Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 230

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 230 Cleansing

---King Aaron---

She covered the bottle with a black cloth to cover the light from it. It fascinates me that she could do such a thing. Yet, I don't know what it was. There are full questions in my head as I took the bottle that she extends to me.

"May I ask, what is this?" I asked.

"It's the spirit. These spirits are around. They hide from trees, from the woods they are protectors of nature. They helped those who are lost."

"How did you managed to gather them?"

"With the gift from the Goddess of Soul and God of Death, I can see spirits and dead people. Evil and good."

"I see." I nodded.

"We'll go first to the Former King Eliot's room and where he usually stays. Spirits can linger there easily because of the negativity."

I nodded as I lead the way to King Eliot's room in the other wing. I opened the door with the bottle in my other hand. She entered and I followed her. It's dark inside and she removed the cover from the bottle and place it on the floor in the middle of the room and she opened the cap. I watched as the light comes out with the form of souls started flying around fast.

I heard those poor dark soul's hissed and squeals in my ears. As those white spirits dragged them to the bottle.

"With the ability that the Goddess of Universe gave to you, you can hear them and see them."

"That means, I am the only one that could see this light?"

"Some can see the light, but it's just light to them. They can't see their forms."

She lifted her hand at both sides as she started chanting some archaic language and slowly all of the spirits get into the bottle and she squeezed the cork on the mouth of the bottle.

"What will happen now?" I asked as I bent down and watched the light and dark fight each other.

"I'll deliver them to the fountain of the goddess. To cleanse those dark spirits and bring them to the Realm of Death."

She collected the bottle and we went to the King's study room. We exchange a bottle and I watched her do the same and chant the spell. I hold the bottle tightly as it becomes shaky. We cleaned my father's former room. She then told me to changed furniture and burn everything that the King owned.

"But while you are dispatching the King's things, you might see anything useful to find Abyss's Castle."

"I will."

We went to her room and I put the bottle on the box where she kept them. She closed it and locked it with a spell. I looked around the room.

"Are you comfortable with this room?" I asked.


"Very well." I put my hand behind me. "Is there anything else that I can help you with?"

She looked at me and then to the window.

"There's none, your majesty. Thank you for your help." She faced me and curtsied toward me.

"You are welcome. Good night." I bow to her and I walked to the door.

After reaching my room, I went directly to the bathroom for a hot bath that the servants prepared. I dipped my body into the bathtub as I thought about the Enchantress. Her voice, her scent, her body it all gets into my head and my body responds. I looked down at my chest as the mark that the Goddess gave to me. It was half of the heart on the left.

I don't know what it means but maybe if I saw someone with the same mark, it might be the sign that it's my mate. But I didn't see the Enchantress with the same mark as mine. She's too conservative since her dress had a round cut around her neck.

I washed my face and stood from the bathtub. I stepped out and dry myself with the fresh cloth that the servants always put. I put my trousers and my shirt on. Using the slippers that the royal shoemaker made for us, I went outside and walked around the castle. I found Blaze in the garden where she always went. I lifted my hand to the apple tree as the tree dropped an apple in my hand.

I approached her and lifted the apple to her. She carefully takes it to her mouth and I caressed her muzzle.

"Can't sleep?" I turned to the woman standing in front of the bushes of roses.

"Lady Amber?" She approached me and dropped her red cloak.

"I want to ask something." She held her hand.

"Yes, please ask freely," I said and patted Blaze's muzzle.

"I happened to see a familiar cloak on my way here. I think the owner happened to come from here or near here."

"Who do you think it was?"

"Arianne, the former Queen of the Aer." She looked around us to check the surroundings. "She might be meeting someone in here."

I hesitate to speak to her about that. But she seemed to look through me perfectly.

"You are investigating to the Prince." She stated as she had read me.

"Yes." I take a step close to her. "He's my brother, I want to protect him."

"I think there's no way of protecting him. Unless he let go of his greed and envy."

I stared at her left eye that isn't covered with her hair. I slowly lift my hand and suddenly, she was pushed to me by Blaze. I caught her as her body smashed to mine. It felt soft, so soft and she smelled heaven. I looked at Blaze behind her and the dragon snorted and fly up with other dragons.

She gently pushed herself and stood straight with her feet and looked up at me. Suddenly, I felt mesmerized as I reached her right cheek with my left hand and caressed the hair away. I gaped at her beautiful eyes. It doesn't have the same color. Her right eye had a scar in a slanting way from the end of her eyebrows down. I can see it all through the light of the torch and the light of the moon.

Her eyes dilated as she sees through me and I wrapped my other arm around her and tucked her hair behind her ear. She's beautiful. Very peculiar and she doesn't need to hide that scar. It wasn't hideous. It somehow became her asset.

"Your majesty" She mumbled.

"You are beautiful, Amber. You don't need to hide it."

She tried to step back, hoping that I would release her but I pulled her closer to me.

"How long did you live in this life, Amber?"

She didn't answer me. I pressed my body to her and tilted my head to kissed that supple lips. Maybe it's l.u.s.t and maybe it's just the attraction but she's this close to me. She didn't restrain and I take it as a yes as I closed the little space between our lips.

I licked her lips trying to enter her mouth and she opened it for me. My tongue wonders on her mouth. She just tastes magnificent. She grabbed on my shirt as I kiss further and deeper. Mouth to mouth.

I carried her to my arms and brought her inside the castle through the secret doors. I am almost running. I opened my room and put her on the bed. She gasped as I removed my shirt.

"It's now or never, Amber. I won't force you and I can't hold myself around you."

She moved closer to me. I bent down and pressed my knees on the mattress. I untie the lace of her cloak and she lay down as I crawl over her. I admire her beauty below me and I gently pulled down the right sleeve of her stretchable dress and kissed her porcelain skin. She watched every movement that I am making.

I pulled down both sleeves and admired her chests. I noticed the mark on her right chest that is matched mine. She's indeed my half.

I bent down and kissed that mark and took her right n.i.p.p.l.e to my mouth. She m.o.a.ned and I looked up at her. I kissed the other one. I sat on my heel and pulled her dress which only leaves her underwear. I am glad that she isn't wearing any covers on top.

"Is this your first time?" I asked her.


"I'll be careful." I gather her in my arms, kissed her more. Then, I felt her hand to my abdominal down to my hard one.

I kicked off my slippers and ripped her underwear. She gasped and frowned at me. I smirked at her and continue kissing every inch of her as my hand caressed her whole body. It felt so soft like the touch of a feather.

I get down between her legs to give her a further kiss. She gaped and watched me.

The whole night, I make love to my Enchantress. Thank the Goddess that she sent her here with me. I will finally have a Queen.

I was caressing her back coaxing her to sleep when suddenly a pair of eyes are watching us from the chair. I sat up but looking at the person, it's covered with darkness. He stood from his seat with a dagger in his left hand as he strode toward us.

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