Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 248

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 248 New Mystical Academy

2 months later,


I watched as Bethany and Masen are checking up the new cameras around the boundary using the three big LCD screens on the wall and two on the table used for control. Patrick and I made them a desk that is comfortable for their moves like they professional hackers.

"The internet connection isn't that bad." She said and nodded.

"It's because of the tower in front of the academy." He said.

"Oh, I haven't seen that tower," Bethany said. Then, Masen moved the PTZ camera and he zoomed on where the tower is located. "Cool!"

Bethany is a carefree girl. Everyone likes her already and she is a little introvert. I take her as my student at the Academy. Although I know that they are searching for her and she needed to go to the inside world to see Adhiti, I need to at least keep her for a while until we set everything in the inside world. Then, she can go back there with Patrick and Marissa.

I looked at my wife. She got a baby bump. Since her stomach is three months now. She looked beautiful as she offered foods to Sigmund and other boys in the corridor and they talked over something.

"Wait!" Bethany said as she turned the camera on the boundary of the Academy. "There are people just standing there." She zoomed in and I crossed my arms.

"Isn't that, Leona?" Masen asked.

"Oh, f.u.c.k! My ex-girlfriend is back."

"She's your ex-girlfriend?" Bethany exclaimed. "You were the one that Nicholas is talking about. Now I just realized that the sister that Nicholas is talking about is Almira!" Bethany facepalmed and looked up at me with wide eyes.

"Yeah." I shrugged. "But it's not like I love her. It's before I met Almira."

She reached her head. She looked a little scared when Leona looked at the camera where they are zooming it.

"Oh f.u.c.k!" She nearly fell from her seat.

"Woah, chillaxed. It seemed like Leona is scarier than the clown." Masen commented.

"Clown isn't scary. It's supposed to make you happy! Now, thinking about it. I think she's some kind of Sadako."

"Alright, you guys stay here. Patrick and I with security are going in there."

I left the two and walked to Patrick and looked at him. I told him without opening my mouth that Leona is outside with the herds of monsters. He nodded.

"Baby, stay here," I told Almira.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"We will just deal with someone." I winked. Sirilla and Laurence followed us. They didn't use their superpower speed.

It's at least five minutes walked to the boundary. Then, we faced Leona with at least six meters away from her.

"Leona, long time no see," I said and grinned at her. She smiled at me flirtatiously. I suddenly felt stupid for grinning. I mean, what if Almira is watching us through the CCTV cameras?

"Hi, Andrew." She scanned me from head to toe. I suddenly felt bold. Geez, I feel goosebumps all over my body.

"What makes you visit the academy?" I asked in a very nice way.

"Aren't you going to let me in?" Leona asked.

"Why? I mean, the boundary is free to trespass?" I shrugged.

Patrick chuckled and he started laughing.

"What?" I frowned at him.

"I mean, you guys are exes and I am scared for you, Andrew," Patrick said and patted me. He laughed aloud and I exhaled. He stopped laughing and he yawned and stretched his arms.

"Andrew you knew well that the Academy has been shielded by the wing student from here," Leona said as she gracefully crossed her arms. Is she trying to seduce me with her new b.o.o.b.s? Or I don't know, it seemed like she's trying to seduce me but I feel disgusted towards her after what he did to my baby sister. "Anyway, I only wanted to see one person. Bethany, I know that she's here."

I looked at Sirilla. She rolled her eyes and glared at Leona.

"Nicholas, in exchange for Bethany." Patrick suddenly said and I frowned at him. He didn't look at me or warn me.

Leona snorted and laughed.

"Nicholas is too expensive for that brat."

"Then, why do you still want Bethany? I mean, she's comfortable in here. She's comfortable with teenagers around her."

"That's because that brat had done something completely bad. That pissed my God."

"Oh, okay. I think you are holding that girl hostage. So, if you don't want the government to get in here you should just step back. Unless you give us Nicholas."

Sirilla left and she came back at full speed with Bethany. Bethany falls to the ground and she looked up at Leona. She immediately hid behind me.

