Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 204

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 204 Cold Kingdom


Seeing it how chaotic the town makes Guinevere feel sick. There are starving children and it's away from the other entrance where the houses of lords and others are living blissfully than the people who are starving in here.

Clarence slows down the carriage and few kids are outside with broken lips. I closed her eyes, trying hard not to cry from the children's suffering. Poor souls.

"What in hell?" Rosy mumbled.

"It's indeed hell in here," Gibson mumbled. Soo, we reached the gate and they let them in.

I come out and looked at the beautiful garden and went inside to see Arianne sitting on her throne eating delicious foods. I curtsied to her.

"Lady Guinevere," Arianne stood and approached. "The person that I didn't expect. Are you with your brothers?" He looked passed her to Davin, Gibson, Rosy, and then to Clarence.

"No. I am here with my guardian and my friends." I smiled. Arianne is too puzzled. So, she nodded. "I am here for my brother," Guinevere said. "Abyss, I believe that he's here."

"Brother?" Arianne smiled a little uneasy.

"Yes." I and Gibson looked at the upcoming man with a smile.

"Little brother and sister!" Abyss said aloud.

I smiled trying not to sneer. Then, I approached him closely and Clarence moved closer to protect me. I wrapped my arms around Abyss's waist to give him the warmest hug. Abyss seemed to freeze from it.

"You still deserve a warm hug like this even though you betrayed Adhiti and turned back from us," I said softly. "Adhiti would give you the warmest hug than I could give you." I pulled away from him. "Is it okay if we stay here?" She asked.

"Of course," Abyss looked directly to my eyes and he reached my face.

"Abyss! Big bro!" Gibson pushed Abyss away from me a little and he hugged him and pat his back aloud. Then, Gibson pulled away from him. "Can we have a warm bed and warm and delicious food as well?" He asked him.

"Sure." Abyss smiled. "Prepare the finest room for my guests." He told the servants and they bowed. Abyss looked at Clarence behind me and he looked at me. "You must be all tired."

"Yes, we are." I smiled sweetly to him and then gave him a paper. "Since we missed you so much. Let's do all of this stuff for a week or so."

Abyss checked it. It's all sports and other things that we usually do in the above world. He read it and his eyes are full of longing. I knew that he missed it.

"Is that okay with you?" She asked. Abyss looked at her and nodded.

The servants escorted them and their baggage to the other wing upstairs. I have my room with Clarence. Rosy and Gibson have their own, and then Davin is all alone. But anyway, Clarence can sense shadows around. At the moment, they are backing away from us.

I got a chance to have a hot bath with my guardian and after that, he dried his wings in the balcony, then he covered it and we went downstairs to the dining hall as Abyss is commanding on how to set up the table. My heart warms when he knew well what our favorites are.

Clarence pulled a chair for me, and then Gibson came with Rosy, and he's a little noisy.

"Wow!" Gibson pulled a chair for Rosy and then for Davin.

"Thank you," I said softly as always. Abyss sat at the head of the table.

"Let's eat." Abyss said with a smile.



I received a message from Guinevere. They are already in Ar. It's just a little odd that Abyss is taking care of them. Well, Guinevere said that he's their big brother and so, Abyss indeed welcome them warmly.

"Will they be okay?" Althea asked. I face her beautiful face and nodded at her. "Yes, my love." I gently kissed her forehead. "So, are you ready?" He asked.

"Yes," Althea nodded flashing her beautiful smile. God, I wanted to just stay and look at her smiling like that.

"Mamman," I turned to my mother. "We won't take long to the outside world. We'll be here for a few events."

"Sure, my dear." Mamman smiled at me.

I took the bag from and we rode on our carriage. Laurence is with us. He said that he needed to escort us just to make sure that no one out there is going to rob them.

As we travel further, I hugged my wife and make her lean on him. Laurence shook his head, closed his eyes like he's meditating, and ignored us.

"Maybe, it's time that we should continue making babies." I murmured to my wife.

