Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 79

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 79 Fera's Egg

I walk to the veranda holding the egg that is covered in the velvet cloth. I climb up on the marble par.a.p.et and look down to see the height. We were in the fourth floor of the castle. I call the wind with me and felt Phrixus' presence. I jump down as the vines of the earth catches me and lead me to Phrixus that is on the wide lawn.

We went on the fire pit as I sat there and woods are around us. Phrixus blows fire on me. The heat of the fire wasn't a burning pain but the feeling was cozy and a relief. Luther keep those woods around us as I also heat the egg. Phrixus need to breath for five minutes and to blow us fire again.

"Stay back!" Luther warned and when I turn to his direction it was Aaron who look baffled. He bow at me with one knee. He removed his cloak and gave it to Luther.

"I apologize for interrupting. I have to make sure that the knights are patrolling well."

"It's alright, Aaron. I want you to facilitate the castle and list down the problems and make a solution on it. I won't be here in few days. Nicholas will visit the towns and other castles in Era."

"As you wish, my Queen. I will report everything to you when you arrived."

"Thank you." I breathed and concentrate on heating the egg. Instead of it melting. It is slowly breaking. I remember few of Odessi's memories, when a dragon is still inside the egg, the golden egg won't melt. When it is an empty shell it will start melting if it was directed on the fire.

"I know that you could do that." The familiar voice. I turn my head to see smiling George. "You are now the mother of dragons since Odessi is inside you."

"How do you know that?" I ask him.

"Because, my niece, I was gifted by you back then. When the Earth and universe are still young. I am devoted to serve you, my Goddess."

"What gift that I gave to you?"

"To know the lies within the truth and the truth to be played inside my mind. Like a vision, but different from others." I nod my head.

"Thank you, Uncle. For being trustworthy."

"You can count on me. However, my child, I am afraid that things that you see and witness in future might break you. And I oath to you, that if you break, I will be there to protect you while you are gathering yourself."

"I believe in you. I shall not break and if I did, I shall do everything to gather myself." I told him.

"That's my girl." He bow and left. I don't know what the deal with George is but he's been true all this time to me. Sure, he has to disguise and I am happy that I was surrounded by people whom I could trust and whom I love.

Just like what I saw in Game of Thrones, Daenerys Stormborn burn herself on the big pyre of her husband together with the eggs and the witch. I don't have time now, I have to hatch this egg that has never been hatched for centuries. This egg will bring back the dragons and end slavery and I believe in that.

It is started breaking, slowly and I heat it again with my embrace. I don't know how long we've been burning the egg but I can feel numbness on my legs and my nude body. My robe has been burnt hours ago and ashes and the fire is covering me.

I can hear the cracking and slowly a head popped out from the small hole of the egg and a cry of the adorable baby dragon. I felt a cloth on my shoulder and the egg breaks and the baby dragon growls more like cute wails showing how strong she is.

"Blaze." I mutter. Her name is Blaze. I smiled when she crawls on my arm. Her claws are quite sharp like a pin however, she didn't even hurt me by it. Her head is the color of fire and her small ears are flapping. Phrixus move his gigantic face to his daughter and the baby dragon jumped into his muzzle up to his head.

I suddenly feel tired and exhausted. Luther extended his hand to me as I took it and shake a little trying to stand up. My limbs are numb and Luther covered me the cloak well as he took me to his arms.

"We shall voyage to Hydor in two hours. Rest, eat and regain your energy and make sure that Phrixus and Blaze will be safe." My eyes are starting to fall and my head is aching.

"I will take her." I heard his voice that suddenly make me feel safe and happy. His worried caring voice so sultry when I felt his embrace, the familiar scent of my love. I forcibly open my eyes to look at him. His hair disheveled and he look like a s.e.xy man that just wakes up. "Love, I don't know how to do things here. I don't want to be away from you." He mutters as he gently kiss my head.

"Hmmm I have to leave you have to leave." I whisper sleepily. "Have you seen Blaze?"

"Yes love, she is lovely. After I visit the town, I will help you find Phrixus's Queen. I will leave the castle to Aaron's hand for a while."

"I will sleep I feel tired."

I thought I was asleep yet half of my consciousness is awake and I feel a warm water and the smell of roses. Skin to skin and I felt his heartbeat beating at my back as he gently massage my skin rubbing it as it soothed me.