"Wow, you are so scared my dear," Leona said. "Does my aura scare you?"

"No!" Bethany said. "Your faces scare me." She said. I couldn't help but to laughed and Laurence also did laugh.

She stood and hold my shirt from the back.

"Are you giving me to her?" She asked. Patrick looked at her.

"No. Unless they give Nicholas to us." Patrick said and smiled at her. She shuddered. Then her eyes started getting watery.

"I'm sorry, Bethany. Nicholas is more important to save the world." Patrick said.

I don't know what else is Patrick thinking but it seemed like the two are talking through minds. It might be something good too.

"We'll give her to you unless you give Nicholas to us," I said.

Leona sighed.

"Very well," She looked at her people and nodded.

In a few moments, a monster with super speed has Nicholas. He's half-n.a.k.e.d and he seemed to have lashes just like Adhiti sees according to Patrick. He looked at us to everyone. Patrick looked straight at Nicholas. Then, he took Bethany's arm and pulled her.

Nicholas walked toward us and Bethany is walking toward them. But in the boundary. Nicholas smirked and he tried to reached Bethany. Sirilla quickly pulled away Bethany and sliced Nicholas's neck. Bethany screamed as the head becomes the head of a monster.

"You are trying to fool us, huh?" Patrick scoffed.

"I will have." Leona roared. "Started breaking the boundary!" She said aloud. Her men started breaking the boundary and Bethany closed her eyes and she gets eaten by a big black hole.

"Where did she go?" I asked and even Leona stopped. Patrick looked at Leona in disappointment.

"F.u.c.k you, Patrick!" She screamed.

Sorry, I am already married," Patrick said and laughed out loud.

"I will torture you." Leona oath. "When we have this world, we will torture all of you." She laughed in a very sinister way. She didn't fail on giving me goosebumps. Suddenly, I felt like going to puke by thinking that we used to f-ck endlessly back in the past. "And I will have you, myself." She pointed to me. I shook my head and rubbed my shoulders.

Then, I really puke.

"What the f.u.c.k?" Leona sneered.

Laurence is fast as he patted me and gave me a bottle of water. I thanked him.

"Sorry, thinking that I had a relationship with you makes me puke." Now, I feel really bad.

Leona seemed to be very pissed as she left with her monsters.

"That's too much." Patrick laughed at me. "How could you puke in the middle of negotiation?" He chuckled.

I drank the water and spit it.

"I'm sorry. I just feel like my stomach is turning every time she said something like that." I just realized that Bethany disappears. "Where did Bethany go?" I asked.

"She's not safe here. So, I send her away."

We started walking back.

"Where?" I asked. He looked at me and answered.

"Psyche." He said in my mind. I breathed in and out.

We went back inside and to the control room.

"Where did Bethany go?" Masen asked.

"Sorry, buddy. But we have to send her away. She's not safe in here and if she's here, we won't be safe too." I told him and patted him.

"We'll celebrate that broken heart of yours." Patrick patted him. "We'll drink later."

Masen seemed to stop as he looked at Bethany's swivel chair. Almira looked at me. I smiled at her and pulled her in my arms. I kissed her top head as I touched her bump.

"So, Bethany just stay here so she could help with arranging cameras and few systems?"

"Yes," I nodded at him.

"We keep her here for long. I thought that we could trade her for Nicholas. But, as usual, they won't easily let him go. He's gold while Bethany is just a bronze." Patrick said.

"What if something bad happened to her?" Masen asked.

"She can save herself," Patrick said. "She's one of Adhiti's gifted children. And it's peculiar." He told him. "Don't worry, we are going to drink and drown your broken heart into alcohol."

Masen didn't say anything.

"We are off to eating," I said, and we left Masen in the control room.

I looked at Patrick.

"He's smitten to her." He said.

"And how could the two of you joked about his broken heart." Almira scolded.

"Where's Bethany?" Anya asked.

"She's somewhere safer," Patrick said. Thunder approached us.

"Have you planted it?" Thunder asked Laurence. He nodded. Now, we need to go back to the control room and detect them.

Bethany prepared everything before she left. And our acting works.

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