Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 213

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 213 Warrior Of Night


Lancelot secure the surroundings once again and Almira healed Althea's ears and they both recovered. It stopped raining and we turned our heads as Thunder entered the house. He looked at Althea who is still unconscious and he reached her face.

"They meant to attack here." Thunder said and he looked at Mrs. Gregory and Masen.

I stood from my seat and approached him.

"What should we do?" I asked him.

"For now, protection is needed." He approached Masen and he pointed his forefinger to Masen's forehead. "I, God of Sky, give you a gift of lightning. To control the lightning and strike those evil spirits and monsters. You will be protecting people and earth."

Masen knelt one knee and put a fist over his chest.

"Thank you, God Sky."

Mrs. Gregory is too shocked by it. Now, I have a new student. I smiled at Masen. We needed someone to control the lightning.



Some girls went in my direction and at this moment. I can't see Nicholas around. The party started and Princess Amanda and Darius are enjoying their party. I excuse from girls and I looked around for Nicholas. He can't get out of my sight.

I searched around the castle and call for his name and I also asked the guards about Prince Nicholas. They said that he went to the garden. So, I go there and I saw Lady Sirilla staring at somewhere far.

I looked at the direction of where she's staring.

I finally saw Nicholas under the post light but it's not just him. A woman's arms are around Nicholas's neck. Eliza. She's kissing him passionately and his body seemed too stiff. F.u.c.k! I approached them quickly and Sirilla reached my arm.

"Too late." She said almost a whispered. Damn, I thought that she didn't speak.

"What do you mean?" I asked her but she never speaks again. She turned back from me her eyes looked watery.

"Nicholas!" I called out and Nicholas turned to me. I stopped. He looked someone else but he smiled at me as Eliza wrapped herself around him.

"Hi, Flame." Eliza greets with a smile. I am doomed.



I can't take it. I shouldn't speak at all but I just did. If Flame goes there, he might also go under the spell. King Nicholas is gone. He's not here with us anymore. He's in a deep sleep and no one can wake him up unless the Goddess of the Universe will appear.

"You look upset." Lord Laurence said. I pressed my lips. I won't speak, or else, they will not just kill me but lots of people around me. Including him.

I don't know what to do at this moment. I looked at Patrick and I warned him to leave the castle with Marissa. He nodded. This party should be for Princess Amanda and her mate. But somehow, everything is meant to happen.

"Sirilla." I turned to the voice of a boy close to me. I approached Bon. He's in the wheelchair with a young servant at the age of twenty to help him. "It's too late." He whispered to me. I reached his hands and closed my eyes to see what he sees.

My heart breaks instantly. I can see the end of this earth. Everything will be chaotic.

"I'm sorry, Sirilla." He told. I shook my head and reached his cheek. I stood and walked outside.

I saw Flame speaking with King Nicholas. He's talking freely and he said that Adhiti wouldn't know. Besides, he couldn't help himself around Eliza. He loves Princess Eliza which is a lie. Lord Laurence appear beside me and I wasn't surprised.

"Is there a problem?" He asked. I didn't answer him and I watched Lord Patrick with Lady Marissa leaving with their son and Guardian. Patrick looked at me.

I'm sorry, Patrick. We need to get ready. I told him and he read me.

Sorry for what?

King Nicholas is not with us anymore.

Lord Patrick paused and he looked at Flame and Nicholas talking. He turned back, with a broken heart, and left with the carriage.

"Lady Sirilla," Lord Laurence reached my hand. "Are you alright?" He scooped my face and I caught King Nicholas looking in our way. He immediately changed his expression to something soft.

I took both of his hands and used my gift to leave the castle to his house, in his room.

I pushed him down. I'm going to get this over. To be mated to him. So, I could finally move to my mission. I need to take away the heat that I have been feeling.

"WeWe can't do it if you don't like," Laurence said and he stood and stopped me from removing my clothes. I shook my head.

He scooped my face and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue trying to part my lips so I open my mouth for him and we both drawn into some kind of love spell. I wrapped my arms around him. Damn, he smells so good. His body is hard and his skin is soft.

With all of the kissing and clothes ripping, I felt him on top of me while I was lying on the bed. I gasped some air when he goes down on my b.r.e.a.s.ts. I never felt this way before. But I am loving it. He went down between my legs and I felt his tongue and lips. I m.o.a.ned as my back arcs.

Then, it might be too fast but I felt him inside me. I wasn't a maiden anymore. I am no longer pure anymore.

"Oh, my Sirilla." He murmured as make love to me.

He rolled beside me after we are done and I stared up at the ceiling of his room.

"Let's get married." He said. "I know that we just met but I am sure that you are the one that has been given to me by the Above."

"Laurence," I speak his any and any name for the first time in a long time. "I think we might not be able to go there."

"Youyou just speak."

"I restrain myself not to speak for centuries to keep a secret. Now, the whole world would know."

He sat up and he reached my face.

"Tell me, my love."

"Who gives you that gift?" I asked him.

"My sister, Goddess of Soul.

"She's near," I told him. "She's also broken." I sat up. "I never spoke to anyone until this night, Laurence. I lived longer. If you are given to me by the Above, then I have to accept it. But, I can't stay in a house to be a lady. I have a mission to do."

"II will go with you. Wherever you go."

"We just met, Laurence. And I know that you'll find a better wife. Someone who is a lady."

"And what about this night?" He creased his brows. "Sirilla, why did you let me?"

I sat up.

"I finally will grow old," I said to him.

Living alone for centuries is very hard for me although I get used to it. Now, I can finally grow old.

Laurence might be quizzical from what I said. But I don't feel right to be in the place where someone could do better. I am no wife material and I am a monster killer. But now that I felt Laurence's warmth with his arms wrapped around me, I am hesitating in life. I am afraid that I might not be able to do my mission.



The first thing that I see Prince Nicholas in the morning instantly breaks my heart. He's smiling there's no problem at all. It wasn't him anymore. It's my wedding day and I should be happy. Prince Nicholas behaves and he talked a lot with Eliza. I turned to Flame. His eyes are full of failure and he looked down at the ground.

"How?" I asked Flame as Nicholas goes with Eliza to somewhere.

"Last night, I lost him from my sight and I found him with Eliza in the garden. Kissing."

"His memories stay?"

"Yes. I think they already have his body back in the House of Torment." Flame said. "But whose body is that?"

"It's his shell, it still his body but a vessel or like a clone. His soul and half of his immortal life are in the House of Torment."

"Then, I have to go there." Flame said. I shook my head.

"We can't do that."

Sirilla and Laurence appeared and they bow at me. I stood and approached Sirilla. I reached her hand and squeezed it.

"In a few days, Adhiti will be back."

"I know. But I have to leave for Mystical Academy. The Army of Death is marching to that Academy at this moment."

I dropped my hands.

"Don't worry. Go on with the wedding. I'll protect them as I could."

"I'll go with Sirillia, Princess Amanda." Lord Laurence bow his head. I exhaled slowly and looked up the sky. I just wished that my daughter is doing well.

"Be safe on your trip."

They nodded, and they disappear. I turned to Flame and approached him.

"I'm sorry, Flame. But Nicholas will always find a way to be with Adhiti. Even though he wasn't in his shell anymore."

Flame looked so down, and he tried hard not to cry in front of me.

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