Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 198

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 198 Impostor


Everything is breaking inside the room. Darius kept trying to kill me in the dark until someone came in with a torch. It's another Darius? And this oneI could hear him in his head.

What the hell?! He exclaimed in his head.


"Hey, Pat, what the hell are you doing? And who is that guy with my face?" He asked.

"I don't know. Help me!"

"Damn, I look handsome though."

"Darius! Damn it!" I scolded. He put the torch on the iron holder of torches and then he lifted his sword.

"Who are you? Why do you have my handsome face?" Darius asked as he lifted his sword. "Speak, impostor!"

The impostor did not speak. He lifted the sword the same with Darius and Darius removed his cloak and throw it on me. I stood and somehow everyone gathered in my room.

"Papa?" Adhiti called.

"I'm here, sweetheart." Darius smiled at her. "Damn, you didn't tell me that I have a handsome face. But that impostor is using my face."

"Oh, come on, just kill it," Adhiti said and the fake Darius stared at Adhiti for a while and he came to her, but some wind just passed, and the fake Darius froze as his head has been removed from his body as purple and black blood comes out. "Ugh!" Adhiti covered her nose and mouth. "That's disgusting." She said and looked at Sirilla. "How do you know that that wasn't my father?" Adhiti asked.

"I can smell them," Sirilla said through her mind. I and Adhiti nodded.

The body slowly evaporates, and I went to my bag to check the letter.

"Goddess," Luther entered the room. "I had set up everything."

Adhiti nodded.

"Why does such a thing wanted to kill me?" I asked. Luther approached the evaporating body and he knelt and touched it.

"You are one of the Goddess of Soul's greatest apprentice. You'll seek into their mind." Luther mumbled and he looked at me as he continued speaking without opening his mouth. "No one should know what your gift is. The most dangerous in Pysche is the Lord of Spell and Memories. You might not be able to seek into his mind because of the strong spell that he put around him. You need to be cautious even more around them."

I nodded at him. This is getting crazier.



I struggle to breathe as my handmaiden entered the room.


"Yes?" I asked.

"Should I"

"Leave my room and ready my breakfast in thirty minutes."

"Yes, your highness."

"Do not let anyone enter my room," I demanded, so she could leave immediately.

"As you wish."

Then, the door closes, and I let out a loud m.o.a.n. I pushed the covers and looked at Andrew between my legs. He's having fun. I struggle a little trying not to make a noise but he's doing something there that makes me shuddered and I couldn't hold but to have my second release.

I panted and he crawled up and kissed me. I tasted myself to him and somehow, I feel a little dizzy. My head has just been blown up by him.

"I think we need to get ready." I murmured. I reached him down there and helped him get off.

After that passionate make-out, I went to the bathroom with him and wash my face and wash my mouth. He's excited to go back to the Outside World and he promised to make love to me or something. I want to give it to him badly.

He helped me a little and have breakfast with me. Then, I change my clothes and he went to his room to get something.

I went downstairs outside, and I watched as Guinevere and others getting ready with their carriage. Andrew smiled at them with a big box.

"These are the fruits that I pick at the cottage. You guys enjoy your way to Ar." Andrew grinned.

"Thank you, Andrew." Davin hugged him.

"Andrew, when you get to Mystical Academy, you'll meet Thunder, tell him to take care of my car."

"Sure." He nodded. Andrew sighed and smiled at me.

"Send me any bird if you need help or SOS." My brother said.

"We will." Clarence nodded.

We watch as they left. Clarence is in the front to control the horses since two carriages are joined with four horses in front.

"Maybe, we also need to leave," Andrew said and he kissed my temple. I smiled and then Nicholas faced us.

"I'll get everything ready," Nicholas said.



I give kisses and hugs to people I love. As I rode on my horse, while Luther is already geared up and he is walking holding my horse. He rejected on riding a horse since he's too tall to ride one. We walked and walked until we got close to the cold part of the South. It at least took hours for us.

"I hope that Guinevere and Gibson will make it in Ar."

"They will, Goddess. Their Guardian is with them."

"Hmm." I nodded and still think of the possibilities of this voyage.

Suddenly a fire in the snow appeared and in the form of Fire or Odissi.

"Goddess," Luther and I stopped walking and he bowed at her.

"Luther." Odissi stepped forward melting the snow and she kissed his lips. I smiled. Adorable. Fire is giving him heat in this winter, so he won't get cold ever. "I heard that you guys found Fera?"

"Yes," I sighed. "I'm sorry for not telling you."

"It's fine. I am here to help you guys. Besides, I think you need my help more than ever."

I laughed and nodded at her.

"Whatever you say, Fire."



After watching those kids voyage to Ar a man entered in the castle. The one that I've been expecting, and I should ask on what delayed him. He is grinning as he jumped off from his horse.

"King Nicholas." He bows at me.

"Prince Flame," I bow back at him. "What took you so long?" I asked him.

"Well, I need to check on a few things just in the town." He grinned.

"And where did you sleep?"

"I rent a room in an Inn." He winked. Oh, this is something. Does he have an encounter with the Goddess of Earth? Well, whatever it was, only Flame knows.

Flame approached my sister.

"Princess Almira," He reached her hand and kissed it. Andrew gently pushed back Almira and hugged Flame. Flame hugged him back and Andrew smacked hard Flame's back.

"Do not ever kiss my baby's hand. Do you understand?" Andrew threatened. Flame only chuckled and hugged him tightly.

"Andrew boy!" Flame smacked his back.

"Enough of smacking, let's go inside. Almira and Andrew need to leave for Mystical Academy." I told Flame.

"Oh, wow." Flame nodded. "Well, you guys have fun in the academy. Lots of hot chicks." Flame winked at Almira.

She might not know about it but he's indicating something not good.

We went back inside and to the main hall. I stopped and looked at the thrones. Besides the King's throne is the Queen's throne. I already missed my wife. I wish that she's in good condition, and she's not starving herself.

"Where's Adhiti?" He asked. "I missed her so much. I could use a little hug."

"She's busy." I only say. "So, why did Earth send you to me?"

"Well, since Adhiti is busy, I'll be your queen." He told. "Of course, I'll accompany you, dummy!" He shook his head. "You seemed to be sleepless." Flame said.

"Yeah, II have been having a weird dream."

Indeed, I am having a weird dream. I always think of Adhiti, but somehow, I dreamed about a beautiful woman seducing me, touching. I was so into it, but I was pulled back to reality. I don't want to dream about it afraid that I'll be cheating on my wife for having a lewd dream over someone that I don't know. I think I need to open this up to Flame. He might be able to help me.

"Let's go to my room," I told him.

"Wait, that was fast. Am I really going to be your queen?" Flame covered his chest. I looked at him a little bored and smacked his back. "Ow!"

Almira only giggled and I kissed her forehead.

"Andrew take care of my sister. Okay?"

"Got it." Andrew saluted. "Besides, you don't need to remind me. I always take care of her." He winked.

I laughed and shook my head. I told the servants to bring food and refreshment to my room. The servants ready his room. Andrew and Almira left to also ready to leave and I walked with Andrew to my tower where my room and my wife's room is located.

"So, I can feel that this is serious." Flame said.

"This is serious. I can't talk to anyone right not. Good thing that Earth sent you." I said and sighed depressingly.

We waited as our food has been set on the table and they left. Flame went to the bathroom to wash his hands and then, he sat comfortably and eat and drink as many as he can.

"What's up?" He asked.

"I've been dreaming someone seducing me in my sleep." He told. "This happened before."

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