Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 3 Chapter 98

Volume 3: Soul And Death Chapter 98 Soul's Light 2


"I shouldn't hold myself." Gibson speaks through the speaker of Clarence's car while they are driving ahead of them.

"I told you, I don't want to hold you. You should've just spank him right into his butt." She told her twin brother. "Those vessels are no ordinary creation or experimentation of him."

"Those kids actually died in academy." Davin told. "Leona, the headmistress put something on them. Like it was a medication or something. I haven't seen what they are actually doing, but as I see in Adhiti's memories before she got caught in action and was killed by those monsters. The kids has bruises on their arms."

"What else?" she asked. She has to know. "What happened to Adhiti?"

"She got killed and push off into a cliff. She was saved by her mother and her uncle, George who she said had an Asperger's syndrome and that's all happens back then.

"Can I ask something?" Clarence suddenly speaks and look at her.


"What are you, really?" I sigh and Gibson whistle from the speaker.

"Is that what you wish to know right now? Or are you that curious on what happened?"

"Yes. I am, Guinevere." I lifted my hand and show him the ball of light. Since my Guardian, and my soul mate, he can see what's inside of the ball. But others cannot see unless they are a God or a Goddess or a guardian.

"Hey! Turn off your flash light." Davin complains.

"That's my realm." Clarence look mesmerized as he drown himself on the ball of light that I am showing him. "Only I and other Gods and Goddesses that hasn't banish from Aboveworld can only enter there. And you as my guardian."

He gapes and I can feel all of them are gaping.

"Guinevere, please shut it down." Gibson told from the speaker. I close my hand and put it down. "It's dangerous here. I still can feel those soul-less bodies around."

"Was this place of yours is complete safe for these kids?" she ask Gibson just to be sure that it was a safe place.


"How accurate are you?"

"I am a hundred and two percent sure, my dear sister."

"Wait!" Anya said aloud form the speaker. "So the guy back then was Abyss?" they couldn't still get over it? "And you Gibson and Guinevere are siblings?"

"Twin." We both said at the same time. "Our souls are twin." Again we said at the same time.

"He's Grim Reaper and she's an Angel."

"My dear Rose, she's not an Angel and I am not a Grim Reaper." Gibson told his lover. "We are God and Goddess. Well of course our assignment was on our name. I am Death and she's Soul. Did you guys all got it? I don't want to explain anymore."

"My head is hurting." I mutter. Clarence hold me and told me to lean on him. I did lean on him.

"Holy Gods!" Anya and Carmina exclaims that startled us. "We are with a God and a Goddess!"

"This sounds awesome to all of you?" Rosy asked them. "Well I found it clich. But I don't want to say anymore."

Few of them started talking on few of things and Danica who was resting just smiled and laugh a little on their bickering and few jokes and bullies. It was a fun to them. I rest on Clarence's arms for a while and go back to my realm to rest. I don't know what's happening to me. Or was it because souls keep on disappearing and slipping off from my realm? Or was it because Abyss has a lot more than I have?


What a very long way to voyage. We've been riding for days now. I already miss my Amanda and my daughter. As I and Lord Calixe rest under the tree, I started sketching the face of Amanda and my daughter smiling. I still remember their smiles. I miss them dearly, my family.

"Do you think that they are fine?" I ask Calixe suddenly and look at him when he didn't answer. He is leaning on the tree with a cloth covered on his face. Sleeping. "Yeah, you probably should sleep." I lay down on the grass as I pull my paper above my face smiling at my two beautiful girls. "I miss you two both."

I close my eyes and had fallen asleep. Amanda gets into my dream and we are talking. I feel like close to her again. If this is going to be like this away from her, I will sleep all the way to our voyage but it is impossible.

"How's our daughter?" I cuddle my fingers on her soft hair wanting to touch it, kiss it out of this dream.

"She's the new Queen of Era. Nick married her, yet she wished to have another wedding with all of us. George, my brother showed up."

"The name was familiar."

"Of course my love. He stand as Adhiti's father your friend in the outsideworld."

That stunned me. I watch her beautiful eyes bewildered. George! Damn it! How did I missed it? That is why he remind of me of having a little feature of my love. He look really like Adhiti, has a little feature and cannot mistaken as a daughter.

"I am so sure that Adhiti has lots of people who loved her much and willing to protect her. I kissed her forehead. Love can you do me a favor." I hate to ask this but I have to.

What is it my love?

You remember how I suffer physically from few things? I don't want you to suffer like that.

She sat up looking down at me knowingly. Her eyes starting to look afraid, terrified of losing me. I sat up scooping it.

"Don't say it." She said it strongly. "I did it because I wanted to be with you. I did it because I love you. Your pain is my pain and I will keep healing those cuts and wounds of yours. If you die, I'll die with you." Her voice strong, hurt mix with emotions.

"My love, how can I protect you if you don't break the bond between us? How can I be a sadist letting you suffer on my own pain? I don't wish to be your burden. I wanted you to live for us and for our daughter."

"No. She shook her head. Live for me and I will live for you. We have to stay alive for our daughter and I cannot let you go through things that will kill you or wound you. She's stubborn in some way and that stubbornness has the same way with Adhiti. You promise to marry me. So you will come back and we will be together to bare children and after our wedding."

