Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 249

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 249 Lost In Magical World


I fall my butt down on the grass. I groaned and found a sword next to me. I still feel dizzy from the speed up that Sirilla made and now, I teleported to the place that Patrick showed me in my head and I think I am here now. I looked at the pair of weird shoes. I quickly took the claymore that I saw beside me and stood and pointed it to him.

He laughed at me.

"Do you even know how to use that?" He asked with that s.e.xy French accent.

I looked around. The beautiful garden just he portrayed. Then, statues and French Chteau. Then, there's this handsome tall guy smiling at me.

"That's not funny!" I said and pointed the sword to him.

"That's a heavy threat by pointing that sword, Milady."

"You sound weird." Then I thought for a while. Am I in the inside world?

"How weird is it?" He asked and stepped forward. I lifted the heavy sword in front of him.

"Lord Calvin," A man in some knight outfit. "Stay away from her." He said as he draws his sword.

"No." The handsome French guy said. "It's fine."

"How did she trespass without going through our guards?" He asked.

"She just popped out." The guy named Lord Calvin smiled at me.

"Why are you smiling?" I creased my brows.

"That's because you are beautiful, Milady."

My jaw nearly dropped from what he said. Then, he scanned me from head to toe.

"You came from the Outside World?"

"H-How do you know?" I asked. I rolled my eyes. "Yes, I came from there."

"Then, how did you just pop out?"

"It's a long story" I said and I lifted back the heavy sword. "Do not dare to come closer!"

He lifted his hand.

"Too early for pissing off a maiden?" A man laughed and I looked at the guy that speaks and back to this Lord Calvin. I frowned and put my sword~~I mean the sword down.

"Wait, if I wasn't mistaken, is Laurence your brother?" I asked.

"You are from Mystical Academy?" The man asked as he stepped forward. "I'm Lancelot." He seemed genuine.

"Oh! Laurence mentioned you."

"And he didn't mention me to you?" Lord Calvin asked.

"I don't remember." I shrugged. Probably, Laurence also mentioned Calvin.

Lancelot laughed and smacked his brother's back.

"Poor, you."

I looked at the winged man with a beautiful silver wing. He looked mightly and bright.

"Clarence, do you know her? She's from the Academy." Calvin asked.

"No. I don't recognize her." He stepped forward. "Hi!"

"Hi," I exhaled.

"You look pale," he commented.

"Thank you?" I wasn't sure what to say. I have to know that I am safe first. The winged guy laughed.

"You are safe here." He said.

"I have to know if you are a real angel."

"I'm a Guardian." He said.

I sighed and dropped the sword.

"Thank, God!" I said.

"I'm here!" I looked at the man who raised his hand with a dark complex yet handsome.

"You were thanking me?"

"Damn, then he must be a real God?" I asked.

"Yeah," Clarence laughed. "He's the God of Death. Then, there's Guinevere, the Goddess of Soul." Clarence pointed the beautiful girl in silver hair at the balcony smiling at me.

"Wow," I nodded. "And where's Adhiti?" I asked. They all stopped and looked at each other.

"You know Adhiti?" Death asked.

"Yeah," I stepped back and suddenly everything gets blurred and I felt the grass and everything gets dark.


---Lord Calvin---

The first time I lay my eyes on her, all I feel is amazement and my heart and soul has been awakened.

She got black hair braided and a cut of hair on her forehead with the length to her brows. Her black hair isn't just black but has that dark pink highlights that make it more beautiful. She got that pure black eyes and her lips have that beautiful curve. The lower part is thicker than the upper. But it's perfect.

Her skin is porcelain and she is wearing a shirt, a jacket with a hood, skinny jeans, and rubber shoes.

She just looked beautiful and young. Probably around 20 years old.

After she collapsed, I approached her and take her into my arms. I sneered at Lancelot.

"I found her." I winked.

"Wait, she's your~~" Lancelot covered his mouth. "Maman! Papa! We have to prepare for a feast!"

She also smelled good. I take her to my room since other rooms still need cleaning. My bed has been freshly changed sheets and I put her on my bed and Guinevere entered the room with that grin on her lips.

"Oh, you aren't alone now."

I chuckled.

"Why do you think she's searching for Adhiti?" I suddenly asked. She approached my lady as she removed the shoes and pulled the duvet to her chest.

"We'll find it out when she wakes up. Go and bathe yourself." She smirked at me.

I looked at my future wife for a while and then, I left the room and went to the nearest river to bath with the boys. Davin teased me about the girl and I couldn't help but flushed. Well, at least the three of us will finally have the mate. Two are happily married and my little brother is happy for the upcoming baby.

"So, what does the girl look like?" Davin asked.

"She had black hair with highlights of pink," I told.

"Hmm, very usual teenager." Davin nodded. "There might be something peculiar about her. How did she pop out like that?"

"Well, a hole opened up and she falls," I told him. He stopped and we all stopped.

"I think it's a portal. It only means that she could also make a portal. She's the person that Master Achbar is searching for!"

Then I thought about it. Master Achbar is indeed searching for someone.

"If she's the one, then she must be" Lancelot prolongs.

"Yes," Clarence said. "She must be Adhiti's gifted girl from the outside world."

We had a bath, scrubbing each other's back. However, they were the ones who scrub me. My back and my chest and my face. They are laughing because I will get married soon. However, I am not so sure that she would want that. She's young and I am older than her. However, I don't look as old as my age.

"She will fall for those muscles!" Clarence teased. I laughed and we put our fresh clothes on and went back to the main house. We've been bathing for an hour. Lunch is almost ready.

I smelled the air. She's awake. I went to the garden and found her climbing a tree and lifting that flat thing.

"You are going to fall," I told her. She looked down at me and her feet slide from the branch. She screamed and I held out my hand to catch her. She fell in my arms and I smiled down at her. "I told you. You fall on me."

She frowned and immediately jumped off and from me.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "I had taken a bath and don't I smell good or what?"

"You are so freaking weird!" She said pointing at me.

"He's just being romantic towards you," Davin said and she looked at him.


"I'm Davin." He approached her and extend his hand. "I'm also from the Academy like the winged guy, Clarence. I am sure that Patrick or Andrew sent you here."

"Yes," She nodded. "So, they sent me here because I wasn't safe there. Leona knew that I was there. If I stay longer, the Academy might get messed up again. It's a new Academy now. With high-tech security and everyone are safe in there as long as they won't leave the boundary. We install more system and devices to protect the students and that's why I am here." She babbled. I only understand a few of them.

"Wow, really?" Davin nodded. "So, you were helping with installing cameras and other stuff?"


"And why is Leona searching for you?"

She bit her lip and looking around. She took out the flat thing that they called a cellphone and showed him something.

"I built that."

"This is an old scroll. How old are you, truly?" Davin asked.

"I'm twenty-one. I accidentally jumped into the past, and that's why they use that. They kidnapped me or else~~I'll die."

"Holy shit!" Davin exclaimed. "You mean, you are from the future?"

"No. I mean, I was but this is my present."

I scratch my head.

"Listen, I shouldn't say this. But I need help." She stepped closer to Davin and reached his hands. "They are planning for a war. I think it's near. They tried to mutate more people. Since Leona couldn't farm students with gifts, they are moving to somewhere else. They are searching for me. They need me to complete it. But I want it to be destroyed."

"Wow," Davin's eyes become white, and she dropped his hand. "I'm sorry about my eyes. It's just, I can see the past from you." He took her hand. "I need to see more of it."

She nodded at him, and the hold hands there as Davin seemed to seek on her memories.

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