Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 67

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 67 Blood Over Blood 2


So, the time has come yet I was dressed beautifully in front of the people and my sister Almira was weeping and begging his father but it seemed her gifted didn't worked on her father. I closed my eyes and I can feel that this isn't my time yet. I look into people's eyes and it was sympathy they are showing.

"Father please" she begs.

"Five lashes!" The King commands.

I was pushed and cuffs on the wooden pool. I closed my eyes when I felt that my dress from my back was ripped off. When I open my eyes, I saw Nick who look so mad. Before even got hit by a lash, someone hugged me from behind and it was crying Almira. She take the pain.

"NO!" I scream. "Almira!"

"I will protect you." She mutter. My eyes started watering. She turn around and face the man who lashes her though she was hurt badly. "I will take all the lashes, kill me but not her." She told the man. The people started screaming to stop it but the knights are there.

"Take her away!" The King demands.

She use her gift to make the knights and the man who lashes her stop. The King went to his daughter and slapped her really hard that makes her fall down. He took the lash from the man and pushed him. I closed my eyes and hold on the pool. I gasped when the lashes didn't hit me The King cries and the whole army position defend. Adhiti. Growling werewolves. The people immediately back away and moved away.

She was wearing a white cloak with bow and arrow.

"Seize her!" The King demands and the knights are doing his command but the werewolves are growling madly. Someone is removing my cuffs and it was Nick. He immediately pull me away. I look at the mad King and his right arm is badly hit by an arrow.

"Don't you think you should bow down and ask for my forgiveness?" Adhiti speaks and pull down her cloak. My eyes widen to see those marks on her forehead glowing in colors. She walks and ignore the warriors that are ready to attack her but the wolves did the job.

"I, will have your head." The King said madly. I look at the Queen and my brother and sisters. Althea remain expressionless while Adam pulls his sword to fight. "Seize her bastards!" The ground started shaking and I hold on Nick tight.

The roots comes out from the ground and comes directly to the King and the King blocked it with his affinity on the earth but it seemed the earth was more responding to Adhiti.

"I might not have your head, but someone will." Adhiti smirks and she seemed not Adhiti. She's stronger and powerful. I can see it.

"Behind you!" I scream and when Adhiti turn, she was hit behind but she hold herself. She got dragged by the knights toward the King. "Nick" I pleaded him. He hold me and look directly into my eyes.

"Trust me, it was all in her plans. I believe her, Marissa. We should trust her." I nod and wipe my tears. I look at Almira who is on Aaron's arms and Aaron is healing her.

Though two strong men is holding her arm and she was pushed to kneel in front of the King and her weapon was thrown away, she still look directly to Elliot.

"Don't you remember me?" Adhiti ask her. I can see a surprised look in Elliot like he recognized someone. "You think that you can have everything you wanted? You killed me and now you are trying again" she sound so different. The King lifted his sword to kill her. I believe in Adhiti so I didn't close my eyes. It was like a wind passes when Elliot stepped back and he was injured and the sword was broken.

I look up to see a bulky winged man. Adhiti stood because the knights are dead.

"Now, I have to make sure that you won't hurt everyone I loved."

A monstrous wail comes from above. It was a gigantic dragon a very huge one and the dragon landed and blow fires on the threats. My eyes widen when it was Patrick and Andrew. They walk in the middle toward the cemented execution area.

"Thank you for buying me time, sister." Patrick said and he hold up the paper. It was a pure white paper. "Who's next in throne?" he asked though he knew who. Nick stepped toward him. "I shall do my bidding here."

"And who are you?" the Queen asked. Patrick look directly at her and smirked.

"A person from Outsideworld and I am here to take your husband's payment from his debts. I will have his," he pointed to the King. "Head." Nick took the letter.

"It's from the Highest King of five Kingdoms." Nick stated to all of the people. The council of the Era stepped forward. "And I shall read it aloud." He said it loudly. "I, King Arthur of Psych, the highest King and the law of the five Kingdoms, is sentencing King Elliot of Era an execution through, Patrick Patterson's will to have his head and banished from his own throne. In the name of the Gods and Goddesses and our Almighty Father who give me power to judge in this world." He gave the paper on the right hand of the King.

Patrick pull his sword and the roots that looks like ropes wrapped around Elliot as it hold him. I saw the shadow gets bigger. The winged man fight the shadow that showed itself and the people around run away even the knights stepped back. I kneel down to Almira and hold her hand.

