Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 252

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 252 Letter Of Lost Love


The wind brushed her air as she lifted her forefinger as the dove perched. She turned to me with a smile.

"I think I got a letter from someone," Almira said. I approached her and took the ribbon and the letter from the dove's ankle. "That looks like a Psyche," Almira said. I didn't open the letter. I checked the written name outside it. Masen?

"It seems like Bethany is in Psyche and she had a goodbye letter for Masen."

"Maybe it's a love letter," Almira said as the dove flew away.

My hand intertwined with her as we walked to the control room. I tapped my ID and then, I entered with my wife. Masen is listening to depressing songs. I patted Masen and hugged him from behind then I kissed his head. He threw my arms away and resisted my touch.

"Don't be choosy. You want hugs. You need hugs." I lifted the small rolled paper for him. He took it and inspected it first. Then, he unfurled the letter.

Masen. I'm sorry for not saying good to my sudden disappearance. But I am safe and okay now. However, there is this wolf here that kept following me around like a dog. Anyway, I just want to say thank you for the time that we spent together. I know that you can do more than me. Until we meet again. Beth

Masen's eyes became watery and I patted him more. Somehow, it annoyed him.

"Well, it's good that she's safe and she's with Calvin. At least, Bethany is in good hands."

Laurence entered the room and he smiled.

"My brother found her mate!" Laurence announced. That makes the three of us surprised. Marissa and I looked at each other. "I think they are going to get married anytime soon!"

"That's too fast," I said. She pinched me hard and I winced trying hard not too shrill. She pulled me and Laurence out from the control room. She dragged us away from it and smacked our arms.

Laurence and I looked down and rubbed our pained arms from her hard spank. My wife became strong.

"Didn't you see that he's in pain?" She scolded and he glared at Laurence as she put a hand over her waist. "And you have to announce in that room that Calvin is getting married to Bethany!"

"Well, I didn't mention Bethany although it was obvious." Laurence reasoned and I nudged him not to answer Almira.

She glared at him.

"You both know how to feel when you are brokenhearted!"

"Sorry," We both mumbled. She massaged her forehead and turned back from us.

"Go to work," I told him.

Laurence saluted and I followed my wife to my new office. She sat down on the sofa. I approached her and sat beside her. She looks like she needed a massage so I took the cushion and put it on my lap as she gently lay her head over my lap. I reached for the hand sanitizer and rubbed it on my hand. I pressed a few points on her face and massaged it gently.

"Does that feel good?" I asked her softly.

"Yes, thank you, my love." She reached my hand and kissed it. I just love her too much.

"Love, you shouldn't work yourself hard. Take care of our baby, okay?"

"I will."

"You shouldn't worry about everyone, just worry about yourself and our baby. That's the most important thing."

"I know, but I can't help it when others need my help."



"He's handsome and dreamy," I said with shining eyes. Abyss is indeed dreamy and Godlike but now seeing Gibson, Clarence, and other guys. I think I should change my mind since Abyss is evil.

"How about me?" He asked. I turned to him and crossed my arms.

"What do you mean?"

"I am not handsome and dreamy?" He asked which makes me think. He's oozing hot and handsome as hell.

"Well~~" I shrugged.

"Calvin, get ready. We need to be at Princess Amanda's castle. Maidens will be there, groom yourself." Lord Philip said.

I snickered and looked up at him.

"You are going with me."

"No. I am completely fine at staying here." I said. "It seems like I keep forgetting that my goal is to talk to the Goddess. Is it hard to set an appointment with her?"

"You are going with Calvin." Guinevere stepped forward. Her hands are intertwined in front like a royal Lady would do. "Adhiti will be there."

"Oh," I mumbled. "I don't have to wear any fancy clothes?"

"You have to wear fancy clothes." She smiled.

"I think that's a bad idea."

"Other royals will be there." She added.

"Oh-kay. I am not a royal"

"There will be a lot of people that you are going to meet there." She smiled. "You have to ready yourself."

Calvin put his arms around me. My body froze and felt stiff when his lips bent down to my ears.

"I'll protect you, my lady. Don't worry." He said softly and it sent volts of electricity to my body which no one ever does.

"How romantic? Now, brother, I'll take Bethany from here. We need a complete glam for tonight's party."

I followed Guinevere to the room that they set up for me. I know that I won't stay long and yet they set up clothes for me. There's even a thin silk sleeping gown. Might look s.e.xy and all. I looked at the dress that looked like an Indian outfit.

"You need to wear a mask so no one would see you," Guinevere said

"Hmm, I am not safe in here?"

"Yes. Adhiti used to wear the same to cover her nose and mouth from people's eyes. She was executed two times but no one succeeded. They didn't know what she is until now. Guinevere explained.

First, we put make-up on. Which will be useless for me since my face will be covered. So, after a handmaiden fixed the purple and gold heer half and half ready-made saree. There are also gold bling and they put a see-through cover on my nose and my mouth that looks very fashionable.

"Is this supposed to see my tummy?"

"Yes," Guinevere said. "But this heer would cover it."

"Looks s.e.xy as hell," Bethany said.

"You are s.e.xy as hell indeed," Rosy said. She's also dressed up in an English medieval outfit while she's eating food. "At least you can breathe from that." She commented.

"I shouldn't eat so my stomach won't get bloated," I said as I checked my stomach. It's flat and has little abs when I flex it.

"Girl, you have a s.e.xy hourglass shape, and that abs are to kill for."

"Hehe, I have to work out every day. Andrew made us do it even though we are mostly in control."

"Nice," Rosie said. "I don't have such a thing." She pouted.

It takes two hours for all of us to get ready. We went downstairs and Lancelot's beautiful wife is graceful as ever. I got a girl crush on her already. She's beautiful even though she's pregnant and the way he moves is as graceful as a Queen or Princess would. And yet she's a princess.

I looked at my handsome prince charming. But wait, did I just call him 'my prince charming'? God, I am falling in love deeply and fast. But falling in love isn't my mission in the outside world. I stood there stiff when Calvin approached me and he bowed at me in a very prince-like. He extended his hand. I gracefully lay my hand to him. He kissed my hand that has accessories on it and looked up at me.

"You are beautiful, my lady."

"I'm beautiful when I have my nose and mouth covered?"

"No." He stood straight and stepped forward. He gently removed the cover from my face. "You are beautiful."

Rosie seemed to shrill as she covered her mouth. Then, she smacked Gibson beside her.

"Damn, never thought that you could be that romantic, brother," Guinevere said. Lancelot laughed.

I exhaled slowly and put my mask back. I shouldn't fall in love at this moment when there are a lot of things coming and bothering me.

We enter the carriage. It's a starry night and I can't help but peek outside the window although Calvin told me that I shouldn't because there might be assassins watching us. He explained to me that their house has been a target for assassins. So, I obey my warrior.

A beautiful road comes into view full of blooming flowers. Soon, torches came into view with magical levitating lanterns around. The carriage stopped in the main double door, and the door opened. Calvin stepped out first and held out his hand for me. I reached it and made sure that I wouldn't step on my long dress.

I stopped when my eyes darted to a beautiful lady with black hair. She's wearing a very fancy and very beautiful ball gown. She smiled at everyone. She kept a charm that would keep a man beside her too.

"That's Eliza," Calvin whispered to me. "The highest princess just like Princess Amanda. She's the niece."

I pulled Calvin in front of me to block him when she almost caught my eyes.

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