Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 95

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 95 Rising Of Death 2


Aching head, yet happy. As I turn to my right, a white n.a.k.e.d back makes me smile. I crawl closer to her as I gently kiss her shoulders. Last night was very e.r.o.t.i.c, passionate powerful feeling to be loved by her.

"Baby," I called her. I just realized that it was the phone ring that wakes me up. I kissed her hard on head as I slipped off from bed, looking for my pants and my phone, when I got it, I immediately answer the call from Gibson. "Yeah?" I mutter as I stood walking back to bed to cuddle on my baby. She's a heavy sleeper and it won't wake her up.

"Where's my sister?"

"Sister?" I asked him. "Are you wrong dialed?"

"Oh, sorry. Where are you? Are you with Guinevere?"

"Yeah?" I pull the satin sheet up to her shoulder.

"This is an emergency, wake her up. Let's all meet in the dining hall." Before I even said a thing, he hang up. I look at Guinevere.

"Baby, you need to wake up. Shall I prepare a warm or chilly bath?"

"Hmmm." Good, she's awake. I glanced on the clock and damn! It is already eleven.

"You have to get up. I will shower." I kiss her temple as I run to her bathroom. I did a quick bath using her mouthwash and wear my clothes from last night. She's still on the bed. "Baby, Gibson is really looking for you. It is an emergency." She open her eyes. "What do you like for breakfast-lunch?" I asked her.

"Anything." She answer coldly, yet I still love her. I kiss her lips as I run out the door.

I take a lot of foods from the buffet, plating it and putting a wine on the wine glass as an appetizer. I waited for her, while the girls are all silent and Davin too. I glanced at Rosy who is watching Gibson flipping furiously the old book in front of him. It looks ancient and dusty.

After few minutes, my sweet mademoiselle arrived wearing a pure white dress that is above knee, showing her bare fair arms, her long hair was quite messy yet she still look s.e.xy. I pull a chair for her and she sat there sipping on the glass of water.

"What's the emergency?" she asked, which is directly to Gibson. He speak in crisp Medieval Latin that they do not understand but I do understand. I do not know why I understand their language. It sounds weird and crazy. I never learn to speak in Latin.

He said about an empty vessel in mortal's body without any soul inside. He talk about like zombie and explained to her half of it. He cursed and sound really mad and talk about the Insideworld. While he is talking a little slowly and carefully, he is looking around if anyone is listening to them. Then he continue explaining about Adhiti how does they know Adhiti? Patrick's sister and the daughter of Princess Amanda. Then, I got distracted from thinking those confusing things when she speaks.

"Then, we shall start our work." She only said as she ate sipping on the wine. The girls are confused as am, but Davin wasn't. "What's the safest place?"

"My home." Gibson told. He never told us about his home or house or his family well a little about his family. "Pack up few things and we shall voyage to my home." He closes the book and stood. Guinevere wiped her lips and stood too. Gibson walk around to Rosy, taking her hand as she walk with him outside.

Anya cleared her throat and sipped on her wine. I look knowingly at her. She cleared her throat and blurted what's on her mind.

"Last night, I caught them on Rosy's bed, f.u.c.k.i.n.g. Damn! I can't believe it!" she stab her fork on the steak. "They didn't even stop doing thatugh! Even then know that I am there wanted to sleep" Danica rubbed Anya's back. She is so frustrated and her face is reddish.

"Yes, I know, honey. Do you want me to punch youyou know if ever you got an amnesia and forget those things."

"Why didn't you took their video?" Carmina asked.

"Hey! That's too much of you guys." Davin speaks. "It is normal for a couple to make love."

"Yes." I agreed with Davin.

"But, take note that they are rivals ever since. And it is hard for us to see them all lovey-dovey." Carmina took my water and drank on it.

"It is a good thing that he's in love. He never been s.e.x.u.a.lly attracted to anyone." Guinevere speaks. The four girls frowns and move closer to her.

"How do you know that?" Guinevere just gave them that expressionless look. Yes. How does she know about that? "You guys just met the time we all met."

"It is not that noticeable right?" she asked. They shook their head.

"You guys, seemed so closed though you just met each other and you know your strength and weaknesses and like everything." Anya said. I nod my head. I look at her and she gaze to my eyes. She finish her wine without cutting her gaze as she gently wipe her lips and kissed my lips. I was stunned for a bit.

"I will pack few of my things. What should I wear?" I blink and smile.

"Just jeans, shirt, underwear, anything comfortable." I told her. "You should finish your food."

"I am full. You finish your food." She said sweetly and leave. I just realized that I am smiling crazily and when I look at those preying eyes in front of me, I stop smiling.

"What?" Davin cleared his throat and damn that man! He knows something yet he didn't even say anything. I know his visions sucks and I guessed that he's been having visions and he is not telling anyone.

"Have you been smiling like a fool dog?" I glare at Carmina's question.

"You know, girls pissed off!" I stood and walk out the dining room. My body just flicked, mostly my back and ribs that makes me fall on my knees and hold on the wall. Something was twisting or moving inside my back painful, like my muscles has been twist my veins, gripping twisting.

"Hey, you okay?" I look up to see one of my exes but I do not remember her name. Damn, it is f.u.c.k.i.n.g painful. I fall on the ground but my arms propped to stop my face from landing on the floor.

"F.u.c.kkk" groaning more and more in pain. Sweating coming out from my forehead and the torture keeps on going and going, my heart palpating. I suddenly feel her presence. Her strong presence, who kneel in front of me gently touching my arm. I look up at her, struggling, trying to contain all of the pain. But it didn't work. "Ugghhrrrr" groaning. She smiled at me.

