Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 64

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 64 Goddess Of Soul1


Things really goes tough on the festival. Now, I know how to handle things and I am ready to go Outsideworld. The King had proclaim a wedding for Princess Amanda and her mate Darius. Yet, the wedding will be held too soon because of Darius's contract to Calixe. Calixe was one of my gifted child in this world. He was devoted to serve his God. Even though, the rough time in the festival, the King has a celebration to make.

"Dear, why are you packing?" my mother, an English one ask. She got a black hair and they wonder where I get a silver hair. My father was a yellow headed one, yet I have his features and my mothers. Father don't know that I am a Goddess of Souls and I take this shell and be their daughter.

"Somewhere." I told her.

"O vas-tu?" she furrow. I look at her and took her hand.

"I have to find lost souls." Her eyes become kind and understanding.

"Oui, desse de me." She all know all along that I was the Goddess of Soul and she never told it to anyone for my protection. She doesn't want me to be like my sisters who are protecting Adhiti and died in here. She helped me pack and she put the stones and expensive jewelries on one box. "Does your Papa, knows about this?"

"Oui, Maman. Sorry for not telling you about this sooner. I couldn't catch you after the festival."

"It's alright, chri. Please come back to us safely."

"I will, Maman." She hugged me and kissed my forehead.

I have my last dinner with my family and Papa didn't push me on doing things I don't like. He was scared at Maman for that reason. One night, he brought a young Lord into our house and for me to meet him with beautiful dress that he bought for me. I told him frankly that I don't want to get married and he never bring young man in the house.

"I put golds on your pouch. Do you know someone there?" Papa ask.

"Oui, Leona, the headmistress of the school, daughter of King Hadrian. And a friend told me the people whom I can trust."

"Okay, I will let one of the warriors to be with you there."

"It's alright Papa. I don't need warriors. Don't be too over protective, I can handle it myself."

"If that's what you wish, my dear."

After dinner it is my habit of walking around the garden to think. It is also my habit of talking to my father above. Adhiti is planning a rescue mission to Marissa and to Almira while Patrick is looking for his people but I assume that he will first make a move to pull down the King of Era. How will he pull down the King? The plan of Adhiti makes the two girls more in peril.

They shouldn't provoke Elliot that much. His anger, hatred and madness feeds the shadow behind him. I close my eyes to concentrate to seek on the activities in Era. Nicholas and Adhiti are travelling back to Era and the King had locked the girls on the dark dungeon. Marissa looks fine, but not Almira she was pale and had bruises.

"Use your gift Almira" I mutter to send her the message and she woke up when she heard my voice. "Tame your father's heart."

"Milady," I stop and look up General Magnus, my father's loyal warrior. "Did I interrupt you?"


"Your father asked for your presence in the great room."

"Oui." He walk me inside the chteau and to the great room. My brothers are there and I sat on the vacant chair.

"One of your brother should get married soon. I would like to ask about your preferences on the ladies. What do you think about King Elliot's daughter?" I glance at my brothers who shrugged. "The long lost one named Marissa." I wanted to laugh about the long lost one. "King Elliot wanted to marry her off."

"He wanted to marry her off to gain warriors on his castle." I tell them the truth. I look at mother who nod her head.

"Why do you think of that?" my father asked intrigued.

"Because, Papa, lots of houses wanted to marry off their daughter to your sons. And lots of them too wanted to marry off their son to your daughter. In the houses, yours has the biggest finest warriors, and you oath to the Goddesses who gifted you an affinity to never use your warriors to start a war, but to give peace and protection."

"I still don't understand why our baby sister is such an intelligent girl." The oldest son, Calvin stated.

I simply nod my head with smile.

"So who do you suggest?"

"I suggest that since all of us are free to choose, why won't you let my brothers search around for their mate. And if they are in love, let them be."

"If that's what you suggest and I will gladly accept it with the approval of your brothers."

"Thank you, Papa. Now, I shall retire to my room." He nod and I walk to my room.

I concentrate again as I reached my veranda. I close my eyes and let my soul search for the images of where Almira and Marissa are. Marissa tried to heal Almira but Almira simply told her that she can't heal her since Marissa is pregnant. The child inside her, is very gifted. That child shall not die.

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