Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 80

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 80 Attraction


I didn't thought that I could sleep heavily because of her on my side. I wake up contented, happy and full. I wish that it is always like that. I wish that happiness would never be pain and tears. She seemed sleeping heavily and it is already five in the morning. I have to get ready to drive back to the town where my parents are living. I got tons of text from my mom, the one who loved me though we are not related by blood.

I call her and I know that she is already getting ready to prepare a breakfast. She's an event planner and my dad is a businessman. They work together and both happy. They served delicious tasty food, better than foods in the Insideworld, well, my foods there are not that high class because I was a bastard. Just like before, slavery and discrimination had never leave people's lives.

"Good Morning, Mommy!"

"Hey, hon, you sound really good huh. Is your back stop hurting and stop from getting all itchy?" she greet cheerfully and at the same time worried.

"All is well, mom. Last night I got a very high fever"

"Damn! You should've called me!"

"Mom, I am fine now. Someone take care of me." A smile crept on my lips unconsciously like it was plastered there.

"Not Davin." She stated. I shook my head and sometimes, I think that she can read my mind but she's just intuitive. "Oh! Care to tell me!"

"Mom, you know that I fool around with girls but this one is quite different. She's from my childhood." I mutter. I told her everything that's why I am telekinetic. I told her that I was from the Insideworld that sound so silly but she believed in me when she witnessed something supernatural from me.

"In the Insideworld?"

"Yes. I oath to protect her like warriors did back to their chteau."

"Bring her here, anak! What foods does she like? I am planning something really special for our dinner." She called me anak which means son or daughter or the more precise word is for child. Anak was a word of Filipinos. Yes, they were Filipinos and they have the same great dream and they studied here and find each other like they are soulmates. But they never had a child on their own. My mom got pregnant two times yet both of it are dead already before even born.

"She's French mom."

"Ohh I love French. I will find a suitable recipe and bring that one here." She chimed, cheerfully. "Morning, darling!" I heard dad on the line. "Clarence is bringing a girl." And I heard my dad on the other line sounding like a dog. Excited! I giggle and hear their kisses.

"If she's beautiful and you had fallen, you should make a technique that she cannot resist!" my dad mentioned. Here he goes again. I am glad that I have loving parents like them though I am not from my dad's seed and my mom's w.o.m.b.

"Okay, okay. You shall meet her. I will have to take a bath because, we have a long drive for today."

After I had taken a cold bath and put towel around my h.i.p.s, still wet from bath, I walk outside to see that my bed was clear and Guinevere wasn't there anymore. I look at the side where Davin is sleeping. I walk toward him and shook his arm. His brows are furrowed and he is sweating really cold. He's having a vision. I can't wake him because he has to finish it. So I went to the fridge and fetch him glass of water and a can of orange juice and put it on the side table.

After I am fully dressed up in my white polo shirt and denim jeans, I started messing my wet hair and glance at him on the mirror in front of me. He look like a zombie and he took the water and drank it all. He took the orange juice and drank it all with a long burp.

"So, care to tell me?" he look at me with those lazy eyes and slump back on the bed.

"The world will die." He mutter. I turn to him and cross my arms under my chest. "Adhiti, she will break." He murmurs with sigh.

"It is a warning, we have to stop it."

"We cannot stop it, it is a vision of a sequence that is going to happen and the only thing we can do is to make a move to help so that the world wouldn't die. Just like what happened to Marissa and Patrick. They are fine now, though it is not the exact thing happened it will still happen in other way the same thing dying killing."

"Okay, please record it if you are already well. I will bring my mom's specialty just for you. Your favorite."

"Sure. I will be with Gibson and I am sure that the girls are planning to shop. Better go to Guinevere, and take her out of here." How does he know about that? Does he have a vision of me and her? "Love, love, love" he murmurs and laugh like a mental. Seriously, I don't understand him right at this moment.

I went to girl's dormitory and ignore few girls giggling, walking directly to her room. I sneak in and found no one but two pieces of clothing silk a sleeping gown on the floor. The room was quite dark because the sun hasn't fully raised. I sat comfortably on the couch and lean my head to relax.

I put my elbows on the arms of the comfortable couch and felt a cloth that is not a velvet of the couch. It was a towel. The door opens and my eyes widens on the walking, Goddess, bare feet n.a.k.e.d, waters dripping from her body as she walk toward the closet back from me. She might not know that I am here.

I search my eyes around her back and her wet dangling long hair. No, marks and lines. All toned, radiant and fair. I never such a beauty in my life and that beautiful buttocks of her is to die. I shook the idea, stood and took the towel while she is scanning her closet. I think my heart is pounding and I put the towel around her and held it in her front. She hold it but she holds my hand.

I have to say that it turns me on and my whole body is harden.

"Sorry for not knocking." I breathed and my breath hitches. Damn, I wish to see her front. I only got a glimpse of her front. "I am here to pick you up not to pervert-tize you."

"That's not a word." She told and I slipped off my arms from her as I took another dry towel and gather her hair as I dry it gently. "What are you doing?"

"Serving my lady."

"Things like this are not yours to serve. I am self-service."

"Damn. Why do you make me aroused?"

"Because you had seen a maiden n.a.k.e.d."

"II" I shudder. "I will wait outside if you wanted."

Without her words or demand, I walk outside her door. I look at both sides of the hall and breathed heavily my legs feels jelly and my beloved thing down there is really turned on. You know, man are easily to get aroused with that nude body so perfect so beautiful in front of them.

I close my eyes pushing away those moment a while ago. Damn, how can I not let it out from my mind? When I felt someone stopped in front of me, that's when I open my eyes to see Carmina with her brow raised and crossed arms in front of her chest.


"Are you and Guinevere together?" I blink. Are we together? I wish.

"No. Not really." I found myself answering.

"Not really, huh?"

"Go away."

"I can't go away, you know. This is our dormitory and you should be the one to be kicked out from here."

"I am waiting for mademoiselle."

"You sound like her slave or some kind of assistant, are you?"

"Well, it sound like that. I am her warrior and it is I am to serve and protect her."

"Really? I don't know those things are."

"It is in our world just please, leave me alone Carmina. Go find someone else to bug in. Oh, you can bug Davin, he is free, yet resting in our room."

She flip her hair and roll her eyes.

"Yeah, whatever!" she left me and I was alone again.

I lean on the wall and pushed my head on it. I wanted to pound it on the wall until I forget on what happened a while ago. I got startled when the door open and her heavenly smell arouses me more. When I turn to her, we look eye to eye at each other. She's always looking at me directly to eyes. Damn, I wanted to kiss her and strip those beautiful clothes of her. A white top that is inserted into a flowery knee length skirt that shows her long s.e.xy legs. I wish to kiss her instantly.

"You wish to kiss me." Not a question, but a statement. I blink, does she really read my mind?

"Can I?" I asked her.

"No." she answer coldly and walk off. I followed her like her tail down the stairs. Her hair is braided into a Dutch braid they say long and big. I was about to hold her hand when she pull it up. "No." she said coldly with a glare while we are walking.

"I'm sorry." I utter sincerely. "I didn't knock and"

"I don't mind anyone seeing me n.a.k.e.d." She said it without hesitation. A blurt and she doesn't care that some can hear. "It is natural to me, but not in people's mind."

"Yeah, I get it." I feel my cheeks flushes. Why am I flushing?

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