"It's alright my dear." She scoop my cheeks. Her touch, so light, so healing, lessening the burden on me. Shakily, I hold on her, trying to calm myself

"Let's take him to the clinic." Someone said. I am so dizzy but I tried to be conscious for her. I was like a child who misses his mother for not seeing for years, who hugged her tight.

"Don't leave me" I mutter, all over again and again.

"He's not dying, right?" familiar voice again. I close my eyes relaxing myself as I embrace her. The pain is slowly dying, yet I feel stiff, tired and hurt.

I was dragged by Gibson and Davin wishing that they won't sent me to clinic. I felt a bouncy thing, soft and comfortable. I felt a cold thing on my hand, realizing that it was a glass of water. I shakily drank on it, throwing back my head and look up to see Davin and Gibson over me.

"Hiya there!" Davin grin. Why is he grinning? Why are both of them grinning? I almost died there and I am suffering.

"How you feeling?" Gibson asked.


"Oh, I can say that you are not dying, by the way." Gibson. Damn, I hate his voice. I heard that sultrys.e.xysweet voice of my baby, her caress on my head. She's above me smiling.

I hesitated to give my key to Davin. I hold the remote and the shining key tightly looking down at it. Nervousness, helplessness anxiousness. F.u.c.k! I don't want anyone touch my gorgeous baby.

"Just give it to him, Clarence. You are not able to bring it to the other life." My girlfriend snatch the keys in very fast movement that makes my hand tried to reach it back but she already toss it to Davin who is grinning from ear to ear.

I tried to reach it with my hand but he already open the new made door and hopping in, reaching turning on the engine.

"Why are you obsessed about that thing?" Guinevere confronted me. I gave her a sad look and stare on my beautiful Lamborghini.

"Because, baby, car is like a horse that I never had."

She laugh at me. It give me a little pang of pain that she is thinking that it is just a horse or Lamborghini? It is not just a f.u.c.k.i.n.g Lamborghini because it is LAMBORGHINI and everyone wanted that. And about the horse thingy, I ever wish to rode or have one, but as a bastard, I was like a slave.

Can't use the horses, just to clean them, groom them, feed them that's the least that you can touch it, without riding it. I had rode a horse in this academy and it is one of my favorite time around, yet I never had one. And then, I got this Lamborghini on my birthday before my parents sent me here.

Immediately, the pain gone away when she scoop my cheeks pulling it down to look at her. She is smiling beautifully.

"My dear, you don't need horse or car. Soon you'll enjoy what you will have."

"What is it?" she just smile as she kisses my lips. I immediately responded kissing her deeply, wishing that we are alone so we could make love. Our kiss was interrupted when someone throw a plastic thing on my head. I glare at Gibson who shrugged looking all innocent.

"Sorry. I didn't see you there." I just glower at him, and go back to Guinevere to continue kissing her but I got another bottle of water in my head. "Oh, that too."

"Stop being jealous, Gibson." Guinevere said as she went to the backseat of my Lamborghini. I go with her at the backseat and Anya sit with us. I put my hand on her exposed knees after I buckle her seatbelt.

"Careful of driving my sweet mare." I told Davin who gripped on my beautiful steering wheel. "I just got it fixed."

"Yeah, I will. Just don't make out back there. Or else, I might get loose of concentration. And just for information Lamborghini isn't a mare, it is a bull."

So he started driving while I am leaning to my babylove. Kissing her there and there and there, yet she kept on pushing me. We are quite away from the academy and my anxiousness about the car is gone, but soon as Davin and Anya make an annoying sound of shrieking, I face forward to see two person in the middle of the road.

Wearing white clothing like the one in the mental hospital. The creepiest thing is, Davin almost hit them! F.u.c.k him! Really. I hate my baby being hurt. I am talking about my car and the one beside.

"Shit dude!" I scowl at him. I look at Davin on the mirror, who is all pale looking all horror. I look at the kinds in front of us, they are pale white like coupon bond and very thin.

"There's no soul in them." Guinevere mutter. I do not understand her, but those kids seemed creepy.

They are not totally a kid but teenagers. She removed her seatbelt swiftly. And before I even tell her not to leave, she's already outside. I blink and look at her outside. The only door that we can got out is in the front seats. I told Davin to make me pass and he did gave me.

As I look to Guinevere who look mesmerized, walking slowly to those kids I look directly to the kids and I should say, they look like zombies or something because they are very pale and look dead. I hold Guinevere when I can feel a very strong aura. Something black and evil.

I glare at the kids and they glare back at me. To my surprised, I drag away Guinevere from them. Their eyes are pure white without pupils and they are glowing. Their glow was beautiful, yet deadly. Behind those glow are full of evil and I can feel the terrifying aura of torturous death.

"The shell without a soul." I felt Gibson's aura I do not understand why I have these feelings, if this is somekind of gift, I am glad to have it though it makes me queasy.

Without finishing my gasped, the kids in front of us are gone already. Anya screams and when I turn to them, the boy is already holding Danica's neck, lifting her up. I run toward Danica and the other boy had Rosy's neck. I don't know what to do first, but it seemed like my body has it's own mind, where I hold the boy's arm breaking it from Danica's neck throwing him away.

Gibson lifted his spear in who-knows where it came from, but he stab it directly to the boy that didn't even flinch and let go Rosy. I run in very swift movement, breaking the boy's arm. I throw it away to the gigantic pine trees and look down at Rosy that is still choking from the grasp of the hand on her neck.

"Holy shit." I mutter. The hand is still squeezing Rosy's neck. Still moving though far from the body. Gibson, use his strength to break the fingers. Finally, she grasped an air, sound of squeezing.

When I turn to my Guinevere just to make sure that she's fine, the bright light blinded me.

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