Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 73

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 73 His Oath 2

I stop from walking and scratch my back. Damn, it's not just itchy but insides are burning. I breathed and then, I saw Gibson standing and look at me c.o.c.kily and then left. I walk toward her and pull her arm up while security guards are taking the body. She stood wiping her tears and walk off from the temple and I followed her on the Mystical Garden toward the fountain of the Goddess.

"Guinevere." I called her and she turn around. I look up on the statue of the Goddess nude yet has covers on her b.r.e.a.s.t and on the lower private part. Somehow, when I look at that statue, it makes me feel relieved. And when I am down, stressed and confused I rested under this Goddess's fountain. I feel connected on her. I look at her and her wide gray eyes on mine. "I'm sorry of what I did. In the dining hall, are you mad at me?"

"Madness is not one of my expression."

"What about, angry, annoyance"

"I am annoyed."

"I'm sorry." I said sincerely. "I didn't mean to peeve Gibson or you."

"Auncan problme." I smiled really wide, still thinking that she sound really s.e.xy. I look up on the statue of the Goddess. "Do you know this Goddess?" she ask me. I shrugged.

"No. I understand other statues and know what they are based on the symbols around them, but this one, she seemed one of the kind. Do you know her?"

"Yes." She sat on the small wall around the fountain. "She's Soul." My eyes lightens and I smiled. I heard many times about her. She's the keeper of souls.

"Your house has full of warriors and warriors pledge to their lady for their protection. However, you are the only daughter of your house. Has anyone pledge for your safety?"

"No. Not in this world." I am starting to understand her. I kneel one knee as I put my fist on my chest.

"Then I shall pledge to you my lady. Can you accept me though I wasn't one of the warriors of your house?"

"Make your oath." She said it and I shall do it.

"My Lady, Guinevere d'Auvergne de Jardin Roseaux Chteau. I, Clarence to be your loyal warrior, your servant, your protector and oath myself to serve you with my heart and my love. I shall protect you with my life from any circ.u.mstances that will happen."

She smiled not expecting those words.

"Not bad for a first timer." I smiled wide.

"I oath my life to you. Please accept me as your warrior protector." I bow my head and I felt her hand gently brushes on my hair. It felt familiar and dj vu. I close my eyes and hear her voice. Sweet, cold yet not like an ice cold a refreshing soothing one for hot summer.

"Clarence, I accept your oath and I shall let you be my safety in your arms, sword and body. Blessed be." I look up at her she look glowing light, so bright. I took her hand as I gently kissed it and smiled at her.

"So, can we date?"

"Date?" she asked a little quizzical.

"You know" she raise her eyebrow and I slump my shoulder and put down her hand. "Never mind." I stood and remove few dirt. "Let's go?" I offer my hand and she took it lightly as she stood and pull it. She walk first as I followed her.

"Please take that." She pointed the books on the grounds and I did pick it all. The school time alarm buzzes. She told me to put it on her locker and I did while she walk and left me.

"Take note that she can be bossy." I mutter to myself.

I use that a lot. I enter her code since I am the one to put it on and push her books there. I followed her to the Philosophy auditorium and everyone are on their sit. I look for her and she's sitting behind Gibson and on the other corner are the girls who wave at me. Yeah, one of them was my ex. And we do things a lot meaning of do things is quite e.r.o.t.i.c.

I use the sit on the vacant three chairs away from her. Our Philosophy Professor, Jaime Rosales enter and greet us. The girls said that he is hot not by the temperature but the way they felt for being aroused seeing a s.e.xy single man. He can be like that yet, I am hotter than him. He discuss and started writing on the board for us to take note the words.

The girls in front of me, one of my ex there crumble a paper and throw it to Guinevere. I frown at them and let them slipped. I glanced at Guinevere who took the paper and throw it behind her and it shoot directly on the mouth of the trashcan. Without her looking, like the air lead the crumpled paper there.

They scribble something again and crumple it and throw it to Guinevere just right when Professor Rosales face the class and before it even landed to Guinevere, she raise her hand and the paper is on the air and burst in fire as it goes ashes and the air blows to the direction of the girls.

"Something going on here," Jaime glanced at Guinevere to the girl which I don't remember the name. Is it Sarah or Cara? I furrow and scratch my back. "Girls?"

