Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 253

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 253 Accomplice


By being drawn to sleep, my soul and body seemed energized. The fire seemed like she had taken care of my body for days. I looked at Luther who bowed at me.

"We are in Psyche Goddess. Goddess Soul requested for us to be here. Someone you need to meet is outside."

"Good thing that I am awake."

I slipped off from the bed and turned to the mirror.

"I'm wearing a beautiful dress, Luther. More beautiful from the daily clothes that I wear."

"Princess Amanda has guests. It's her birthday party."

I smacked my forehead. I wanted to do that. I don't even know my Mama's birthday.

"How about Calixe and Papa?"

"They arrived yesterday."

"Thank you," I went to the door and opened it. Rosalinda, my Mama's handmaiden bowed.

"Dios Mio! Put your mask on, mi amor!"

"I will." I grinned at her and looked around. Everyone is busy, Luther gave me the mask, and I put it on. He gestured to the corridor, and I walked first.

"It's a hell of a party?" I asked. Luther chuckled.

"I won't say that it's hell."

"Don't be funny, as long as there are double face bitches around, it's a hell of a party," I told him. He gestured to the music room and I entered. The guards bowed at us, and there were D'Auvergne and the growing family.

"Hi, guys! Sorry that I just woke up." I said as I looked at them and they bowed and curtsied to me. "The growing family, huh?" I smiled at Lord Philip.

"Yes, Goddess." Lord Philip bowed. I looked at everyone and to the new girl who is wearing a see-through mask and a Saree outfit.

"I-uhhI'm Bethany." She answered the unspoken question. I smiled as I removed my mask.

"Pleasure to meet you, Bethany."

A knock on the door interrupted us. I turned to it as it opened. My mama entered with my mom and Lord Calixe and Professor Achbar.

"Goddess." Lord Calixe and Achbar bowed at me.

"Well, I think everyone is gathered?"

"King Aaron and Queen Amber, your highest highness." The guard in the door acknowledged.

"Hmm, now are we complete?" I asked as I spread my arms and my Mama and Mom hugged him. I sighed, relieved that I felt their presence.

"Not without your Papa and Dad." My mom said. I chuckled and looked at the door as Darius and Kraig entered. These wonderful men in my life besides my brothers and my Nick.

"Hey, beautiful!" They both exclaimed and squeezed me into a tight hug. They surrounded me when I was missing my Nick. But I shut them out when I am depressed. I never thought that there's so much more in here and I shouldn't drown myself in depression because soon, I'll have my Nicholas all by my side. Even in the Above World.

I stopped when Guinevere raised her hands to close the door. I turned to her and Gibson smiled at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Amber, I think we have ears around?" Guinevere asked. Amber who is now a Queen lifted her hand and to make the room soundproof.

I approached the table to get a wine and Guinevere cleared her throat. I put down the glass and turned to her.


"Bethany has something to say." Guinevere smiled at me charmingly. I nodded and signed Bethany. She looked nervous and she looked around. Is the crowd making her claustrophobic? She approached me.

"I was from the past when they built the capsule." She said it in a low voice. "I made that capsule happen and I've been in Leona's prison for years. I jumped to another until I made it in the present however, they still have me."

"Capsule? The one that makes the student's clones?"

"Yes, Mystical Academy is their farm. But I think there are more where they farm. They don't farm humans that have no special power. They farm people like everyone in here to increase their army and fight each other."

"You are what we are searching for." I am finally relieved and Professor Achbar stepped forward.

"You can go to the present and the future," Achbar said. "What else can you do?"

"I can teleport. I just recently learned about it after I met," She stopped. I told her to go on and she looked straight into my eyes. "After I met Nicholas. He had a message for you. He said that he loves you and you shouldn't go to Abyss or get close to him."

Her words hit me and everyone was silent. My heart is yearning for him and now, someone has encountered him. I stepped forward and grabbed her hands.

"What else? How can you have escaped them and he didn't?"

"I'm sorry, Goddess." Tears started forming in her eyes. "He told me not to take him because I might bring the whole laboratory with me. He was~~" She swallowed hard as tears rolled down her cheek. "He was in heavy chains and around his body. He told me to find you and to tell you about his love. But I promise to find him. I just need time to activate it and I'll find him."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked. I know that I scared her but I'm miserable and I am eager.

"It's my necklace. But I made it in the future. I think it will be activated in a few days and it needs power. I could track it to find him."

I let go of her hands.

"What else?"

"I think few people in this party have been in Abyss's Castle. I had encountered them or seen them on the monitor. I was the control of the facility and every time that someone had found out about it, it'll move away to another. They have these portals that could lead them to another."

I looked at Guinevere and Gibson and they nodded.

"Of course, Abyss is the abyss. He made the endless darkness in the universe. He's the darkness of himself. He can make portals. So, people at this party are his accomplice?"

"Yes, Goddess."

I turned back from her and increased the amount of wine on the silver cup. I stared at the window as I brought the cup to my lips. I need to find another diversion. I have Bethany and a tracker and I have Achbar. The map that they've been working on is slowly becoming useless and something makes me think.

"Where are Flame and Wade? I need them, right now." I said aloud.

"Yes, Goddess." Luther left the room.

"Calixe? Where's the map?"

"It's with Prince Flame, Goddess," Calixe said.

I exhaled and sipped on my wine.

"Mama," I called and she approached me. I hold her hand. "I'm sorry that I'm ruining your party."

"No. My dear, you and your Papa are enough to make me happy."

My lips seemed to wobble at that moment and I hugged her.

"Let's have a party first while waiting for Flame. Bethany, you should be secure as always." I told her. She nodded. "List down anything you needed to find him. They are making a lot of loopholes here in the Inside World and Outside world to connect it to his world. What I am worried about is that he might try to make it connected from the Above."

"What will happen if there will be a portal to the Above World?" Lord Philip asked.

"Demons might get unlimited access above."

"We have to secure it from humans and demons and Abyss," Guinevere speaks. "Or else, each soul will be eaten by a Soul Eater Monster that they've been keeping."

"What? There is such a thing?" My Papa asked.

"Yes, Prince Darius." Guinevere nodded. "If it is invaded, we won't have a choice to leave. The souls shall be protected."

Everyone looked worried as I am. I understand why the map kept changing. It's because the portals keep changing too. But there are places that we should seek to enter.

"What will happen if we enter their portal?" I asked Bethany.

"Since I saw it once or twice, there are demon guards. They look like little ones which are creepy~~adorable little monsters. They have a great smell, so if someone enters that isn't the smell that they are supposed to, it will immediately put them on high alert."

I had already planned in my mind. I just wish that Patrick is here.

"When will Patrick come back?" I asked my Mom.

"He didn't say. But if you need him, we can send a bird." My Mom said.

"Alright, after the party, we will talk and plan," Adhiti said. "Mama," I put my mask on. "I think we should go outside the party." I reached Bethany's hand. "Keep close to me and point people that were Abyss's Accomplice."

"Yes, Goddess." She nodded. I looked at Lord Calvin who bowed and tagged along.

We went outside and to the party hall. I glared at Eliza who was talking gracefully to people and casually. Like she owns the party. Princess Amanda is holding my Dad's arm as they walk to the hall to the King who is laughing hard.

"Let's greet the King quickly," I mumbled to her, Bethany. She nodded, and we followed my parents, and we curtsied to King Damien. My eyes met Eliza's gaze, and I smirked behind my mask. I will never forget what she did to my Nicholas.

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