Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 228

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 228 The Impostor


My eyes never leave her. She's such a beautify. With brown hair, natural curl that falls perfectly. She's not that tall or too short. But delicate enough for my height. She had that natural hourglass body.

Maybe I should get off my mind from her and stop describing her perfections. Maybe, I also need release. I haven't been with someone since I am being careful.

But the first time I saw her, the pink aura around her I know that she's the one that has been given to me. Adhiti leads her to me. However, when she said that my brother is a danger. My heart feels a little pang. He's my brother. My twin brother and I don't want to trade him for anything at all.

"Can I go to my room, Your Majesty?" She suddenly asked. I don't want her to go away. Nevertheless, I am nothing to her.

"Yes. Just tell the maids anything you wanted."

I will." She put the cup away. "Thank you for the wine."

I watched her leave the great room. I'm lonely again. I finished my wine and left the great room. My sister approached as I walked in the hallway. She curtsied and hold her hands.

"What's wrong?" I asked her. She looked worried. Agatha is just a little girl in my eyes but she became different around people. She acted like someone that wasn't her to please the Queen and her father and everyone around.

"Well, Aaron left the castle. He's been doing this I don't know where he's going but I think it'll be dangerous."

"Alright. Summon a bird to follow him."

"I will." She left quickly.

She's worried about her brother and I am worried too. There's only us in the castle. Nicholas is gone. Althea and Agatha are with their husbands. Until Agatha couldn't find a suitable husband, I'll protect her like a big brother.

I finished my wine and went to my room. Every time I meet people, I would always look through their souls. I want to take away the darkness from their body. Yet, in the end, all I could do is to ignore it. Because I can't kill unless I am threatened.

I went to visit the former King and Queen's room. It's supposed to be lively and full of flowers and music from the speaker that the King bought from the Outside World. In the middle of the night, the two would sneak to the kitchen and would make their food. I caught them multiple times making their foods whenever I couldn't sleep and need to walk outside.

But the castle seemed so quiet now. It also felt so heavy. Full of darkness.

I walked toward my room when on my way, I stopped when I saw a bright light coming out from the other room. The light seemed like seducing me. I reached the knob. I stopped myself from squeezing it when I realized that it's the Enchantress's room.

I put my hand down and take a stepped backward. I turned my heels directly to my room but the door opened. The light somehow blinded me and the beautiful silhouette of the Enchantress amazed me. I closed my lips when I realized that I've been gaping at her.

"Can you help me, your majesty?"

"Y-yes, o-of course." I stammered. Damn, why did I stammer?



The King met us at the main entrance of the Pyr. I climbed off from Fera and caressed her. The Royals of Pyr gathered to look closely at the Dragons. However, I am not very confident in leaving them easily. I looked around and Flame extends his hand to me.

"Queen Adhiti," King Hadrian bowed at me.

"I am not the Queen anymore," I told him. He smiled.

"You must be tired. I already set up your room and dinner will be ready."

He looked at Phrixus and Fera once again like others do and I turned to Luther.

"Take them back," I told him and he nodded.

Wade and Flame stay close with me at each of my sides. I know that they haven't addressed me as Goddess. I don't want to force them since Fire is their Goddess.

We walked toward the dining hall and everyone takes their seat and Prince Wade pulled a chair for me. I sat down and make myself comfortable. The servants moved forward with a bowl of water with lemon and flowers on it to wash our hands.

I took the towel from them and wiped off my hands. I removed my masked that covered half of my face. I put it away. They look so shocked seeing my face and I smiled at King Hadrian as he chuckled.

"You are full of surprises, Goddess." He said.

I shrugged at him.

"I wanted to talk about the dragons," I told the King that is just on the other head of the long table. The dinner started as they served the foods. Prince Wade and Prince Flame are taking care of me. Like my Nicholas would.

"Yes." He said. "I've been harvesting meats for them."

"They can be vegetarian too," I said. "The left-over vegetables and fruits are given to them before it was rotten. But mostly, those Dragons need meat."

"I will set up a place for them here."

"No," I said. "I don't trust anyone at this moment. You see, Odissi got captured using a dark spell and take the dragons away to torment them. You failed, King Hadrian. Why should I entrust the Dragons to you?"

King Hadrian, dropped his steak knife and looked down at his food.

"I fail, Goddess. I can't deny that."

"What I want now is my King. Tell me what you know."

"Goddess, that day, my memories have been shuffled. I don't know what happened until I woke up. I waited for the Dragons to show up since we usually feed them in the tower. However, they never showed up."

"I will investigate this," I said clearly for them to understand that I am serious.

The King looked at Flame.

"I'm sorry father. I serve the above. I will step down from being the Crown Prince."

"Flame," His father is shocked. The others too. But the next one can't wait to be the next King.

"Yes, father. I will stay with Adhiti."

Catalina scoffed and stood from her seat.

"Father, may I excuse myself?"

King Hadrian didn't answer for a while.

"No, sit down." He demanded.

Catalina doesn't have a choice but to sit down with a sour face.

"King Hadrian, I am giving you another chance." I reached for the wine and played with it in my fingers. "You shall do as I command. I have no time to waste. If one of your children worshipped Abyss, I have no choice but to make her or him speak."

The Queen tried hard not to cry from what I said.

"Very well, Goddess. Do as what you want." King Hadrian said. I smiled at him.

"Oh, why are we discussing so early. Let's eat."

They might not have any appetite to eat. Some tried to eat and I eat the glorious food that they prepared for me. After that, Prince Flame escorted me to my room. He set my clothes like he's my servant and I sat down at the bed.

"I know why you are sad, but do you have to be that way. Adhiti?"

"Be what? That I ruined dinner?"

"I know about your anger"

"One of your family is an impostor," I told him. "I can take Aaron here or the Enchantress. If you care about your family, you have to save them first."

"Impostor?" He creased his brows and walked toward me. "What are you talking about?"

"Eliza," I exhaled. "She's supposed to be dead. But Abyss brings her back to life. Lord of spell messed up with everyone's memory when God of Memories gifted it to him. He went too far as what Abyss's instructed. Now, someone in here isn't your real family but the vessel."

He froze from what he said and he reached his head.

"I'm sorry, Flame. But you have to help me."

Flame nodded and he approached me. He reached my hands.

"I promise to protect you, Adhiti. I will help you. If you are sure about that, then, I think I should call for Aaron."

"The Era castle should be cleansed. We will cleanse this castle too. But not until I found it."

Flame nodded at me.

"Go to your room. I will rest."

I stood from the bed, and he bowed at me and left. I went to the bathroom to the bathtub, removed my clothes, and dipped my feet in the bathtub, and he sat down and relaxed from the hot water.

I closed my eyes. I want to see Nicholas. However, I stopped when I felt a shadow getting into my room. I reached for the knife that Uncle George gave to me, and I stayed in the bathtub.

"Can I join you?" The manly deep voice of a man asked.

I exhaled and played at the knife. His dark presence makes me sick. His dark presence gives me the urge to kill him.

"Abyss," I mumbled. I heard his footsteps towards me and be bent down, and my blade is pressed to his neck. He smiled at me which is even more disgusting.

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