Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 201

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 201 New Headmaster


I parked my car to the vacant parking lot and turned off the engine. Almira reached my hand. I smiled at her and bring it to my lips.

"Let's go and meet everyone." I smiled at her sweetly and she nodded. "Wait here."

I release her hand as I stepped out of the car and then, I closed the door and walked around to her door. I opened it and she removed her seatbelt as she stepped out. I even put my hand over her head, so she won't bump on the roof of the car.

Thunder approached us and smiled.

"That was fun." Thunder said and I laughed.

"I am sure that you had fun darting those bodies," I told him.

We went inside and I take her to the hall as the faculties had gathered to vote for the new headmistress or headmaster of the academy. Then, they all looked at me.

"Good morning, everyone." I greet them.

"Mr. Patterson!" Miss Margery stood. "Where are Kraig and Annabeth?" She suddenly stopped. "I apologies, please take a seat."

I nodded at her as I pull Almira's hand leading her to the seat on the other side and I pulled a chair for her and I sat just beside her.

"Sorry, I'm late everyone. Goddess of Earth sent us here."

"Is that really for real?" Mr. Johnson asked.

"Yes. Lady Guinevere, Clarence, and Davin are in the inside world. I already sent a letter to Lancelot to help us with the swordsmanship and help everyone. For now, I'll be teaching defenses." He said.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, Mr. Patterson, but who is this lady?" Miss Margery asked.

"I am sorry for not introducing, my fiance. Princess Almira of Era, the youngest sister of King Nicholas. You all know him as Nicholas Gregory."

They all nodded. I introduced Almira to the ten professors. Mr. Johnson, Miss Margery, Mrs. Bolton, Mr., and Mrs. Elton, Miss Trance, Mr. Falcon, Mr. Dwayne, and Miss Hugh.

"She will be helping us around. But I'll take all the work."

They all nodded.

"Pleasure to meet you all," Almira said.

"It's a big pleasure to also meet you, your highness." They all said. They knew that they all came from the inside world and gifted by the Gods and Goddesses. Almira doesn't like to be addressed as a highness.

"Please call me, Almira. Just Almira." They all nodded with a smile.

"I think we should nominate for the new headmistress and headmaster." Mr. Johnson said. I nodded.

Then, the canteen crew put drinks on the table, and I help her with levitating the goblets in front of them. They murmur thanks and I continue listening about the qualifications.

So, there will also be someone needed in that position to fund the academy. Some of the parents already give funds to the school and the enrollment is free for the students who have that ability or something.

Then, I didn't put a name on the ballot. I just don't know who to trust. If Patrick is here, he would be the headmaster of this academy. But he's nowhere, voyaging there and there

They roll the ballot and took out a paper. Miss Margery opened it and she looked at me.

"I guess, Mr. Patterson is our new headmaster."

"What?" I mumbled. Almira held my hand. "Can we take another?" I requested. Margery rolled it again taking out the paper and then my name appeared again.

"Mr. Patterson, I put your name on it." Mr. Johnson said. Then, the others said that they also put my name there.

"The Goddess wants you to lead the Academy." She whispered to me. But I am still surprised and all.

So, as a new headmaster, my salary will increase. So, to get funding, I need to cooperate with the people in the inside world to donate. We'll start with growing and selling fresh fruits butI need to work on proposals to get us money to buy arrows and archers and other equipment to protect the academy.

It didn't take long and at six in the evening, we drove back home so I could get ready to work tomorrow. We passed by the house of Marissa's mother. I knocked on the doorstep and Mrs. Gregory opened the door.

"Andrew?" She immediately hugged me. I hugged her back and I looked at Marissa's brother also stood from the sofa and looked at me.

We went inside and I introduced Almira to them, and we talked a little.

"I'll just set the table, have dinner here." She said.

I nodded and then Masen went to the kitchen to help out. Almira looked around and there are photos of Marissa and the deceased husband of Mrs. Gregory's husband. I know what Almira felt at this moment.

"Don't worry," I whispered to her.

"As long as Marissa and Daren are safe." She mumbled. I kissed her forehead and hugged her.



We travel further and it's getting colder and colder. Clarence is holding the leash of the horses and even though it's night, they travel further until we would find something that we could rest on. I saw an oak tree and from my knowing, Adhiti has been here.

"Clarence, let's take a stop there," I told him. Clarence drove it there, so our horses could take a rest. I opened the door and helped Rosy as she looked around.

"We'll set up a camp here for a night and warm the horses," Clarence said.

Davin took out the tent. Clarence set it up in no time and I helped Davin with setting up the bonfire.

"What if there are rogues here?" Rosy asked.

"Clarence is here to protect us," I told her. She nodded. "Come. Why won't you warm yourself with Guinevere." I took her cold hands and make her seat on the foldable seat that Nicholas gave us for our travel. Guinevere is making a fire with the woods, heating it and finally, it's all set.

I put the camping cooking grill that Nicholas also provided for us and it's like we are camping from the outside world. We grill our meat and then heat the water on the pot. We have a nice talk and our horses are cuddling at each other as we also put a warm blanket for them and a cover over their heads so, the little snow won't drop on them.

"So, where is Abyss?" I asked Guinevere.

"He's still in Ar." Guinevere answer. "Goddess of Air visit Abyss. It's a great conversation between the two." She shrugged.

"What convo?"

"On how to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e a woman." Guinevere winked.

"So, what did Air tell?"

"She said that Abyss need to work hard and maybe doing some workout and giving herbs to Arianne will help. Less drinking alcohol and working her ass to help the poor people of Ar." Guinevere grinned.

I laughed.

"Abyss will fail on impregnating Arianne," Davin said.

"Why did you say so?"

"She's been cursed." Davin shrugged.

"Can the Minister of Spell and Memories do something about it?" I asked.

"The Minister of Spell can't do something about it because she's been cursed by an Enchantress that is working for the late King and Queen."

"Why would an Enchantress curse her?" I asked. That just doesn't seem right at all. "Can they curse someone?"

"Well, she sold her soul to Abyss and kill the entire royal blood of Ar. The Enchantress is somewhere in the tower, the Queen can't capture her or something." Davin said.

"Shall we save her?" I asked him.

"We shall save her." Guinevere decided.

"I'm going to sleep." Davin yawned and left to the tent.

"We should sleep too." I grinned and take Rosy with me.

Clarence and Guinevere are the ones left there to clean it up. I was too lazy to do it.

I lay down on the folding bed and Rosy lay down on top of me. I pulled the blanket over her and kissed her forehead.

"Gibby, is it possible for us to have a child?" She asked.

"I think so." I shrugged. I don't know about that at all. But if it happened like that, then I'll protect her more. I don't know what it felt to have a child from my seeds and my beloved's w.o.m.b. "Do you want to have children?"

"Can we do that?" She grinned at me. She's just adorable.

"Okay." I nodded. "If we get lucky, then, why not?"

"Guys, just don't start f.u.c.k.i.n.g in here," Davin complained.

"We won't," I told Davin, but my little love is reaching me down there. I shook my head, but she smiled at me playfully. "I promise to give it to you when we reached Ar," I whispered to her.

Clarence lay down on the thick night bag. They don't prefer bed since he's bulky, but Guinevere enjoys being wrapped up in his wings. Damn, I wish I have wings to wrapped it up to my love. But it's fine. My body is hotter.

"I love you." Rosy whispered to me. I looked down at her and kissed her forehead.

"I love you more."

I caressed her hair. Rosy has been in lots of heartbreaks, but I will never break her heart. She's a gift for me. Her soul is mine now, and I'll cherish her each time.

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