Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 203

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 203 The Tribe


I had seen Nicholas slept and just like what the Goddess of Earth said. Abyss is targeting him. So, every time he took a nap. I would be there reading some books. I found a black smoke toward him and just like what he said, it's going into his head. Into his dream and he would m.o.a.n.

There will be times that it will be hard to wake him up. But I called Adhiti's name and he would go back to his sense. Now, he chose not to sleep and work only. This demon thing is going into his head and eating all of his energy.

I am always by his side as we sneaked downtown to check on the people. We disguised as a commoner. Somehow, Nicholas amazed me with his skills. Every people are cooperating and helping each other.

They somehow saw a kid. He looked so dirty and he stole bread. The owner of the bakery shop shouted and the knight search for him and caught him.

"Kid, do you know that stealing is bad." The knight said and brought him to the bakery shop. The baker sighed and massaged his forehead.

"Kid, if you want some bread, just ask."

"We are sorry, Mister Jack." The knight said. "It's just a kid, probably starving."

"I know. Where are your parents?" Mister Jack asked.

"Dead, sir. II have nowhere to go. Sir, I just arrived here with others."

"Princess Almira is not in the Kingdom." The baker wrapped up more bread for the boy. "What's your name?" Mister Jack asked.

"Oscar, Mister." The poor boy said.

"Oscar, you shouldn't steal. Era will give you enough than stealing. Do you understand me?" Jack said.

"Yes, sir." The poor boy put his head down. "I'm sorry, mister."

"I always gave bread to the orphanage. They will dress you up there and help you to write and read. Princess Almira always donates and check everything there. Deliver this to the Orphanage. Then, come back to me tomorrow. I'll give you a job." The boy seemed to be puzzled. "Please escort him to the orphanage." He told the knights.

"Thank you, Mister Jack." The Knight said. "If possible, let's welcome the newcomers. They come from a very long way."

"Sure. Knights. Princess Almira already told me that." He said.

Nicholas turned back. I looked at the baker and he wrapped up a few things.

"Sent this to the newcomers. Princess Almira give me enough stocks to give it to them. The Queen told us to welcome them, so we need more who can bake to make enough bread for them."

"When will be the Queen visiting?" Baker's wife asked. "Didn't she missed the cakes that you always make for her?"

"I think she's not around. But let's just focused on giving away these old loaves of bread. Let's remake it into pudding."

I looked at Nicholas with sad eyes.

"Hey, you did well to this town." I cheered him up.

"I wonder if my wife had eaten." He mumbled. I can feel his pain.



They knelt to us as they recognized me. The Chief of the tribe welcomes us to their cave. They are camping in a place full of stones and have their houses on every corner. They also make an igloo house. Made of ice.

They gave us a warm drink and food. They also give me a comfortable bed with Luther. They are amazed at the phoenix, but Fire didn't want to show herself to them.

They said that the cave for the Abyss's gate is near and the last camp has been demolished, and people have been taken by those monsters to the gate.

"You need to sleep." Fire turned to her human self and she snuggled to Luther as Luther lay down and wrapped his wings to her. I felt warm just inside this igloo with Luther and Fire.

I sighed and lay sideways. I already missed Nicholas. I think I might've already taken enough a nap. But I sat up and looked at Luther sleeping peacefully with Fire. I smiled and I went out of the igloo. I looked at the Chief Albus of the tribe sitting on his little hut and staring at the fire. I approached him and he bows at me.

I sat down on the log and sighed.

"What makes you stay here?" I suddenly asked.

"Goddess, we've been here ever since." The tribe said.

"How long?" I asked again. "How long have you been staying in this cold?"

"Since the four Goddesses died."

I stared at the fire and I make one with my hand.

"I have that four Goddesses inside me. Earth stayed with me since I was a child." I told him. "I don't remember anything at all from the above world. But when I came down here, I know that I was loved by the parents that took me. Also, by my biological parents. It's good to be human."

"Isn't it easy for you to go up there and leave everything painful here?" He asked. I smiled at him.

"I have my husband. King of Era, Nicholas. I have my foster parents waiting for me. I have my foster siblings. I have my real parents. I have my friends. Everything is great here. The creations that each Gods and Goddesses made fascinates me. Those times, I have no idea that I created endless research for humans. I created the universe and I was named after that."

"You looked melancholy, Goddess." Chief Albus said. I smiled at him bitterly.

"I do feel sadness inside me. I was betrayed by my brother. My husband is also waiting for me, worried about me. My parents my siblings my friends. I am too lucky to have family from the three worlds. In the above world, the outside world, and here, the inside world. Some lost their family because of my selfish brother." I told him.

"I had lost a lot of people to protect others." He said.

"Then, why won't you go back there?"

"I think I'll lose more if we go back there," Albus said. "You see, I escaped trying to protect Aryanna and Calixe. But I failed."

I stopped.

"You are the last blood to the Ar throne." My eyes widen.

"Aryanna is my cousin. I was the very far cousin of Ar. I was the bastard. Aryanna give me the gift to control the air, ability to talked to the birds, and to protect the Arians."

I let out a breath.

"Do you know how much Arians suffer right now? Abyss is trying to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e Arianne and everyone in the castle." I told him. "People are starving there. Knights r.a.p.ed every young girl and every young woman. Husbands battered their wives and abuse their children. Haven't you thought about this?" I asked him.

"I never thought that it would turn out that way." He mumbled.

"Claim the throne. I can send someone to dethrone Arianne."

"But Goddess I can't do that."

"Trust me," I told him. "There is a big war between living and nonliving. We need to gather each other. I need you to go back there."

Chief Albus knelt in front of me. He wasn't old. He's just at the age of Flame, I guess. But he had that crane with him always with the mark of Goddess of Air. He said that Aryanna gave it to him to protect himself and his people. So, it is. He's the last blood to the throne. He's childless and there's one gift that I need to give them.

"Ready your people," I told him. "Once that I get the Queen of Dragons, we'll voyage to Earth."

"Yes, my Goddess." He put his fist over his chest. "I should go with you." He said.

"I could use a few men." I looked around. "You are near to the gate, why they haven't come to you?"

"The Daughter of the Night protects us. But somehow, she already left with Calixe."

"Yes, I know. They are in the Sixth Kingdom." I looked up at the dark sky and suddenly it wasn't dark at all. The aurora borealis is dancing up in the sky. I smiled and sighed. "This is indeed protected by the God of Sky," I told him. "I want four of your men to come with me. I need help to get in there."

"Yes, Goddess."

I stood and turned around to see Luther with Fire in a Phoenix form.

"Fire, we had a plan."

Fire shifted to a human form, and she crossed her arms.

"What plan is it, Adhiti?" She asked everyone that sees her knelt. "Rise. Don't mind me." She waved at them. Somehow, everything around became warm. "So?" She asked.

I approached her and held her hands.

"Chief Albus is next to the throne." I murmured. "We are going to take them back to the main Kingdom and spank Arianne right through her butt with Air's cane." I winked at her. Fire laughed sardonically.

"You have an odd sense of humor." She said.

"If you are being sarcastic, it's fine." I winked at her.

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