"Oh, S'il vous plait. Continuer, Monsieur." I lean my cheek on my palm as my elbow propped on my desk and I look on her direction.

"I don't like these things happen again in my class." He look at the direction of the girls with emphasizes of hard tone. "Do you understand me? Miss Morgana?" Oh! So that's her name.

"Yes, Mr. Rosales." Jaime look at the direction of Guinevere. She chin up and smiled a little.

"Je comprends." Oh damn, she sound so s.e.xy.

"Bon." He said and continue. After fifteen minutes of discussion, he gave us the reading and to answer his activity.

I followed her to the next subject and ask her permission if I could hold her hand. She answer coldly no in French. I smiled on the whole day feeling happy and feeling at home. I talk to her in French and she answered me in French. I know how to speak one since I lived for seven years in their land. She's just too fluent and too s.e.xy while speaking in French also in English. Her accent is good and one of the kind.

"Mademoiselle d'Auvergne." We turn to see the secretary of the Headmistress. "The Headmistress wanted to speak with you. It is about your bank card."

"Oui, patientez." The secretary nods and she face me.

"I'll go with you. I can wait outside."

"Non. I like Mexican food for my dinner. Hibiscus Lime Margarita, Classic Bean and Cheese Burritos."

"Can we have dinner in the girl's dormitory? They are planning for a marathon." I ask her in very casual way yet in good manner.

"Oui." I waited for her to leave with the secretary. I wonder what they are planning for her since she had witnessed multiple deaths. I don't wish to happen something bad to her, like Adhiti.

After I requested Gibson to choose Mexican food, since she learnt it from him and I hate to say it. I walk to the office of the Headmistress and wait for her outside. I walk back and forth in front of the door while glancing on my wrist watch. Ten minutes she's been there for ten minutes and somehow I felt that she's there for too long. Maybe because of the oath that I gave. But I never know that warriors could feel this way and warriors can know if their lady is on peril.

The door opens and I heard them talking indistinctly. And as they walk outside, I can see that Leona was smiling and so she is, but her smile are too formal too business like.

"I can tell my driver to drive you to stores."

"No, Merci." They both look at me and I nod.

"Clarence." The headmistress smiles.

"Headmistress." I nod at her. "I am here to pick up, Mademoiselle Guinevere."

"Oh, I see." She grins playfully. "I see that you are mingling." She said to Guinevere. She nod. "So the gossips are true?"

"What gossip?" she ask.

"That you are dating one of the famous boy in Mystical Academy." She stated it. I wish that Guinevere is dating me.

"No," Guinevere said and look at me. "What are you doing here?"

"To pick you up, milady."

"Oh, how sweet. Go on now."

Guinevere walk as I followed her from her back. We went to the ladies dormitory room and our food is already settled and the movie is settled. We started eating while watching The Forest. Some of the scenes are really shocking. That the girls screams but she doesn't. Her eyes are just surprised. My back feels really itchy so I remove my uniform and tell Davin to put ointment again on my back and he did while I am sitting behind Guinevere.

"What's wrong with you, Clarence?" Rosy ask.

"Allergies, I guess. My back is always itchy and sometimes, burning and my back is always in pain."

"Oh, shit!" we all look at Gibson who is looking at me. "You are dying." I glare at him.

"Death, stop saying those words." We look at Guinevere quizzically. Did he call him death or it is just part of her proposition? She's eating sitting on the floor while her food is on the center table. "It isn't appropriate for that."

"Okay, so what do you suggest to do about his itchy-aching back?" Gibson ask like challenging her. "Kiss him?" they sound that they've known each other for so long. Guinevere stood after she wipe her mouth. Since I am standing behind sofa and the sofa in front of me is empty. She stepped on the sofa and hold on my shoulder. I look up at her as she bent down and press her lips on mine.

I look into her eyes, flushed and surprised. She has no expression of surprised or something, but it was normal. A poker face. She sat back on the floor. "Happy now?" she asked Gibson who snorted and glare at me.

"Is he still breathing?" one of the girls asked.

"I think he's not." Davin behind me speaks. "I never saw him acted like that. Are you fine bro?"

"Je vais bien." I mutter and suddenly the itchiness, pain and burning are gone. "It's gone." I told Davin and they are all surprised except Gibson.

Did she just kiss me?

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