Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 210

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 210 Human Eater


I didn't expect that it'll be 30 feet tall monster with tentacles and ahead of a spider. Damn, I am not mistaken. It's indeed a mutated monster. I can't hear whatever everyone is saying, but I lifted a pool bar from the ground using my telekinesis.

I use all of my strength to strike it directly to the head of the monster. I did it but somehow the tentacles are still moving. Lancelot had made half of the shield and as the tentacles reached us, it backs away with shrieks like it's been burnt by the shield.

Lightning strikes directly to the head of the monster and it slowly goes down with a loud thump. Almira put her hand in the ground to control roots under and wrapped the monster.

It takes at least ten minutes until the shield is finally around the area of the house. Althea collapse down the ground and I run to her and pulled her up to check her vitals.

"Thea!" I shook her and Lancelot fall to his knees. Lancelot moved to his wife and scooped her from the wet muddy ground and then, I looked around.

Almira is now busy with fertilizing the monster. I looked at Mrs. Gregory and her son. Lancelot takes Althea inside and I keep an eye around us, making sure that no one is going to hurt her.

"Babe," I called and she dropped her hands and I caught her before she fell. I quickly take her inside.

Mrs. Gregory gave us fresh towels and I wrapped one around Almira. My ear is still ringing a little but seeing Althea's ear with blood. She seemed to be more in pain than ours.

"What was that?" Masen asked.

"That's a monster," I told him as I cuddle Marissa's wet hair. Masen looked at Althea.

"Is she alright?"

"Shell be," Lancelot said and wiped off the blood from her ear.


---Prince Wade---

I was riding my boat using the affinity to bring me to the Goddess. But suddenly, someone turned the boat that makes me fall on the water. I try to reach it up but I was pulled down. I saw something dark underwater and I can taste the saltwater of the sea until I was out of breath.

I opened my eyes. My throat felt like it's been drowning into saltwater. Sitting up, I started coughing and I looked around me. I was in my room. I quickly open the small chest where I keep the pearls that my love gave to me. I clutch it to my hand and suddenly, the pain in my throat faded.

I got startled when someone started knocking on my door. I put back the pearls and locked it. I slipped off from my bed and approached the door and open it. The servant bow at me.

"Your highness, your father said that you need to pack up to go to Psych. The King gathered everyone for a meeting."

I nodded and closed the door. I went to my wardrobe and started packing. I saw a beautiful person that makes me stopped. I turned to the painting that is hidden on the corner. I couldn't help but smile after seeing her beautiful smile in the painting. My beautiful Serina sitting on the stone full of beautiful veins and flowers. It's the spot where we usually go.

"I'll meet you again, my love."

I pack my clothes with the only portrait that I have with Serina. Somehow, I lost my memories with her. I woke up, my father said that I wasn't well and I forget about Serina. Then, after a month, rummaging in my closetI found the portrait that I kept with a letter on it. A letter to myself.


At this moment that you are reading this. It means that they took Serina and you fail to protect the Goddess. They will wipe out your memories with her as they did to Prince Flame and Lord Calixe. Serina said something about her sister that will go down to protect the people from Abyss.

Your mission is her. Protect her as you promise to Serina.


There are rumors that the Goddess of the Universe is the Queen of Era. And since there's a gathering in Psyche, I will ask Nicholas about it. So, I can protect the Goddess. I stopped. Suddenly, I feel not myself.

How can I protect the Goddess of the Universe when I couldn't get to protect Serina? I throw away my clothes in annoyance. I can't do this.

You can't do it. You betray Serina. A voice whispered in my head. I exhaled and slumped down on the floor. My eyes caught something glowing near my bed. I went to it and take the pearls.

Protect Adhiti. Protect your people. A soft alluring voice whispered to me. It must be Serina. I exhaled. I put the pearls around my neck. I went back to my closet and started packing. I change my clothes.



I cough and cough until a mucous started going up from my throat. I reached my handkerchief and covered my mouth and I cough again. I taste blood. I looked down at my handkerchief and frowned at the bloodstain coming from my mouth.

"Your Majesty," Aaron called. I clenched the handkerchief and put my hand my back and faced him.


"King Damien ordered a meeting in Psyche."

"Alright, when will it be?"

"Enough for everyone to arrive there."

"I see." I nodded.

"And, the Queen of Ar has been kicked out from the castle."

"What?" I creased my brows.

"Yes." Aaron nodded. "It's our Queen's request."

I nodded at him.

"Do you have any letter from the Queen?" I asked.

"I haven't received any letter."

I nodded at him. He bowed and left.

"Nick," I turned around and Flame walked toward me in a rush and he took something at my back and looked down at the handkerchief. "What's this?" Flame asked.

"It's nothing." I took it from him. "I think you should pack up too for our meeting in Psyche."

"Should I bring a healer?" Flame asked, worried. I shook my head. I think no one could heal me now.

I am sleepless. And every time I close my eyes, I would go into a deep dream where I will fight my life just to keep the demon that kept on bugging me.

"By the way," I went to my drawer. I pause for a while before I pulled out the scroll safe in a golden tube. "I want you to keep this safe."

"What is this?" Flame took it.

"That's my last will."

"What?" Flame creased his brows. "Nicholas"

"Flame, my body is collapsing. I can't kill the succubus in my dream. Someone is after the throne and if I become mad, gave it to Aaron. He's the next King to Era."

"How can you say this? How about Adhiti?" Flame asked. I turned back from him and went to the balcony where the Dragons are.

"If I die, I will be back in the realm of Soul. I will be a guardian to Adhiti."

Flame rolled his eyes.

"What if you are already a guardian?"

"I don't have wings." I chuckled. "Anyway," I turned to him. "Let's pack our clothes and we'll stay in the Psyche for Princess Amanda's engagement."

Flame nodded.

I called the servants to pack a few of my clothes and my gift for Princess Amanda's wedding.



I chant the spell of love as I took the doll with Nicholas's hair. I stop from chanting and turned around to Lord Del Ria.

"How long shall I wait for him to have me?" I asked him.

"Not too long, your highness." Lord Del Ria said. "However, there is a big light covering him."

I inhaled.

"Then, let's go to another plan. The meeting will be in a few days and he'll be here sooner. I want him. My God wants him."

"Yes, your highness."

I carefully put the doll down and went downstairs when I felt that a dragon is coming. I went down to the garden and walked to my horse. The servant put little stairs for me and, the other one held the horse. I stepped three steps and, I straddle on the saddle.

I took the leash and rode directly to Princess Amanda's house. My heart wants him. I watched as he gracefully jumped off from the dragon. Patrick throws meat at the dragon and he caught it.

I jumped off from my horse and approached them. I murmur a spell as I keep my eyes on Nicholas.

"Eliza," Patrick called and I stop from chanting the spell. I turned to him and smiled.

"Lord Patrick." I greeted. I looked at Nicholas who went inside with Flame. "I am here to greet King Nicholas and Prince Flame."

"Yes, of course." He nodded and I went inside following them and ignoring that darn Patrick.

Del Ria told me that Patrick could see ahead of time. That means, he might've seen me chanting a spell to Nicholas. But I am sure that he couldn't read me.

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