Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 71

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 71 The Sixth Kingdom

Mr. Kraig and Mrs. Annabeth Patterson

Dark clouds, cold wind coming from south. They finally reached the isolated place where there's no such thing as fruit bearing tree; hard to find an oasis yet the ground was green and it is earth. Yet they have enough food for their long travel to find their blood.

Annabeth was from a wealthy family. Her father is a Baron. She was about to marry off by his father to increase his nobility, yet she was in love with somebody else. Kraig, on the other hand, the son of Lord of the West of Psych. But his father's wife has been murdered and they were kicked out of the Kingdom. He choose to run away with his love Annabeth out of the Kingdom and let his father rule the rogues that has been kicked out off the Kingdoms and they are living on the far east that they can't reached by the power of the Kings.

"Our sons, I wonder how they are."

"I am sure that Patrick is doing what is right and Andrew is protecting Marissa and our daughter."

"Adhiti I wish that she's fine."

A sound of monstrous wail of the beast make them stop from walking. They look up to see the gigantic flying bird no it was a dragon together with him is a winged man.

"The Guardian." Kraig murmurs look up in wonder.

"Does this mean that the Goddesses are here?"

"Yes. I assume that. The Guardian has been abducted and imprisoned in no one knows where. And dragons had died centuries ago."

"And if the Goddesses are here, does this mean that the darkness is coming?"

From afar, they heard running and whining of horses. Are they near?

"Ready yourself, it might not be a good omen." He stand in front of her to fight first and protect his wife. Five horses with their rider surrounded them. Annabeth hold on her husband.

The bulky man, sign them to stop and they all did. He jump off from his stallion as he remove the covers on his face. Kraig immediately realized that it was one of his father's knight. His long lost friend, Reno.

"You've been in a long way travel my friend." Reno move to Kraig closer as he spread his arms.

"Have you predicted my arrival?"

"Yes, and your wife as well as your sons." Kraig embraced Reno as they tapped hard on their backs. Reno walk to Annabeth as he took her hand and kissed the back of it. "Lady Annabeth."

"Reno." Annabeth acknowledge.

One horse has been lent to them as they rode toward their destination. Near are growing plants and trees and there are lots of hut and people and children. It was said to be the Sixth Kingdom. The Kingdoms of where people who become rogues from the five Kingdoms of Insideworld has reunited to fight the tricky rulings of each Kingdoms.

Reno took them to the main hut, it was big and wide but not as big as the castles. It is big enough to be a house, a hall and council gathering. Pure white owl flew inside as it perch on the stand beside the wooden throne on the very middle where there sat a man at the age of sixties, yet strong and unbreakable. However, his age was farther than sixties. He had lived for centuries and where the Earth was young and Goddesses came down.

"Father," Kraig bow to his father and Annabeth curtsied to him. Hermes, Kraig's father stood in those very serious expression of his that hardly can change.

"Good thing that you finally came. Just right the same moment with this owl here."

"It is an owl of Psych."

"Yes, indeed. Princess Amanda's owl."

"She's been contacting you." Kraig stated. Hermes, the head of the Sixth Kingdom or more like the King of the people, he nod and walk toward his son after he took the letter. He gave it to Kraig and Kraig glances at him and open the letter.

The death of the King of the North, Era is dead. The brave warrior of the Goddess of Soul Patrick Patterson saved the innocent Princesses of the Mad King. Elliot was the vessel of darkness of years and your blood saved the people of Era.

"My son." Kraig mutter and look at his father who now smiled. Hermes spread his arms to his son.

"Your son has an exceptional talent and you raise him well." Kraig embraced his father tight as Hermes tapped his back. Hermes face Annabeth and gave her a hug. "You are a loving mother and you both raise my grandsons well."

"Thank you, your majesty." Annabeth sincerely said. Hermes kissed her cheek.

"You, my dear, call me father. It isn't appropriate for me to be your King. I was just the leader of these people to give them home, peace and hope."

Hermes call his servants to prepare food and a room for both of them. After they had rested, Hermes walk them around to the field that they made and the sea is just near few kilometers away where they fish, and the river was near where they get a water to drink and to bath and use on their food.

"The field seemed in drought." Annabeth said.

"Yes, it has been seven months since it last rain here. We pray really hard to God to give us rain."

"And the river?" Kraig ask.

"The river stays clear but it won't be long if there's no rain. The cloud only gets dark and cold strong wind will pass but no sign of rain."

They walk toward the field of water rice. The people watered it daily and something comes up into Kraig's mind. He remember on how he use the metallic tubes so that the water from their tank will goes into the garden and the dancing fountain hose will water the whole garden.

"We could make something to use for the fields." Kraig said.

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