Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 94

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 94 Rising Of Death 1


I didn't think twice on running into Hydor's Kingdom. Their knights didn't even bother blocking us, where they bow down to me. That's right, bow down because if they wouldn't I will burn them. But that didn't seemed right. That's not me, I am just mad on what they did to Serina.

"Queen of Era."

"Goddess of Universe." I corrected him.

"Goddess Adhiti," I can hear the hint of bitterness. "What can I do for you?" King Whales asked it nicely but his expression is tighten, annoyed and afraid? I smirk on the thought that he's afraid of me, but not too afraid to do the right thing.

"What did you do to my Serina, Goddess of Water?" I can see hint of anxiousness. He had something to do with it. His hand is trembling a little and he hold it together. I slowly bit my lower lip seducing Prince Wade a little and my eyes turns to Princess Wendy whose eyes are all wide.

Wendy immediately look away sipping on her wine nervously. Blaze perch on my shoulders and her heat calms me. I breathed and gently untighten my fist.

"I do not understand your accusation, Goddess." King Whales mutter.

"You do not understand?" I mimic his accent that sounds a little like Indian accent. I breathed and gripped on the handle of my sword on my waist. "I am so tired that I could kill someone."

"Shall I prepare a room for your accommodation?" he offer. I glanced at my Guardian behind me. He was worried, I know what he feels. His protection is very important. I am very important to him. He is ready to die just to save me.

"I will be delighted." I gave him an assuring smile, since it was already dark outside, I could use to rest while investigating. The King relaxes as he order a room for me and for my Guardian. "I wanted my Guardian to be with me, he's not comfortable being away from me in this kind of situation." The King nodded as the servants to bring foods and drinks to my room. "And no poison." I added.

My Guardian can smell poison and can see it. It is one of his affinity to protect his Goddess's mortal body. I sat on the comfortable chair and the servants gave me a goblet of water. I drank and sigh again.

"You have to relax too, Luther." The servant gave him a water. He look through it and drank it. "I don't know how to handle things here" I mutter as soon as the servants left. "Did you see how my sister's died?" he bow his head.

"I'm sorry, Goddess. I only feel it, but I never had visions of their deaths."

"Just call me on my name please or your majesty that's better than Goddess." I mutter and he pour me a wine. I sipped on it. I started drumming my fingers on my knees thinking of a solution. I am not that intelligent but I can do something.

They killed my sisters and I have to find out who they are. One, I had seen the bald man with marks on his head. He's one of my target. Then, Eliza, I don't know but she has to do something about this. I don't know how long she lived but something wasn't right.

"Do you know Eliza?" I ask him. "Have you seen her?"

"I do not know a name Eliza, your majesty." I bit my lower lip and take a strawberry to my mouth. "Take a sit and relax for a bit. I have to think of something." He did making a little noise. Instead of sitting on an arm chair, he move a bench and sat there with his hands on his knees. "Is anyone spying on us?" I ask him. He close his eyes and concentrate. He is using his Guardian affinity to feel others presence.


"How can you do that?"

"I can feel other's soul, since I had been on Soul's and Death's realm." I smiled satisfied.

"Good." I close my eyes and called Air, Fire, Aqua and Earth. I look at Luther who look mesmerized to see their presence in form of their own.

"My Goddesses." Luther immediately kneel one knee with his open palm in front of his heart, as he bow his head.

"Luther!" Aqua's childish voice is the first one who acknowledge him.

"Luther," the twin bow acknowledge him. Well, Zoeira and Aryanna are not totally twins in the Realm of Aboveworld. They are twins in this world.

"Shall we start to discuss something?" Fire speak and I can see that Luther responded on her voice.

"Sit and relax my friend." I told Luther, he did and put his hands on his knees. I face my sisters, where Serina comes from the water of the pitcher, Zoeira in the petals and leaves of the flowers on that vase, Aryanna is from a swirling wind and Odessi from the fireplace in the form of fire.

"What is this all about, Adhiti?" Earth ask.

"Can you show me Eliza's portrait so it is easy for Luther to know her?" I asked exasperatedly. The four looked at each other seeking for answers. "I don't know how to draw!" I scowl.

"Why won't you take Luther to your memories?" Odessi ask. I blink for a moment.

"Can I do that?" Quizzical, I excitedly circle my fingers on the round mouth of the wine glass.

"Sure you can, you are the Goddess of Universe, yet not the Goddess of Memories." Serina told. "First you have eat first and relax, don't make your Guardian worried on you, also your King." I nod and sipped on the wine and started eating.

"Thank you. What else?"

"After showing him what you see, you might get dizzy and else collapsed." I glanced at Fire who is caressing Blaze. Blaze seemed mesmerized and happy to feel her presence. "What a beautiful one" she even kisses it. And blaze jump to Luther and kisses his lips. Oh, that's very touchy. I can see those sparkly love between them.

I shook the distraction and focus on eating and relaxing and they left. I glanced at Luther who is still mesmerized and the smile that crept on his lips was priceless. I am relax and I have to give him my memories of Eliza. I stood and called him to the bed in the big shell. I sat there and he kneel in front of me.

"I will only gave glimpse of her. Tomorrow, we have to make a move."

"I do as what you commanded." I close my eyes and think of Eliza the first time we met and the second time we met as Catastrophe. I showed him few of it. It feels like hailstorm inside my head. Giving me nausea. Followed by darkness.

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