Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 97

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 97 Catastrophe Exist


Truth to be told, I don't know how long we are traveling. Was it a month or just few more days? I glanced at Calixe who is sleeping, while holding the lace on his horse. He does that a lot and he will open his eyes gasping or something. Pulling out a paper and pen asking for a little break and started writing things for an hour. I am the one who always prepare our food.

I already miss my Amanda and my daughter Adhiti. My beauties always appear to my dream, Amanda was visiting me, telling me that she's preparing for our wedding. And when I get back, we will be legal in front of the people.

"Calixe?" I call him. He close his book and swig on his water. The way that we are going is drought.

"Yes, Lord Darius?"

"I'm no Lord."

"Alright. What do you want to ask Darius?"

"Are there yet?" Calixe exhales and laugh, and we both did laugh.

"Soon enough."

"Was it a drought land where my people are?"

"Yes. People there are dying. We need a place for them to live."

"Got it."

"It will be a little tribe, but we are soon going directly to the Sixth Kingdom after them."

"Can we send birds or somethings to them?"

"No. We can't. That's now we convince those people. Those people hate the five Kingdoms. Those people are devoted to the Gods and Goddesses. Those people know what really is happening. And those people, are the witness of the history that was never revealed on books."

"Do you mean that most of them are old people?"

"Older than the Kings." It makes my eyes widens. "Most of them."

"Older than the birth of the four Goddesses?"

"Yes." Calixe open his small book. "I wanted to read this to you. This will be the next prediction and I, the Foreteller trust you."

"Sure. Calixe."

The Anger of a Goddess wasn't mistaken

The love she gave become wasted

The love she gave can be replaced

It was betrayal, pain, and vengeance

Catastrophe will shook the whole world

The world that Adhiti and the Gods and Goddesses made

Because of Abyss's desire for her

Her King, will become an empty shell as her soul become a prisoner

"Are you telling me that Catastrophe really exist?" Now this is crazy. This thing will happen. This thing will really, really happen.

"She exist, inside Adhiti."

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