Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 233

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 233 Marked


We went to check the facility. But it's not there anymore. Just like what Althea said in the letter. We don't know where they are anymore. Abyss had allies and he used each God's and Goddesses power to build an army through the gifted children.

It started raining again and the ground is shaking. I let out a sigh. It's bad. Earthquake while raining will make a landslide. It will make the ground open up. I grabbed Laurence back to Academy and he falls his butt on the ground.

I looked around and the ground continued shaking for ten seconds and it stopped. I looked up at Thunder. He's looking up the sky. Is the Goddess in pain again. I approached Thunder and he pointed to the sky.

It stopped raining. However, the sky is still dark and slowly clearing. The sun becomes visible but the moon is covering it.

"This is bad." Thunder said. My eyes widen when there's an upcoming big rock on fire, few meters away.

"Sirilla!" Laurence called. Andrew lifted his hand to stopped it from falling to the academy but it's heavy.

I immediately run around with Laurence to took away the students. Some students with the ability like Andrew also hold the big meteor and there are more coming. After I gathered the student and looked around.

A big pair of bright wings came to us as he lifted his hand. I looked around and gather more students and people in our direction. He made a shield covering us from the big stone. We watched as the meteors destroyed half of the academy.

We just watched it get destroyed. I heard a scream inside and I didn't think twice of going on there as the walls are crashing. I'm faster than the wind and lightning. I pushed a few bricks that are inches on my way and took the woman out and bring it to the shield.

Laurence pulled me to cover me.

We heard loud crashes. It felt like forever until it stopped. I opened my eyes and looked at the winged man. He had scars on his arm and back and he turned to us. Luther. He nodded his head and he went toward Andrew and Thunder. He bowed at Thunder.

I approached them.


"Goddess of Fire send me. Adhiti" He looked down. "We can't stop the Goddess of Universe. She's above, trying to find Nicholas."

"I'm sorry." Thunder said. He exhaled and looked around the mess. Thunder and Masen did everything to burst them into pieces to lessen the distraction. We looked around the stones that are called meteors.

Andrew called the professors and the three security of the school.

"Roam around and checked everyone's attendance," Andrew said.

"Yes, Headmaster."

Andrew gathering the students with telekinetic power and have super strength to gather the big stones. We stopped when a portal swirls with the wind an old man came. He bowed at Andrew.

"I'm Goddess Universe's gifted child, Achbar."

"Master Achbar." I approached him.

"Sirilla," He nodded his head. "There is also chaos in the inside world. The same as this. The Goddess is desperate to find Nicholas. Abyss's torture toward the poor soul increased. He's breaking her."

"What should we do?"

"I promised the Goddess to find it." He looked around the students. "Perhaps, there with the same gift as mine?"

I looked around and everyone seemed to be occupied and shocked.

"I think there's no one in here that has that ability," Andrew said. "I'm sorry, Achbar." Andrew bows his head.

"It's not your fault, Lord Andrew. Perhaps, I should search again."

Luther looked around and he bows his head to Thunder.

"Stay with her. I know that he has two Princes but, we can't wake up the other's rage."

I creased my brow. Who is the other? I exhaled and looked around. Chaos, Disaster Is it Catastrophe?

"Yes, my God." Luther bow Achar made a portal and he followed Achbar inside.

I turned to Thunder.

"Did Abyss meant to wake up Catastrophe?" I asked him. He nodded his head.

"Although Universe is boundless, she's still the creator. She can destroy it and she will be called Catastrophe." Thunder explained.

"Help!" A loud voice called. We recognize it as Almira. We both forget about Almira and Andrew came inside running and my eyes widen to see blood. Almira is on the other side and her body is shaking. She looked okay and unhurt. Andrew removed a few barriers. The body is moving and gathering into pieces.

I took Almira from her spot and gave her to Andrew. The stone on top of him shakes and the man who has been hit by it threw it. He stood like the undead as blood and everything comes back to his body making it new.

He exhaled and smiled that send shivers down our spine.


Almira hugged Andrew tightly and she started sobbing.

"He tried to take my baby" Almira mumbled.

Almira is pregnant? I creased my brows and the man stepped forward and I lifted my dagger.

"Oh, darling. That won't do. I swear to you." He said with that odd accent.

"Who are you?" Andrew asked. The man exhaled, rolled his eyes and his face changed into Andrew's face. He smiled creepily.

"Andrew," Almira held Andrew tightly. "He tried to take my baby inside me."

Andrew gritted his teeth.

"Relax, it's just me. Your baby is very gifted. I mean, I want to raise him. Don't worry, real Andrew. I can take care of it." He smirked.

"What are you?" Laurence asked and he pulled me away from the man covering me.

"I'm the God of the Underworld." He shrugged. "Or hell." He laughed.

I creased my brows and looked at Laurence.

"Is there such a thing as God of the Underworld? I think this guy is kidding us." I said. Laurence agreed to me and he crossed his arms. The fake Andrew rolled his eyes and he exhaled.



I groaned as I feel the heat that nearly burns my skin. But the lava is far away from me. I looked around me and in a snapped I'm in the Academy. Everything is a wreck and there are big stones around. I heard a scream that sounds familiar. I run to the office. My eyes widen seeing the man that can shift into any face.

He's in Andrew's face and he reached Almira's stomach. But the ceiling crashed down and she screamed as the stone smashed the body. I grimaced at the disgusting view. The body and head are wrecks however it started gathering again.

I titled my head as I watched the scene.

"Is there such a thing as God of the Underworld? I think this guy is kidding us." Sirilla said and Laurence agreed to her.

He's not the God of Underworld. He's a demon and he collects every gifted child inside the w.o.m.b of a woman like the work that God of Death is doing. But the difference is, he takes them alive and brings them to his realm which is in the underworld to serve it to his wife who can't have a child, I saw him once but I don't know him truly.

My mark burns me and he looked in my direction but he can't see me. I am seeing this live and like I left my body.

"Andrew! He's dangerous! Take away Almira from him!" I shouted and Sirilla turned to me and our eyes met. I was pulled back to my body.

My eyes opened and I sat up. I put my shirt on and went out of my room without any shoes or slippers on. I went to the garden. I search for Guinevere and spotted her near the acacia tree. She turned to me and I reached her hand. She held both of my hands as she closed her eyes to see my news.

Her eyes widen and she looked straight at me.

"Goddess, those young souls were unable to reincarnate again. We need to do something."

"Is he working to Abyss?"

"Yes, I think he's working to Abyss. Who is he, Goddess?"

"He's a demon in many names. Can be called Satan or Lucifer he's been banished from the realm when he tried to make his lover become an immortal. She's greedy, and he fulfills it until he sneaked to my realm and takes those young souls to give it to her. He claimed to be powerful among us, among father and Father banished him forever."

"The woman?"

"Can be called Lilith or anyone but her real name is Jade. She's from the outside world. They love each other so much but she's getting old. That's why he chose to steal from us to make her young and immortal."

"He's collecting babies that weren't even formed inside the mother's w.o.m.b"

"Almira is pregnant." I nodded at him. "Her baby is powerful to protect everyone. My father gifted him, that's why he wants it."

"What should we do? We can't even kill him."

"We can imprison him to his realm forever but it'll be hard to do that." She pulled her hands away and turned to Clarence.

"We have to warn them."

"Yes, Goddess." He bowed, takes a few steps backward, and he flew away.

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