Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 89

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 89 Promise Kiss 1


I was about to leave to the Academy to save my twin sibling. But an owl flew and turns into a mare. I was surprised to see Artemis. My mare. I hug her and she wrapped her neck on me and I listen to her message from Althea. Althea was with my twin siblings they are safe for now.

"Thank you, Artemis." I whisper and kisses her nuzzle. I had learn from Artemis that Althea was an apprentice of the God of SKy that was also called Thunder, Lightning and Rain. I smiled and turn back to my husband. He is ready to welcome the new people of Era.

I walk toward her and wrapped my arm around him. I inhale his mint scent as I felt his warm arms around me and his sweet kiss on top of my head.

"Love, can we go together to meet them?"

"Yes, my handsome King." He giggle and push me a little and scoop my cheek to kiss my lips. But someone stop him from kissing me, it's Andrew smack him from his back and put his arms around him. I frown at Andrew.

"So, are we going or are you guys going to do that kissy-kissy thing again?"

"We are going now." Nicholas said aloud as a command and he kiss my lips. "I love you, however we are still going to welcome our new people."

"I know."

Luther came and landed in front of us. He bow at us and I smiled at him. Since Fire wasn't with me, there's no fluttering happens or lovey dovy feeling. I and Nick rode on our horses, I prefer riding on horses than on carriage. The wind passes to us as we make the horse run not too fast not too slow. The knights of the Era are around helping the children and the women on few of things.

The people bow at us and I nodded. Nick get down from his horse and I twist my body and hop down as he caught me. Luther stood next to me as we walk closer to the said King of their little tribe. Nick and I walk toward him and he bow to us.

"King Nicholas and Queen Adhiti of Era." The Commander announced and my King told him not to say anything else besides of that. No other things and all.

"Your Majesties." He bow at us. Nick bow to him as well and I curtsied.

"Lord Yuri." I smiled. He offer his hand and I took it as he kisses my knuckles.

"My Goddess, I always know that you will come to us."

"Thank you for waiting." I took my hand and hold my husband's.

"Everyone are gathered here to help the new people of Era to build their houses. I swore an oath to my Goddess, my love, that I will protect those people who need protection, and those who wanted to find light again." Nicholas told him very politely and a little bit of kingly like.

"Thank you, your Majesty. I wish to be on your council, if you don't mind. So I'll make sure that my people will have the same rights with your people and make sure that they are safe here in your Kingdom."

"I wanted to make it clear to you, Lord Yuri that I seek no war and I don't want you to feel that I am using you to increase my knights. Your people are my people now. I gave the same safety, the same rights and the same thing I am giving to my people. When I become a King, though I don't wanted to, it is because of my love who truly make me to be a better man before I am."

"I hope that you are true to your words, King Nicholas."

"And I hope that staying here will make you truly understand my motives. Shall we start the celebration?"

I could kiss my love right now. Good things keep happening yet bad things came along with good things. I look at Luther still worried about my brother and sister outsideworld. We rode to the castle and the feast had started. Luther was beside me walking as the horse that I am riding was walking as well.

"Any progress my warrior?"

"Your brother, Patrick had reached other tribes with your father Darius and with Lord Calixe."

"I hope that they'll be safe there."

"I'm sure that they will." He give me a piece of paper. "Hermes wrote for you."

Once that they reach the castle, I left to pavilion with Luther as I open the letter from Hermes, the grandfather of my brothers and my foster parent's father.

Queen of Era, I would like to say thank you for all of the effort you are making. I would like to say thank you for making a Kingdom better. Our voyage back there will be delayed for a while. I had sent few of my people, so that I won't starve everyone. Please help them. We are waiting for others and I send few of my trusted men to help your father gather others before the great darkness is coming. Have an always safe travel for your search.


"Delayed?" I mutter. I exhales and look at Luther. "When the celebration is done, we could search deeper."

"Yes, my Goddess."


I felt lighter than before. I felt like lots of things was being pulled from me. I recall everything that happened. Lancelot took away the darkness and kill it with his bare hand for me. I put on the clothing that was given to me by Guinevere. Their bathroom look familiar and unfamiliar to me. There's a round thing that is called shower where water comes out from it. Warm and cold, depend on the liking of the skin.

Everything seemed new to me but I somehow like it. I put the dress that Guinevere gave to me, there's no sleeve on it just a thin strap that hangs on my shoulders. I put on the denim jacket that has a hood and buttons as I go out with a comfortable closed shoes that they called.