"Of course my love, of course. I promise to marry you. But I don't know what I am going to do to face these obstacles, I don't want you hurt. Please my love, consider my love for you and my protection for you."

"Protecting yourself is protecting me." I caress her face, her beautiful face.

"There are lot of people who wanted to kill me just to kill you. I won't let that happen. Please break our bond so I could protect you." She shook her head and left. I know that she was stubborn.

"Get up now, Darius." Calixe shook me. I yawn and sat up. Damn, Amanda is hard to convince. She might thought that I am going to left her to other woman. I can't even lend a single glance at another woman but hers. I love her she's always what I wanted.

We eat from the food that we left, drink enough and ride again. As soon as we travel, the heat is getting extremely hot that burns my skin. It is like a desert yet no sand, but a dry grass and soil that is unable to plant with any tree or anything. Total isolated.

"We are getting near to them."

"They are livin' in deserted place?"

"It is not deserted there." He c.o.c.k his head.

"Why is the temperature like this though the sun is coming down and there's no trees but hills of isolated dry mountains?"

"This part is total abandoned and that people doesn't make living in this part. But on that way is the Sixth Kingdom The Kingdom of Rogues. Your relatives might be there, but not your father."

"My father died in an accident" I mutter. Yet it doesn't seemed accident to me.

"Your father was murdered taking his strong soul away that has been gifted by the Goddess." He blurted it out. Since he is a Foreteller, he knows it. "It was Abyss. He was once a God for infinite darkness that is used to create the universe, yet he turned into evil and that darkness becomes evil."

"Not all darkness are evil?" I ask him. He nodded his head.

"Abyss was a known God for centuries, but he turned to be the God of Torment that everyone are afraid of."

"Like hell." I mutter.

"It is hell indeed." He told. I nod and ride and ride again. A hawk cries above and Calixe mutter me to get ready. He did and far away, I can smell the metals. Stainless, iron, alloys coming closer.

"They are getting closer and armed." I told him. He kick our horses to run fast and it did meeting the group. "They are raising an arrow to us." We stop meters away from the six members of the group. Calixe block me from them. He raise his cloth as a surrender. He drop his sword and knives and I did as what he did. The leader of the group a bulky man sign to go with us.

"I am Lord Calixe of Psych and I came in peace. With me is Haji's son Darius. We came to talk to Hermes to bring him a message."

"Haji's son you say?" the bulky man that is covered in dirty cloth on his face asked.

"Yes." I answer. He look at me from head to toe.

His men take our swords and knives as they lead us to the Sixth Kingdom. Those fierce eyes of the people could show hatred and disgust on us. Since they had recognize Lord Calixe that lived older years than I am. However, he look really young in this world. Just at the age of Nick and close age to my daughter.

They lead us to the big hut and there's a man sitting there as a white owl flew in. Amanda. She knows that we will be here in this day.

"Darius," the old man but not really old, that is sitting on his throne looks like chair stood and bow at me. "Lord Darius."

"Oh, I am not a Lord. Calixe here is a Lord."

"Please leave me with these two." He told the people inside. "Call my son and his wife." The guard nodded. As soon as the room look empty and left us three alone, he spoke. "Of course you are. You are the son of the greatest warrior Haji. Soon to be Princess Amanda's husband."

"You know my Amanda?" I ask him.

"Let me introduce myself young man. I am Hermes, a General that served people back to Psych" he give Calixe a knowing look. "Now, the leader of these rogues who are seeking for peace and justice."

"Oh, nice to meet you." I walk forward extending my hand. He grasped it tightly.

"Now tell me, Lord Calixe, why did you brought this man here?" his grasped didn't loosen and he look sharply at Calixe.

"I only served for my Goddess and as the Goddess of Soul given me a gift, I shall remain faithful without bias. My loyalty remain only to the Gods and Goddesses and to our Almighty Father."

"You came here to make your visions happen?"

"I came here to lead this man to fulfill his worth and to gather his people that are faithful to the Goddess of Universe, Adhiti." My daughter is a real Goddess. Oh this is quite really confusing me. "Evil darkness are coming, closer than you thought."

"Marcus?" we turn to see Kraig and Annabeth. My eyes look really wide.

"What are you doing here?" I asked them.

"We should be the one to ask that." Kraig told.

"I'm gonna kiss you guys!" I am never been so happy in my days of voyaging. I hug both of them. I am happy that they give my daughter a happy beautiful life. After the hugging and kissing Annabeth in friendly way, she immediately pull herself and ask one thing that mother would asked.

"How's my daughter?" it make her stop and uneasy. "How's your daughter?" it almost sound as a whisper. I smiled at her.

"You two are her parents too, though not by blood, she still love you and missed you. She became the Queen of Era and Nick married her. We shall go all together to be with them because she is planning a grand wedding for us to be there. We can go back Outsideworld for the wedding there or whatever she wished."

"Thank you. We are sorry for not telling you." Kraig said with sincere smile.

"No harm."

"What are you doing here?" Kraig ask. I don't know exactly so I look at Calixe.

"He's here to gather his people. To get ready for the evil darkness." Calixe briefly explained and somehow, it creeps me out. I don't want evil darkness. I only wanted a happy life with my family and new family.

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