Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 245

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 245 Crush


I looked at the girl that fell from somewhere. It's just a few minutes and then there someone, already? I approached her and looked up at me. She felt dizzy as I grabbed her arm.

"Mystical Academy?" She asked. Inside is making a noise, I and Lancelot already break few CCTV cameras around so no one could spot us a while ago.

"That's the code!" Masen said from our earpiece. I and Lancelot took the girl and we speed up to Mystical Academy and put her down. She fell to the ground and hold her stomach.

"I'm going to throw out" She mumbled.

I immediately took the empty trash bin and gave it to her. She started vomiting her gut and Laurence gave her a bottle of water. She took it and drank it and spit it.

She wiped her mouth and fell on the floor.

"She's pretty!" Patrick said and patted Masen. Masen rolled his eyes.

"Help her," Masen said quickly.

Lancelot carried her to the sofa and Anya and Danica came and removed her shoes.

"What's her name?" Laurence asked Masen. I rose my brows to Laurence. Why is he even asking?

"I don't know." Masen shrugged. "We'll know when she woke up."

Almira and Andrew came with a thermos and food. Then, she put it on the table.

"That's the hacker?" Andrew asked.

"Yes," Masen nodded.

"She's cute," Andrew said and teased Masen. I don't exactly know why they are complimenting her. But she's working to the enemy and we just picked her up.

After a few moments, she regained consciousness and she looked around. She gasped and covered her chest and checked us one by one.

"Where am I?" She asked.

"You said Mystical Academy," I told her. "So, here you are."

"Wow, thank you." She looked around. "You aren't going to hurt me, right?"

"No." I shook my head. "Unless you are a threat," I said.

"Siri, don't be like that to our guest."

"I'm Masen!" Masen kicked his swivel chair to her and extend his hand to her. She took it and shake it.

"I'm Bethany."

"Okay, are you hungry, Beth?" Almira asked. "Just at the right time that I bring hot chocolate. That might regain your strength."

"Yes, please." She said and sat up. She removed the jacket that she's wearing and then the white coat that I saw from the people inside the laboratory using.

Once that Almira gave her a hot chocolate and she sipped on it. She thanked her a lot and drank half of it. I took out the scroll and gave it to her.

"Is this your doing?"

"This looks familiar." She said as she put away her mug and opened it. "This is the old blueprint for the capsule."

"And that capsule?" I asked.

"I wasuhhhow could I put this together?" She mumbled.

"You made that capsule?" Masen asked.

"Yes, but not completely. There are these crazy doctors and a guy that gets into my memories and forced me to make it or they'll kill me." She said.

"That must be that bald guy with a tattoo in the head," Sirilla said.

"Yes! That one and also a pretty girl. I think she's grown up now. Her name is Eliza." I said. "And there's this Leona too. I heard that she had talked about Mystical Academy where they are farming DNA's and bodies of students."

"She's the headmistress of this academy. But that was back then when we don't know what she's doing." Danica said.

"So, for my curiosity," Masen move close to her. "How did you come back from the past and then to your present?"

"It's easy I just think of the time and scenario of how they will wear things in my mind. Then, I'll be there."

"And you came from the future when you popped up in front of us?" Laurence asked.

"No. I use a portal. It's a black hole. A guy in the laboratory told me to focused on it. Then, I was there on where the two of you are located."

"That's not impossible." Masen nodded. "Since you can jump from past to future, you may able to go wherever you go."

"I didn't know it until that guy came in the laboratory as Leona withdraw blood from him that turned into ashes." She rambled.

"I am curious about this man?" Andrew asked.

"I think he's from here too." She nodded and take a sip of her chocolate. "I just need to find his soulmate." She mumbled.

"We can help." Almira offered.

"Her name is Adhiti. He said that she's a Goddess of Universe and I was the gifted child of the Goddess."

We all froze from what she said.

"Is he there right now?" Almira asked in a rush.

"Yes, I guess he's still there."

"Do you mean that it was Abyss's house?"

"No." She shook her head. "I mean, he went there but they have this portal using to go anywhere. I think Abyss set up blackholes."

"We need to go there, right now!" Patrick said in a rush.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"Girl, you are our map to Nicholas. We have to get him out of there."

"I'm sorry," She mumbled. "I've seen that he suffered a lot. But he told me that I have to leave. He's with thick and heavy chains and I don't think I can't take him out of there. He said that if he would, I might take the whole laboratory with me."

"It's alright. It's not your fault." Almira went to her and hugged her. "Thank you. You've just talked to my brother." She started crying.

Bethany froze and then she patted Almira's back.

"I will try to go back there."

"No." Almira gently pushed her to faced her as she wiped her tears. "Don't go back there. You might not get out."

"But, Nicholas. He's very depressed. He said that if I saw her~~Adhiti, I have to tell her that he loves and that he's okay and she needed to stay away from Abyss. They are trying to mutate his DNA but they failed because it turned ashes or mud."

"What else? We have to know everything," Almira said.

"We always change the location. Abyss always has his ways. Like using blackholes or wormholes or other dimensions."

"How about his house?"

"I haven't been there." She said. "I'm sorry. But I just saw that they get into a portal."

I exhaled and massaged my forehead. I think we are near. We just have to find out where they are located. If they keep changing locations, I think this girl could help with what Masen says hacking skills.

I left the room and went outside. Laurence is helping around and I exhaled as I make a fast roaming. Lots of cars are coming to help the students. Some parents are just rich and from the inside world.

They bring more stocks of foods and beddings and other stuff that students needed. In a few days, the Academy will be good as new since there is a lot of help around. Coming from both inside world and outside world.

"Do you think that we need to take her to Adhiti?" Laurence asked.

"Yes, I think she's telling the truth."

Laurence reached my hand and kissed it.

"Are you tired, my wife?"


"I'll take you somewhere beautiful."

He carried me like a bride and he speeds it to somewhere. We end up in a big tree. There are a blanket and a basket. He gently lay me down. I looked at the river.

"Let's take a bath."

"No." He kissed my lips.

"I am dusty, Laurence."

He groaned and he pulled me up. He both removed his clothes and helped me with mine and hang them on the branch. Then, we jumped on the river. It wasn't that deep at all. He hugged me and rubbed my chest.

"You know what, I love bathing you," Laurence said. I chuckled.

"Or you love making love with me?"

"Mostly that" He exhaled. I gasped when he lifted me and take me back to the tree at full speed and we make love.

When we reached back to the Academy, we went to the office and Masen is laughing with Bethany as they looked at some videos. I went to the sofa and crossed my legs. Masen's ears are red like he's flushing. So, he might have liked her that much. She's beautiful and has that crazy pink highlights. Also, she sounds smart and has a great sense of humor.

"I think he likes, Bethany," Laurence whispered to me, and he grinned. They were teasing Masen that the hacker a gay back then. Since he told us about sleeping with someone who is a half-man and woman. It was a big trauma to him, and when we teased that it's gay, he swore on us and almost kicked us away.

However, Patrick is making it even more epic when he said that Masen will have a girlfriend soon. But a transgender. But at least it's a transgender now. Now someone who had a p.e.n.i.s. However, someone who once has a p.e.n.i.s.

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