Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 75

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 75 Coronation And Wedding

I wake up because of his touch and I turn to him and smile. He smile as he lean his chin over my arm. He kissed it and rubbed my back.

"I had ready our bath and breakfast. Can we make love again?"

"Of course, but I feel sore."

"Then, I will serve my queen." He pushes the blanket as our nude bodies shows and he carried me to the bathroom. Something e.r.o.t.i.c happened there and romantic that is might not pleasing in other's eyes. But I love him and we have to make lots of heirs and heiress.

"Today is your coronation?!" I shouted when I realized that it is really today.

"Yes, and I am so sorry to tell you that I ask the priest to bound us as wife and husband but it is not grand wedding though. Just a ritual one for you to be my queen."

"That would be fine. We can have lots of weddings when my parents are here, right? Also, I don't want them to set another Queen for you" he smiled at me.

"Thank you love. I really need my Queen to sit beside me. And I won't let that happen. You are my Queen."

"But I shall not show my face. It will be covered."

"Of course," he kiss my shoulders. "I will do everything to protect you."

We ate and I dress carefully as a carriage was sent to us. I had seen how busy people are. And I was in my love's room that become our room and the servant are dressing me with Almira.

"I didn't thought that you rush this gown yet it is still gorgeous as it is." I told Almira where she just giggles.

"Your coronation is his coronation. It should be glamorous as it is."

I feel really nervous. Like something not right is going to happen. It wasn't this coronation but something in the future that is going to happen. I wish to see my love. It's not that I miss him. It is just, whenever I feel nervous he makes me comfortable. The door opens and Andrew enters with those grin on his face. He kissed Almira's hand as he sat on the chair in front of us.

"Wow, look at you. You look like shit. What's with the expression?"

"Don't tease me, Andrew. I feel nervous."

"Like you are going to get married? OH, shit you are going to get married!"

"Stop cussing!"

"I learnt it from you." He took the gr.a.p.es on the table and started eating. "Damn, I also feel nervous on walking you on the aisle like their traditional wedding."

"I and Nick are planning a more formal wedding where my parents and my Mamma and Pap are there."

"Breathe in and breathe out. Patrick will get married next. I don't understand why it is backwards not forwards."

"What?" I ask him as I furrow.

"What I mean is, I should be the one to get married first not the youngest to younger to me." I laugh finally get what he means. The youngest is the first one to get married than the oldest.

"Mine, do you wish us to get married first?" Andrew asked Almira who laugh a little. "What? I can marry you without doubting."

"I am sure of that, Mine. It is just, my brother is the first to get married first. He'll be a King."

"Yeah, so sure. But are you sure that you don't want to have our honeymoon first"

"Andrew!" Almira weaned and throw him her shoe that she swiftly removed from her foot. It hit Andrew on the chest and he took it.

"Mine, I just wanted to" he shut up when he saw how Almira glare at him. "Yeah. I'm sorry." She really can tamed heart and mood even without using her voice. Are they calling each other Mine? Wow, that was something. He walk toward her and put her shoes on.

"Last time I check, I don't want to witness you guys making out." I sat on the chair frustratingly as the designer started putting some makeup on my face. I don't know how to use cosmetics here or where they get it but I think it is from the natural resources. Than in the Outsideworld, where they put lots of chemicals on it.

Almira put a beautiful tiara that will cover my marks like the way my Mamma put on me after she braid my hair. I wear my mother's amulet. The one she gave to me before I left. It was really meant for me because the name is behind the amulet. Adhiti. She knows that she will born to a Goddess of Universe and she has to give me away, away from those dark shadows of my brother. Speaking of him, I haven't saw him again but I can feel his presence around.

I didn't thought that the coronation will be this grand. The people and Lords of the Era are here, nobles and even commoners are outside. Andrew escorted me on the aisle as Nicholas is waiting with the priest that will bound us and will crown us. The priest say lots of things and Nicholas vow to me his love and loyalty to the people. And mostly he vow his love to me. I vow my love to him and to serve him as my husband.

Loud applause had been made and cheering. I search for Andrew and he is with Almira. He is grinning from ear to ear. We sat on the throne for the King and the Queen as we received the gifts. My guardian is there wearing a cloak to cover his wings. He bow to us.

"My King, My Queen, my oath, I am here to give my gift for the Queen." It is covered in a red velvet cloth and it is a box. A deep box.

"My warrior, thank you for coming." I told him. He walk forward as he gave me the box.

"I good message from my voyage." My eyes widens and a jolt of excitement runs on my veins. I unfold the cloth and it is a chest. I open it and my eyes widens.

"Thank you, let's talk alone later." I told him in very low voice. I look at Nick who is smiling at me as he hold my hand to comfort me.

"Yes, my Goddesses." He mutter. I can't believe that he found a golden egg of the dragon. Fera must be with them already.

After giving us gifts, the performance had present and it amuses me on the music and their performances. Nick squeezes my hand and implying something. I smiled at him and wink at him. He kisses my palm. The crown on my head is quite heavy. My eyes widens when there's a late arrival of the person that I didn't expect. Mamma.

Everyone stood and bow at her. I stood yet I didn't bow at her. Nick didn't too. She is smiling beautifully like she is still youthful as she looks.

"My angel." She spread her arms and I immediately run to her embraced.

"Oh, Mamma I didn't expect you here."

"How can I not come to my daughter's wedding and coronation?" she pushed me a little to face me. "You are so beautiful behind those covers of yours."

"Thank you, Mamma."

"I am so sorry that your father is not here with me. Or your mom and dad but I have a gift for my darling." She pulls a pouch and it was a golden long chain and a heart shape amulet. "Your father made this when he know about you." She put it on me. "Remember us my angel, even I am not beside you." I open the amulet which turns out to be the locket and it was my Mamma's portrait and my Pap. And outside it is carved letters of Our Love for you.

"Thank you, Mamma. I love you."

"Oh, my darling. I love you more."

She turn to Nick that is now a Prince. She smiled and a servant is with her holding something that is covered in clothing.

"King Nicholas of Era, I gave you my gift." Another servant pulls out the cover and it is a double edged sword. Nick's eyes widens as he took it. "Pull the sword," Nick pull the sword from the case and the sword is made of gold. "This claymore is made of dragon's golden shell." She glanced at Luther who she nods. "It is a sword that can kill shadows, to protect your Goddesses and your love." Nick put it back and he kneel one knee as he is leaning it down and he is holding it with two hands.

"Thank you, Princess Amanda."

"Don't thank me King Nicholas, I thank you and will thank you for saving our lives and in the future to save these people."

The celebration goes on and I am very happy and very free while we are dancing. We went outside to visit the people while riding on the carriage. They bow to us and some of the people shouts and kneel. I heard their silent prayers inside my head. Some of them knows that I am a Goddess.

"They love you," I told Nick. He smiled at me nervously.

"I thought that they won't."

"King Nicholas!" he look at the direction of the group of people. He wave at them.

"Oh, they are the vendors who sell fresh seafood. I always bought big shrimps from them for our meals."

"They love you too." I told and wave at them.

"Hail King Nicholas! Hail Queen Adhiti!" they chanted it. "Long live the King and the Queen!"

"Wow, they are amazing." I told him as I hold my hand. One thing that caught my eyes is a man standing few paces smirking. Our eyes met and I know that it is not good that I see him again. Abyss.

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