Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 256

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 256 Number One Fan


I saw what Goddess Adhiti did in the garden. She's such a badass to slap the highest Princess. Then, the guard even knelt in force like she's controlling which is more badass. I became her fan instantly.

The girl Eliza is a very evil lady behind that angelic face. I don't know what she did but it seemed like she deserved the four hard slaps that Goddess Adhiti gave. Now, watching the family in the grand hall as Princess Amanda opened the gifts makes me miss my own family. However, I sometimes thought that I was delusional to even have one. I don't feel that I have a family. Now, I seemed to stop remembering their faces. Are they even searching for me?

"I want to show you something," Calvin whispered and he reached my hand and took me outside to the garden. I looked around and admired the live fireflies that looked like string lights around.

"Wow," I couldn't help but admire everything. It's so magical and surreal at the same time. "Is this you want to show me?" I turned to him. He shook his head and reached my hand.

"Beth, do you think that I would keep getting close to you like this if I won't say something?"

"Well, you said that you wanted to show me something."

"That's not what I mean," He said, a little exasperated. He took out a box from his pocket and opened it. It's a big diamond. I mean, literal diamond.

"Oh, why do you have that?"

"This diamond can turn into a lot of rings and even a necklace. I want to seal it. I want to marry you."

"Woah!" I raise my hands. "You are getting too fast. I mean faster than lightning. We just met and damn, yes~~we kissed. But it doesn't mean that I want to marry you."

"You don't want to marry?" He looked hurt from what I said.

"No. It's not like that. What I mean is, you didn't even ask me out~~"

"We are outside.

"I mean on the date!" I exclaimed.


"Or even court me first."

But thinking about it, who wouldn't want to get married to Lord Calvin? He's handsome, has that lean body, romantic, funny, smart, and mighty. But asking me to marry him is something crazy. We just met and it's complicated.

"I love you."

This is harder than I think. I let out an exhale and stared at him.

"How can you love me that easily? We just met."

"Because you are my soulmate."

"You only recognize me but you don't me entirely. Am I right?"

He nodded.

"I want to know you."

"Then," I stepped forward and closed the box and pushed it to him. "Let's take this slowly. Okay?"

"How slowly?"

"Let's get to know each other for months or maybe years and then if we are indeed suitable for each other, we could get married."



"I can wait that long."


He took my hand and put the diamond there.

"But this is yours."

"I can't accept it."

"Accept it. It's my heart." He smiled charmingly that no woman can ever resist. I don't feel right about the diamond. Maybe it's less in this world but in the outside world, it's something that every woman would want and cherish. "Don't tell me that you can't even accept my heart after that breathtaking kiss that we share?"

"You are good at negotiating."

"It's not negotiating, darling. It's love." He reached my hand and placed it in my palm.

"I don't know what to do with this."

"Keep it as my promise."


"To marry you." He pulled me gently and kissed my lips. Suddenly, I don't know about marriage or relationsh.i.p.s when there's a lot of things going on. Besides, I'm only twenty-one and I wanted to go around the world. I wanted to work too. I wanted to see other things and not to be tied up as a wife.

"If you can wait for more years then, I'll marry you. But are you sure that you wanted this? What if you fall in love with someone else and tie knots with her because you are tired of waiting for me?"

"You are thinking too much. I want to marry you, Beth. And wherever you are, I will always follow you or probably search for you."

I'm still hesitant. I don't know what to say at all. But I want to be in his arms and marriage is not a solution for my loneliness. I have a family outside but it's also messed up. They might also think that I'm dead or something. Then, again, I'm just twenty-one.

"Let's go back inside," I told him. He followed me inside like a bodyguard. Everyone is laughing as Princess Amanda opens their gifts.

"And what gift do I get from my beloved?" Amanda asked.

"You always get my heart, Amanda," Darius said dramatically.

"How about my Adhiti?" Amanda asked and Adhiti grinned.

"You'll find out in a few days," Adhiti said. Amanda stopped and stared at her for a while. Adhiti only grinned. Princess Amanda opened the gift from Prince Darius and her smile grew.

"This is a rare gem," Amanda said.

"Yes, I've been keeping it and I got it from our travels."

"I love it. Thank you, my love."

"Anything for you."

"Your romance is killing me," Adhiti said as she stood. "I'm off."

The Goddess left with Luther and the Phoenix. I saw loneliness that she's been concealing and I feel really bad for her. All she ever wanted was to be with Nicholas. But I couldn't even save him. It's my chance to save him that day but I fail her.

"Let's say goodbye to them," Calvin said softly.


---Prince Wade---

A dragon dropped me off from the castle of Hydor with Professor Achbar. My family is currently playing Psyche for Princess Amanda's birthday party. We left early to do things that we should. I took Lord Achbar to the portal and his eyes looked mesmerized. The portal is inside the castle, hidden at the left tower where my mother always stayed when she was alive. I stared at the mirror and it felt like I could see her. My mother.

I opened the mirror and it's the real portal. Professor Achbar covered his nose and mouth. It smelled like death but I got used to it since I visited it many times just to make sure that it was there. Queen Amber gave us a mask that would filter all of the smell. I closed the mirror and gave the mask to him.

"I don't think that I can go out of there alive."

"You have to," I told him. "If one of us could get out, that would be you," I told him.

"Prince Wade,"

"Professor Achbar, it's the only way. The Goddess needs you."

"And she needed you too."

We changed our plan quickly. Rather than waiting for days. It will take them three days to reach Hydor from Psyche, and they are using the fastest ship in our world. I put the mask on and my cloak on. I ready my sword and the letter for Nicholas.

Goddess Aqua, please give me strength for this mission. I won't fail you ever again, my Goddess.



I peered outside the window as it rained. My depression and my loneliness come along with the weather today. I hope that Prince Wade will go back in a complete piece with Professor Achbar. I am currently staying in my room in Psyche and my foster parents have already left their house while my Mama and Papa are in their room.

The rain is depressing me a lot. I left my room and walked outside to the great room. There, I found George standing in front of the fireplace as he sipped on his wine. He looked bothered or something just like me. I sat on the sofa close to the fireplace.

"Everything bothers you," George speaks. "The only thing to get Nicholas is the way you hated most." He faced me. His aura is new and the soul inside him isn't George but my brother, God of Memories. "How long are you going to let these guardians go inside that forbidden place just to save him?"

"As long as it takes," I answered.

"You could always go directly to Abyss, Adhiti."

"Brother, I have been betrayed multiple times by him. I don't trust him."

Everything he said is right. I'm a coward. I stick to Nicholas's word not to go there.

"You'll be replaced soon. You knew well that they have your clone."

"They can have my blood, but not my soul." I raise my face to him. "You suggest that I should go there and risk this shell's life? You suggest that I should surrender myself to Abyss?"

"You'll be in more pain than now, Adhiti." He said softly. "War is coming, and everyone must pay for their sins."

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