Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 212

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 212 Forbidden Love No More


I couldn't wait anymore for our wedding. It'll be tomorrow. This night will be an engagement night with an additional bachelor's party and a bachelorette party. It's what they called it back in the outside world.

I wish that my dear daughter is with me at this moment. Her father will be pleased. Also, I will gladly introduce Adhiti to her grandfather, who will be very proud of her.

I watched as Eliza helped around and before Lord Patrick with other Lords left to visit D'Auvergne. He told me that Eliza is chanting a spell to Nicholas. I don't know what kind of spell she chanted. But I know a few spells that were taught to me by the Enchantress of Ar.

However, I know that it's always a dark spell.

"Prince Flame," I called him. He bows at me.

I would like to speak with you, your highness."

I nodded and gestured to the seats. I sat down and he followed.

"Prince Nicholas isn't well." He told.

"Yes, I see that he looked sleepless."

"Your highness, it's not only because he's sleepless. He tried not to sleep because he'll drown once again to the demon."

I looked at nowhere to think and looked back at him.

"Succubus," I mumbled.

"Yes, Princess Amanda. It's indeed a Succubus. If it wasn't summoned by Abyss, would it be summoned by Eliza herself?" Flame asked. It's indeed possible because Eliza is always with the Lord of Spell and Memories since Lord Del Ria is her Godfather. If Eliza had summoned it once, then she could summon it again, now that Adhiti is far away from Nicholas.

"This is bad," I told him. He took out a handkerchief with a stain of blood.

"He started coughing with blood, your highness."

"No one could heal him unless that demon is thrown back to hell."

"What should we do?"

"Adhiti, we need Adhiti back here." It's the only way that I could think.

Back in the Academy, Nicholas had felt the same. He's more than depressed. I know that something dark has been going into him until he had this relationship with Eliza. Everything that I saw has been concealed.

"But, how?"

"For now, we need to protect Nicholas. We'll wait."

"I am afraid that it'll be too late, your highness." Flame said. "Would I fail my Goddess again?"

I closed my eyes to think deep. My God, please help me. Please protect Nicholas. I pray in my head.

"I'm sorry Princess Amanda for ruining your day."

"No." I shook my head and smiled at him. "You didn't ruin my day. We need to cooperate to protect each other."

Flame nodded. I stood.

"I'll make something for King Nicholas. Make him drink it."


I went to my cabinet and took out the tea that would help Nicholas, so his soul would always go back to Adhiti even if his shell will be corrupted. This is the only way that I could keep Adhiti safe no matter what happened.

I went to the table.

"I need some heat," I told him. He stood and hold the teapot and he heats it. Once that it's boiling, he let it go and I opened the top of the teapot and poured the herbs and chanted the spell that the Enchantress told me about and then I close the top. "I shall deliver this to King Nicholas."

"I can hold it for you." He said.

She nodded and Flame took the tray and we went to the garden as Nicholas hold baby Daren and he smiled and play with her.

"King Nicholas," I smiled at him. "Tea? This might help you with your sleep."

"Thank you very much, your highness." Nicholas gave Daren to Marissa and he pulled a chair for me. I sat down and he sat across me. Flame poured it on the teacup and then gave it to him.

"My groom to be is very busy," I said as I looked outside to the castle where Darius might be with my father. My father got along with him a lot. They have a lot in common. That's why I love Darius.

"Hmm, this is a very good tea," Nicholas said. I smiled at him.

"It's all for you, Prince Nicholas. Finish it."

"Thank you."

Nicholas's tiredness fades a little after he held Daren. I lean on my seat and looked at Eliza who spoke with the servants with regards to other preparations.

I don't hold grudges, but that woman hurt my baby girl. I'll let the Gods and Goddesses punished her.

I told Nicholas to stay with Marissa or maybe take care of Daren. Eliza couldn't go near to Daren with a guardian with him.

I checked my gown for tomorrow and then my dress for tonight. Then, I also checked the dark blue that I also settle for Sirilla. That silly girl didn't want to wear a dress. I know that she's comfortable wearing pants but, tonight, she won't say no.

"Are they here yet?" I asked my Rosalinda.

"Yes! Lady Sirilla is with Lord Laurence D'Auvergne."

"Oh." I smiled slowly. I went out to greet them, and Lady Sirilla is trying hard to avoid Lord Laurence. When they saw me, Sirilla curtsied, and Lord Laurence bow at me. "Lord Laurence," I greeted.

"Princess Amanda,"

"Well, Lord Laurence, I need to take Lady Sirilla with me."

Sirilla's eyes widen, and she shook her head. But, I grabbed her hand. I called out the servant.

"Please, make Lady Sirilla's guest comfortable," I told the servant and the servant curtsied.

I take her to my room, and the servant takes her to the bathroom. It's good that she didn't talk to people because she can't complain.

Marissa came to me, and she grinned.

"You are torturing that poor girl," Marissa said.

"Well, I can't help it. I am used to helping girls. Besides, Sirilla brought Lord Lancelot with her."

"Oh, must be the one destined to her."

I am sure that Sirilla heard us and she's snorting at this moment. Well, I also can't help it. Sirilla needs to look like a Lady since she catches someone's heart.

After the bath for Lady Sirilla, Marissa and I helped her with putting some dress on and put a little color on her pale face. I braid her hair, making it a crown around her head, and there, she looked beautiful. I told the tailor to put a soft cotton fabric under the dress for her so she won't feel uncomfortable.

"You feel uncomfortable?" I asked her. She shook her head. "You should speak. I know it's hard for you not to speak for centuries which is part of your mission." I lifted my hand reached her throat. I healed it, and so she'll avoid any strains. "Cleared your throat."

She cleared her throat.

"There you go." I couldn't help but feel overjoyed. Sirilla went outside to the garden. I let her talked to the God of Night.

"Let's get ready too," I told Marissa.

Marissa film me a little and take photos of me. Then, we get ready as the carriage is waiting for us. I also watched as Lord Lancelot approached Sirilla, and he curtsied to her. How adorable seeing people fall in love.

We ride in a carriage on the way to the castle. Marissa is holding baby Daren with her while the guardian is running with the carriage. He doesn't like to ride at all. Sirilla is also with us, and she remains quiet.

"So, you don't like to talk?"

Sirilla pointed her throat.

"Oh, maybe sometime?" I asked, and she nodded.


---Lord Laurence---

My heart almost leaped out from my body when I saw Lady Sirilla wearing a dress. I almost didn't recognize her, but no one can turn their heads off from her. Her hand is soft, with a rough part somewhere. Maybe she trained a lot.

I can't wait to dance with her tonight. I followed their carriage to the castle and I came as an escort for her. I have responsibilities than chasing a maiden. But I can't help myself. I extend my arm for her, and she held my arm. I placed my other hand over her hand as we entered the castle.

I looked at Lord Patrick approached his wife and his son with a bulky man following them.

"Lady Sirilla, if you don't mind. We can sneak out the whole party and go out to the garden?"

She only looked at me, and we continue walking.

"Brother!" I pressed my lips when my brother Calvin came up with a grin plastered on his face.

"Yes, Brother?" I asked him nicely.

"Well, I thought that I could help Lady Sirilla," He's just probably jealous that he hasn't found her mate.

I gave him threatening glare, and he smiled, and he extends his hand to her. I reached his hand and squeezed it.

"No need. Sirilla is with me now."

Calvin sighed, and he turned away. He looked sad, he's just probably that dramatic. I turned to lady Sirilla, and she's looking at someone else. I also looked at the direction and its Princess Eliza approaching King Nicholas.

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