"Love" I mutter.


"Please promise me that you will love me and never give the same love you give to another woman."

"I will you are my soul and I don't know how to give the same love to another woman."

"I'm sorry if I sound selfish."

"No my love. You are not that selfish. You just wished to have me with you always, and I wanted that."

"Love makes my brother evil. I remember few of my memories in my father's paradise or they called Aboveworld."

"No love, obsessiveness and insecurity did. Fear and unfaithful love did. All of those negatives can make a person evil."

I was so sleepy that I didn't feel that he already dressed me up and he is kissing my head, telling me how much he love me. It was his goodbye to voyage to the town that he concerned about.

"You'll be safe love." I mutter.

"I will and you too. Aaron will manage the castle while we are both off."

I had fallen asleep yet, I feel like lifted up from my bed and there's the light taking me above I don't know where but it sound familiar to me. My soul feel so excited yet nervous. The gigantic door opens for me and white people what I mean is people in all white clothing's, beautiful yet very simple dresses.

They all smiled at me and bow their head.

"Sister..." I blink yet I am walking in the aisle while they have their own businesses. The guys with big beautiful wings like Luther bows at me, with their fists over their chest holding their spears.


I still can't believe that I am a Goddess. It just felt like yesterday or last night that I feel so childish in Nicholas's arms. On the very end a big man sitting on the throne I cannot see his face because of the light but I know who he is my Father. The one who make me as his own to protect and help him with his work. I was the first born of father yet have the youngest mind. I remember. Abyss was the second born. Yet I was the child-like, very cheerful and loving sister among of all.

"My daughter, you came." I stare into his beautiful face that cannot be describe with words. He was just perfect and he look younger among of us.


"Yes, my dear." He stood from his throne and walk toward me without any shoes. No one of us are wearing shoes and our clothing here are just plain cloth. "It worried me too much that you won't be able to visit me."

"I'm sorry father."

"No worries my dear." He spread his arms and I run to his embrace. "Remember that I am always by your side and I never deserted you. I never deserted my daughters and sons."

"I will always remember that father."

"Now, my daughter, do you wish to meet all of your brothers and sisters. Your memories might come back and remember few of them?"

He did bring me to each of the rooms of my brothers and sisters and I remember few of them having beautiful happy memories. We were all joyful, youthful and mostly contented. Everyone are at work and listen to people's prayers. The darkness had always been there keep stealing souls as they bring it down to hell. Yes, in Catholic, or Christian whereas according to their scriptures, a fallen angel had been punished and become a darkness and evil of his own and he bring people's souls down to his hell for his punishment.

It wasn't a fallen angel though, the darkness has always been there even before Abyss the God of Abyss, chooses darkness. The God of Abyss is the one who give darkness and infinity and it was important somehow to build the world that we created and the Universe I created. I was Universe but I can never be Universe without their help. I was born as Adhiti having a compassion and love to everyone.

My father first created a man and a woman, they are immortals and they live in the paradise with their needs. Just like Adam and Eve. However, they never been banished because, father created us first before them. We are his soul, his mind, his intelligence, his everything. And we created a place for them to live. We are not created just to mingle because every one of us are at work. The Gods and Goddesses are at work, always and they never deserted people that my father created down the earth.

My father take me to the beach that I had never imagine, that would be beautiful, peaceful and most of all, hard to describe the beauty. The sun was bright giving the whole beach a boost of energy to see the beauty. It was like the Paradise of happiness.

"It is so beautiful here, I wish to never leave this place."

"You can choose my dear. Leave the earth and people down there and be with us. You belong here."

"But," first thing comes into my mind is Nick. He will get worried sick on me. And I have to find the dragons and I have to find out what's going on down there. The mystical academy comes into my mind and my sister was there. Soul. She has to get the missing soul and find out their evil plan. "My love, my parents the one who conceive me with love of her mate my brothers, my friends and the parents who take care of me while I am growing giving eternal love. I cannot leave them."

"Of course, my dear. You can always be here whatever you wish. It was your freedom to choose what you think is right."

"I have brothers and sisters down there."

"Yes. They wished to be there and born by mortals to do their work and what's best for them." I nod with smile. I am not alone. I heard coming footsteps in the warm sand and turn to see my sisters, Fire, Water or Aqua, Earth and Air. They are always with me.

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