Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 231

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 231 Evil Twin


I didn't think that Adam is staying there for long, but his blank eyes are direct to my future Queen. I grabbed the pillow and make it a shield before he had a chance to hurt her.

Amber sat up and lifted her hand and chanted a spell as Adam froze.

"Quick!" She shouted.

I scuffle from the bed, walked around Adam, and grabbed the knife from him. Adam groaned and tried hard to move himself to kill Amber. She chanted another spell as the wind blows hard, making the window burst open and surrounded Adam.

"Step away."

I stepped away from Adam, and she continued chanting her spell. I felt like the knife is burning. I quickly throw it away near the chimney and down at my burnt palm. I watched as Amber's eyes glow in white raising her voice and ended the spell.

Adam fell to the ground. His body started shaking. I didn't dare to go near him as his soul tried to be taken from his body by those dark spirits.

"Amber," I looked at her. She exhaled. She raised her hand, and make a protective spell so the souls wouldn't take Adam's.

She took her dress and put it in.

"Take the bottle from my room. The one that doesn't have a label."

It takes a second before I recovered from her command. I left my room and run to her room. I looked around and took the bottle that has no label. I stopped when I saw those white spirits around it. Then, I run back to my room.

I gave it to her and she put it down and took out the cork from the mouth. The white spirits linger, getting on the shield and fighting it. I pulled Amber to my arms as we watched the spirits' fight. I reached her chin and check if she's hurt. I kissed her forehead.

She gently pushed me and approached Adam's body. She chanted a spell and removed the shield and it went directly to the bottle and she closed it.

Ignoring the painful burn in my right palm, I approached my brother and pulled him.


"He will not remember what happened," Amber said. "He needs time to recover."

I watch her leave and I pulled my brother. He's damn heavy than I expected. So, I scooped his underarm and pulled him out of my room. I noticed a person a few meters away and recognized her. I looked up at Agatha in her sleeping gown.

"What's going on?" Agatha asked.

"He attacked us."

"Us?" She creased her brows.

"Yes," I grunted and continue pulling him. "But it's done. We take out the spirit lingering in his head and heart."

Agatha approached us and she knelt and reached Adam's hand to try to heal him.

"That won't work," Amber said as she walked toward us and she looked at the room.

"Where's the dagger?" She asked and get inside and searched around. I put down Adam and entered the room to search for it.

I pointed to the spot near the fireplace where I throw the dagger.

"I toss it there!" I told her. Amber stepped close to me and reached my hand. I frowned when the burn turned black. She held my hand and looked up at me.

"What's wrong?"

"That dagger was been sent here by Arianne months ago to kill Adhiti. It's the gift from Abyss so, he could have Adhiti's soul. I think Adam met Arianne. We have to find that dagger."

She chanted a spell and heal me. I couldnt help myself but admire her beauty. She's witty, beautiful, and gifted. That's the reason why I am getting more attached to her. I reached her chin and kissed her passionately.

"We don't have time for that. Can anyone help me?" Agatha complained. I flushed when I realized that we weren't alone.

We put Adam in his bedroom and I removed a few parts of his covers. He's unconscious but he's breathing normally. I looked at the Enchantress.

"I don't think that I removed the dark spirit from him fully." She said.

"I'm going to make a potion but we have to find the dagger first. When someone found it, that person will continue on whatever mission that they need to do. So, do not touch it. Cover it with a cloth first."

I heard about that. That's when the King and Andrew brought knights that were said from the Aer. They were delivering a dagger to Adhiti as a gift but it seemed to be part of the plan to assassinate the Queen.

"What is their goal? Queen Adhiti is not here anymore." Agatha asked.

"You, the King, and everyone in the Era. It will be a massacre so we need to find it." Amber answered.

Agatha reached her head.

"I'm feeling dizzy." She mumbled.

"You haven't been sleeping," Amber said. Agatha nodded.

"I can't sleep. I felt like my soul is going to be taken." She mumbled. "So, I don't sleep."

"Did your father touch you?" Amber asked which makes me creased my brows. Did she mean that my father did the same thing as what he did to Althea?

"No. But almost" She mumbled. "Aaron helped me. I wanted to watch out for Aaron because he's not being himself for long." She rubbed her arm like she's getting goosebumps.

Amber breathed and looked around Aaron's room. She looked around.

"Can we do this when the sun is up?" I asked Amber.

"From what happened. I don't know that we can sleep." Amber said. "I'll make tea to ease your headache." She told Agatha. Agatha nodded.

I went to my room, dressed, and then followed Amber and Agatha in the kitchen. I watched as Amber boiled water while she's preparing tea from the box.

"What is that?" Agatha asked.

"Its chamomile mixed with lemongrass."

She put it in a wide teacup and a fresh Passiflora on top.



The couple seemed to be arguing but Laurence stepped down and he apologizes. He kissed her forehead and said that he's sorry. They are arguing over a small thing. They are in my office and they argue that much.

I shook my head and took the doc.u.ments and checked it all over again. We limit a few activities like the celebration and lessons that aren't connected with the training.

We teach them how to make a bow and arrow and some students become smiths. Laurence and Sirilla just came from Era and they brought shell of Dragons and then mermaid tears and pearls from princess Amanda.

We use them for making armors and for the student's protection.

"Alright, I got it. You want your own house." Laurence said. They aren't finished with the argument on where to live after the chaos. Laurence is like a dog following her around. If he had a tail, he would always wiggle it whenever he sees her.

"You know guys, there's a plot just in the forest near our house. You can build a house there. I can give that piece of land." I told them.

"Really?" His eyes widen. I nodded at him.

"Yes, we can be neighbors."

"I want to live in the inside world," Sirilla said.

"We can have two houses at the same time," Laurence suggested.

"I have a house. It's far away from the Kingdoms." Sirilla crossed her arms.

"We can go there." He said. "Don't worry. In the inside world, we can stay at Maman and Papa's house. We still have a room there and Guinevere already settled clothes for you in our room."

"Let's just discussed it after everything is done," Sirilla said and went outside. Laurence followed her.

"Didn't you say that you burned the house?" Laurence asked as he followed her outside.

"I swear, if Laurence has a tail, it would always wiggle around Sirilla." Thunder also noticed it, and he charged his phone in my office. "I'm going to nap to check on a few things."

"Okay." I waved at him.

He napped on the sofa, and I continue with my job. I looked up at my wife, and she served me snacks. She walked around to me, and I pushed my swivel chair, and she sat on my lap. I kissed her lips and reached her stomach.

"Is this good?" he asked.

"Yes." She giggled.

She looked at the window where a white owl perched. She went to the white owl and opened it. She took the letter from the owl. I stood, and she approached me and opened it.

"It's a letter from Althea." She mumbled.

She opened it and read it. Her brows creased, and she gave it to me.

Dear Almira,

Davin Recently had a vision about the army of death. It's too late to go back to the facility and destroy them. They knew that we spied on them. The Lord of Spell and Memories visit the house recently and put a spell on Davin. His head is quite messed up, but it's a good thing that Patrick is there that he had Davin's memories about the army.

At this moment, we stay away far from Lord Del Ria. He becomes more dangerous than we thought.

Please stay safe always.



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