Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 240

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 240 From The Future


Our parents escorted us to the portal to the outside world. The sky is bright and there's no sign of raining or storm.

Marissa is holding our nine months old son while I am holding a bag of golds from Era that Aaron gave for the stocks in the Academy. My parents kissed us and watched us as we entered the portal to the Outside World.

The sparks fly and magical way to the forest of the Mystical Academy. I put a hand over Marissa's back as I lead her to the ruined Castle of Mystical Academy. Students are helping around. Boys and girls using their gifts to construct it.

"Patrick!" Anya shouted and run to me. "Marissa!" She looked so happy and she held herself from hugging us.

"Anya." I smiled.

"Oh, who is that handsome?" Anya stepped closer and Marissa showed Daren to her.

"This is Daren," Marissa said. Daren cooed and he hugged Marissa's neck. Anya giggled.

"Let's go!" She escorted them and few people stopped from what they are doing and approached us.

"Patrick!" Andrew run like a child and wrapped his arms around me and pulled him up. I laughed and patted him. I am heavy and Andrew is acting a big brother to me.

Andrew also hugged Marissa and then kiss baby Daren's forehead. I looked at Almira, spread my arms for her and she hugged me. Then, Almira also hugged my wife and kissed my son's hand. Andrew and Almira escorted us to the temporary office in the chapel.

I make my wife comfortable on the sofa first and I sat down.

"So, you are staying!" Andrew said excitedly. "I'm sorry that we don't have a good room here but I and Almira are going home so she could rest comfortably."

"This is a big mess," I stated. The Academy is a wreck and everyone is facilitating around.

"Well, the meteor shower and then at the same time a demon came to take our baby," Andrew said as he held Almira's hand. I had heard about it. "It might be the eclipse. Devils can go through the barrier because they are stronger."

"Davin saw it," I told him. I looked at Sirilla. "And you saw him," I told her. Sirilla nodded. "Davin has been marked by the Lord of Spells and Memories when we aren't watching."

Daren cooed and he makes that pouty face. Marissa lifted him and he stopped from almost crying. Daren reached me and I take him in my arms.

"This is getting crazier," Andrew said.

"That's why," I took out the bag and put it in front of him. "This is golds from Era and Dragon shells. I want you to withdraw it but first, we need to melt it into gold bars, so they won't get suspicious. Aaron sent it to for Almira's baby and the Academy."

"Thank you, bro. You are the best." Andrew thumbs up. "We are losing funds and I have to let go of those who couldn't pay for tuition. I mean, I stop the tuition and just ask for donations from each family. I have to use the allowance that Nicholas put under my name."

"Then, it's good that former Queen Adhiti is sending golds to the Academy. It's also good that you are the Head Master."

Andrew nodded and looked at Sirilla and Laurence.

"I think we need to increase security," Sirilla said. "Anya spoke to me. She said that Camilla's parents can help around and work for the academy."

"Then, I'll hire them," Andrew said. "And pay a good amount of salary."

"Few of the parents are now aware of what's happening, most of our students are originally from the inside world," Sirilla said.

"Then, most of them are donating after they had a good job here in the outside world."

"I think the girls can help," Laurence said. "I had spoken to Danica. Her father is the CEO of a factory of foods. His father said that he'll be donating stocks for the academy."

"Wow, we are so blessed," Andrew said and chuckled. "I just wonder how our baby sister doing." Andrew looked at me with pain.

"She never stopped searching for him," I told. "This is getting worst because we have to discuss something very important."

We left Marissa, Almira, and Daren in the chapel as they stayed in the spot where Andrew is sleeping. I walked around with Andrew.

"Masen is good at technology and electricity. So, he'll help around for making it work. We'll also use wind energy for electricity just in case if there's a problem."

"So, you make the plan?"

"One of the professors already make a blueprint for Academy renovations. And I am helping with cleaning up. I might be able to find important things."

"Have you visited where they are taking the body?" I asked him. He shook his head.

It got slipped off my mind but I am sure that the bodies aren't there. The girls told me so. It disappears after Leona left the Academy."

"Their parents are still grieving after their children's death. We haven't found where Leona is but we have a lead." I told him. Andrew nodded.

I watched as there are tents for medics. Where students can heal. Tents for foods and drinks. They can hire people on helping to rebuild the academy. However, students will be at risk. We don't know if they would attack everyone. We can't trust anyone at the moment. Andrew thought at the same time.

Andrew served foods for Almira and Marissa and we get back to work. We contact a few parents to help us with rebuilding the Academy. Soon, they will send help.

After long work in the Academy, Andrew drives the SUV back home with Masen with us. Sirilla and Laurence stayed in the Academy to secure the students. Almira needed a good sleep. From what Andrew said, they almost got attacked by a demon if it wasn't for Sirilla who killed it.

We bought groceries before we go directly to Marissa's house. Her mother squealed seeing her and hugged her and give her kisses. I smiled as her mother took Daren. Daren stared at Marissa's mother to recognize her.

Then, he wrapped his arms around him and leaned on him. It felt like Mrs. Gregory melted.

"Are you staying here?" She asked. Marissa looked at me.

"I think you should stay with us," I told her. "It'll be safer in the house."

"Okay, I will pack up!" She said. She gave Daren back to Marissa and Marissa sat on the sofa with Almira.

The house seemed so quiet. Masen also packs a few things since he's one of the crew. Then, he came downs stairs with his computer that will be used for CCTV monitoring and other stuff.

When we reached our house just a few meters away, Almira went to the kitchen to prepare food. I and Marissa went upstairs to our room. It's tidy and all. I removed the covers from the bed so it won't get dusty.

"Babe, can you stay downstairs? I will just clean up the room. It won't take long."

"Sure," I kissed her lips.

Once that I tidy everything, I take a quick bath, put some clothes on, and went downstairs to take care of Daren so she could have a bath for herself. Mrs. Gregory and Almira and Andrew are in the kitchen preparing for dinner.

I sat on the sofa, turned on the television. Daren stopped and stared at the television. I smiled at his adorable response to the television. I change the channel to cartoons and he lifted his hand and looked up at me.

"Enjoy it, my handsome one." I kissed his forehead and he did enjoy it.

Marissa came with the scrolls from Era. Then, she put it on the coffee table. She kissed Daren and me.

"I will help in the kitchen."

I nodded. Andrew came up with snacks and drinks.

"What's this?"

"That's a scroll that should be in the future," I told him. "Open it."

He sat down as he opened the scrolls. His eyes widen with the date.

"The f.u.c.k?" He mumbled and he covered his mouth when Daren looked at me. "Sorry, baby Daren. I won't curse."

Daren looked away from him and to the television. I laughed. Andrew looked down at the scrolls.

"This capsule should be built around our generation, not in B.C or something."

"I think it started when Goddess Universe went off to sleep for a long time after Abyss took her memories."

Andrew exhaled.

"I want to spank that guy badly and teach him some manners."

"I laughed at him." I stopped when Daren looked outside the window. "What is it?" I stood and approached the window. He lifted his hand and somehow, the whole house was protected and Daren showed his tongue and seemed to glare at someone invisible outside.

Then, I just realized that a pair of red eyes are in there. I laughed and kissed him.

"You are so good, my God."

He hugged my neck and pointed to the door.

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