"Are we going to leave back to the Insideworld?" Lancelot ask sitting at the edge of the bed.

"You can go back there." He let his back fall on the bed that seemed comfortable. Yet I don't want a bed. I stayed on the electric thing that blows a warm wind, that Guinevere said a heater.

"I can't." I frown at him and took the warm drink that they provided us.

"What's stopping you?"

"The kiss that you promised me." He smiled boyishly at me.

"I didn't promised anything." I have to deny that. I didn't promise anything but I just say that I'll give him one. Damn, this is making my hands sweat. I saw in my peripheral vision that he sat up and frown at me.

"You say to me that you'll give me a kiss"

"Did I say that I promise to do? I only said it to get those monsters out of this area."

He groan irritably complaining and roll on the bed. I exhales rolled my eyes and sipped on the chocolate drink that they gave to me. I got startled when I felt a fluffy thing hit me on the back. It wasn't painful. It felt just like a cloth that has been hit on me.

I glare at him and pick the round fluffy thing. It was like a small fluffy ball. I squeeze it and look at him sharply. I lifted it and throw it hard on him. It hit him on his chest and it bounce like it was nothing. He laugh at me childishly. Why is he doing this? Why does he sound so childish?

"It is not funny, Lord Lancelot!" I scowl at him. He hands up and the door opens as a winged man enter. He's half n.a.k.e.d and he tried to get in but his wings couldn't fit in. "You have to get in in sideways." I told him. He nodded and stepped back, getting in sideways. He furled and unfurled his wings and stretch his arms.

"What are you doing here?" Lancelot asked.

"I am here to get you guys down to the hall. The dinner is served." Something makes a loud noise, sounds like a violin. Lancelot look at the flat rectangular thing on the side table as the lights on it keep blinking.

"What is that?" Lancelot asked.

"That's called cell phone." Clarence the winged man took it and slip his thumb on it and put it on his ear. "Clarence," he nodded and look at me. "It's Guinevere, she's just checking if you had given the kiss that Lancelot deserve to have." Lancelot's face lightens and he make a sad smile at him.

"She haven't given me. She's denying it all." Clarence look at me and I glower at him.

"Babe, Althea is denying it. What should I do?... Oh, locked them in here? Until Althea had given her promised? Babe, that's really sweet of you. What if they get starve here?" that's really, really not a good thing to do. I stood taking my bow and arrow as I walk toward the door. But Clarence stepped on the way to the door and unfurled his wings. "Guinevere said that it's not good to deny the promise you make. On their House, they never broke any promises, even you are a slave, a bastard or a simpleton."

I exhales. He's right. I look at Lancelot who look all innocent, like he was the victim. Clarence took something after he furled his wings. I walk toward Lancelot, stood in front of him and spread his arms.

"I'll be going." Clarence left closing the door.

"Aren't you going to kiss me?"

"Move away from the bed." I walk toward the middle of the room away from bed. Afraid that if we fall, he might not get off from me. He did stood and fix the sweater that Clarence gave to him. He caress my hair.

"Let's not do this. I wanted you to kiss me in the way that you won't regret that moment. It feels like you've been pressured because of what Clarence told you."

"So you don't want it?"

"I want it. Maybe later when you are not pressured. Just let me now." He walk toward the door and open it. He c.o.c.k his head. "Leave your bow and arrows. No one is going to hurt us here." I did left it on the corner. I leave my knife brace that is wrapped on thigh.

I walk outside and he followed me. Carmina, the girl that seemed like Lancelot a lot walk with us and greet us. I only nodded and walk as they talk. She talk flirtatiously to him. I ignore them as Carmina lead us to the dining hall. There are lot of students murmuring talking silently.

Almost all of them look at our way. The table has full of foods and Lancelot pulls a chair and Carmina sat down. I pull a chair for myself that is next to Davin and sat down.

"Thank you, Lancelot." Carmina even flashes her eyelashes on him.

"Alright," Gibson mutter. "Now let's pray silently on our own. Use your own religious or whatnot."

I close my eyes and hold my hands as I pray silently about my thanks to the Gods and Goddesses. That they give me another life to live and to serve to them and to the people. I pray that my brother would always do what is right and keep loving his people. I pray that all the kings would do the same to fight darkness and show the people who are in darkness their light.

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