place."

"You'll fulfill it while you are sitting in that throne." She said like she's sure of it. "I'll be going now." She turned into a hawk and flew away.

"Wow," I mumbled.

"I know right. She looked so familiar." Nick said.

"She had a little resemblance to Adhiti."

"Yes, little resemblance. But she looked so familiar to me like I had talked to her physically like that in a place so magical and full of fruits and animals."

"Don't tell me that you've been to her realm?" I asked which is just a little guess. But he looked at me with a big question.

"Prince Nicholas, Lady Guinevere, and your friends from Mystical Academy are here." One of the Guards said.

"Thank you."

Ruin followed them to the main entrance and its indeed Lady Guinevere of D'Auvergne. With him are Davin, Clarence, Gibson, and Rosy.

"Hey, guys!" I grinned at them and then, I looked at the biggest guy with the face of Clarence. "Clarence, last time I saw you, you were as tall as me."

"Well, what should I say? As time pass, we grow big." Clarence said smugly.

"Let's go inside, Lady Guinevere."

Nicholas said and they did go inside and then he told the servants to prepare Adhiti's Garden for their food. They went to the garden which is organized by Adhiti and where Blaze and Phrixus are staying.

"Wow!" Gibson said with wide eyes. "That's Phrixus now?" He asked and then he hugged Blaze. Blaze is very picky and, oddly, she's very close to Gibson at this moment.

"That's not Phrixus, that's Blaze," I told him.

"I know." He told. I looked at Davin who only shrugged with a smile.

"I apologize for my brother's actions. But we are here to temporarily visit your Kingdom before we go straight to Ar." Guinevere the silver-headed girl said in a very formal way.

"Do you need a carriage?" He asked. They all sat down on the bench and Clarence stay standing as he looked around.

"I think I need another carriage," Guinevere said. "And horses."

"Sure, I'll settle the best carriage and horses." He said. "I have the best horses in my cottage."

"So, how did he get taller and bulkier?" I asked Davin.

"He grows chicken wings."

"What?" I mumbled. "Chicken wings? Chicken's don't fly."

"I know right." Davin shrugged.

"You are shitting on me, right now?" I asked him and Davin shrugged. I looked at Clarence and approached him and I reached the bag that he's carrying behind his big heavy cloak.

"What's up?" Clarence asked and faced him.

"What's in your back?"

"Haven't you heard?" Clarence grinned. "I got chicken wings.

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