Althea giggled and she covered my mouth. We kept flirting and Laurence tried hard not to get distracted. We soon reached the portal. Laurence opened the door first and he came out first, then I follow, and I helped my wife out.

"Be safe," Laurence told me.

"We will." I hugged my brother and pat his back. Laurence also hugged my wife and told her to stay safe.

We hold hands together as we entered the portal. It's the academy. We went directly to the boundary to see students lined up and has been taught basic swords.

Andrew is there and wearing his sports outfit holding a sword. They practice more in swordsmanship, marksmanship, and combats. When he saw me, he told them to continue and he ran toward us.

"Lancelot! Althea!" He hugged us then, his smile grew bigger. "Thank you, God." He exhaled.

"I need to help you, at least," I told him.

"Yes. I am not that good at swordsmanship." He said. "And marksmanship," He looked at my wife. "So, I both need your help."

"It's a good thing that we are here."

I looked at Almira, approaching us and she hugged her sister. I think we'll get all along. We went to the students and Andrew explained to him how they divided them into levels. Then, there are also new students in the gymnasium practicing aikido and taekwondo. Few of the professors know such things and they are helping the student with it.



She's a cold-blooded bitch Queen. She practically didn't want us to be in her castle and to take Abyss's time.

It's already evening, and we choose to play some cards and Abyss seemed to like it. Davin and Rosy are also playing with us.

Clarence seat always close to Guinevere. With the card games, Guinevere always wins, and Abyss knew that we can't win over Guinevere.

"Do you have a spy in here?" I asked her.

She only looked at me with a grin.

"How do you say so?" Guinevere asked. "I don't have a spy. I don't cheat." She said and then Abyss gathered the cards.

"She's simply good at it. Consider it always lucky." Abyss said. I shrugged.

"Ugh! She can't be as lucky as always!" I complained. Then I looked at Clarence. "She always has that Guardian Angel beside her. Clarence, sit with me. I shall win this time."

Clarence hesitates and then he looked at Guinevere that smiled at him. Then Clarence shook his head as he looked at me.

"Come on! I need to win this."

"How badly do you want to win this?" Rosy asked. "I am here, you know." Rosy shrugged.

I smiled at her and then pinched her nose a little.

"Sorry, dear."

"Shall we start again?" Abyss asked.

"Heck, yeah!" I said excitedly.

We started and then, Guinevere hide behind her cards. I know that she's smirking. My cards are also good. Then I looked at Alanis who smirked.

Then, the ending is different tonight. Rosy won this time.

"I can't believe this!" I throw my cards in the middle, and Abyss is laughing so hard.

"Your girlfriend won this time," Abyss told to pissed me. I exhaled and turned to Rosy. "How did you win?"

"With my gut." She winked at me. I shook my head.

"We are done for a night." Guinevere stretched her arms. "Tomorrow, let's go for Dodge ball."

"I'm up for it. I think I need to sleep early and do some stretching." Abyss said.

"I also need stretching." I agreed and stood.

"You also need some squats and then push-ups." Rosy just said to me. She indicates that I am fat.

"I am not fat," I told her. Davin laughed out loud and nearly roll. I think he had many wines that he drank.

"I didn't say that you are fat," Rosy said.

"You get fat." Abyss said to me bluntly. Guinevere and Clarence burst out laughing.

"I can't believe you!" I glared at Abyss.

"You need to exercise with me," Abyss told. "Wake up early, and I show you some exercise tips."

I groaned.

"Where did you learned that?"

"Air just came by maybe a week ago. She told me about this workout regiment. Also, I told Arianne to stop drinking wine, and she also exercises with me. They called it meditating and yoga."

"Wow, that was practically from the outside world," Rosy said. "I always do yoga thing." She also added.

"Hmm, perhaps we could do that together." Abyss smiled at her charmingly.

"Nope. Not gonna happen." I shook my head.

"Jealous, baby brother?" He sneered at me. I'll rip that face off!

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