"How is she?"

The cut was deep." Aaron mutter and continue healing her. I look back again at Patrick who stabbed his sword directly to the Elliot's heart without blinking. Elliot doesn't seem to wince. He even grin. Patrick push harder and when he pulls it out, the blood is in color of green. It reminds me of something.

"Holy sh*t!" I look at Adhiti who curse, really Adhiti? Nick runs to her and grabbed her away. Patrick back away but Adhiti holds the roots. "Tell me that it's not what I am thinking!" she shouts at Nick.

Patrick back away and breathed.

"I'm really sorry but I have to kill you." Patrick sliced his head off that makes the Queen screams. I look up and the winged man is still fighting the shadow. The dragon blows blue fire on the body and it became toasted. I was relieved that it is already dead and the shadows are gone. The winged man, comes down in front of Adhiti and kneel one knee and bow as he hold the sword and it was pointed down.

"Thank you, my brave warrior." She smiled at the winged man. I look at Nick to see a hint of jealousy but there's none. He was happy yet sad. "So now, I think we are done here" she clapped her hand and walk toward me. I stood and hold my tears. "I'm sorry for being late." I hugged her and found myself sobbing.

"Damn you Adhiti!" she giggle and hugged me tight.

"Wait!" I look at her frowning face. I turn my head to where she is looking. Aaron was standing away from Almira and Almira is on Andrew's arms. "Hey, am I missing something her? What's the meaning of this, Drew?"

"WE are all missing something." I told her and hugged her again.

"Yeah, Andrew look really, really" I push Adhiti when I heard his voice. He is looking down on Andrew. "Ah, brother, I guess you are free to do what you both wishes. And don't get too shy on kissing her. I know you like kissing her." He's reading his brother's mind.

"Get out of my mind, Patrick!" Almira and Andrew are embracing each other. I glanced at Aaron who shrugged. I raise my eyebrow on him and he hands up.

"Yes, I quite know about their relationship."

"That fast?" I ask. I felt my love's embraced and I suddenly feel so protected. "Oh, my Ricky."

"Oh, hi!" Adhiti toward Aaron with a smile and Aaron flushes. "You must be Nick's second brother if I am right."

"Y-Yes." She extend her hand and he took it and was about to kiss it but she shook it.

"Adhiti, their tradition is kissing lady's hand." Nick said behind her. Aaron look really surprised when Adhiti grabbed his wrist.

"Thank you for protecting Marissa and Almira while they are in dungeon and helping my brother Andrew to find a way to protect both of them. I believe that you are not like your father. You have a good heart and I shall granted you a gift." Her voice changes. "I, Adhiti, Goddess of Universe granted you a gift of a soulmate and to see through people's soul."

Aaron blinks and look on his wrist.

"Th-Thank you."

I can't believe that she's a Goddess! She smiled and face us.

"Nick! I'm hungry." She walk toward Nick and hugged him. They are really annoyingly sweet at each other.

"Aaron," Nick called him and Aaron look at him. "Good job, brother. As the next King, I trust you and I trust the whole Kingdom on you. Please facilitate around while I am gone for a while. I will be back tomorrow."

"Where are you going?" Aaron ask a little shy.

"We have a reunion. Would you mind to be my right hand?" Nick smiles and Aaron bow his head with respect.

"Yes, your majesty." Nick laugh.

"I am not yet a King."

"OH, about that." Patrick speaks. "King Arthur is hoping you to be the next King."

"I know." He winks. Adhiti and Nick walk off and she hugged the dragon and the winged man.

"Shall we go home?" I ask Patrick. He smiled at me.

"We will stay here for a while. To have time together. Then I shall voyage for my mission." I hug him.

"Okay. I can't believe that Adhiti is a Goddess."

"She's the five faces Goddess." He murmurs on my ear. I look at Andrew who is holding Almira. I look at Aaron who is already taking a command and the council or advisers of the King are also taking his command.

"Tomorrow is the start of coronation events, clean up everything and send letters on the castles around to inform that in three days is the coronation of the new King." Wow, he's really something. I smiled at him and he walk toward us.

"I'm Patrick." Patrick extend his hand and he warmly took it.

"I had seen that my brother's mate isn't a normal one." I look at him confused. "Four souls are inside her plus her soul."

"That makes her the five faces Goddess." I murmur. Aaron nod his head.

"But half of her real soul was named Catastrophe."

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