Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 257

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 257 God Of Memories


I sighed as I stared at the fire. I looked up at George, but inside him is the God of Memories. I don't know how he can get into George's body or maybe George let him. But whatever it was, he is saying things that I should do and the war is coming. Wade and Achbar should find Nicholas as soon as possible.

"Which kingdom are they going to target first?" I asked.


"And why are you at George's body?"

He moved around.

"He let me have it to speak with you."


"You don't remember?" He asked.

"Make me remember it," I told him.

He approached me, bent down, and pressed his lips to my forehead. My eyes dilated as my memory came.

The George who is in my realm is a Guardian. He went down to be a secret guardian for the Gods and Goddesses that are staying down here. He's the one who secretly let go of Luther and Phrixus after years of searching for them. My biological mother, Princess Amanda, healed me and brought me to George.

But he would go back up there to report to my Father. The Almighty God. He would also lend his body to other Gods to do their bidding. In my early days of creating the universe, he was standing behind her and speaking to a guardian with very beautiful big wings. He's taller than Guardian George and when he unfurled his wings, my eyes widened on the beautiful dark wings. It's the color of the galaxy mixed with aurora borealis. More like the galaxy that I first make.

I approached them and hugged the beautiful winged man but I didn't see his face. But I know I was safe at that moment.

I looked up at Memories and he smiled at me.

"Enjoying the wine," I said.

"Yes." George nodded and turned to the fireplace.

"Can you bring me to Abyss?"

"I can't bring you there." He said. "I can't enter his realm. You can enter there but you have to let him take you."

"Is that how you wanted me to surrender myself to him?"

"No." he waved the door so no one could enter or could hear. He moved closer to me. "He had the stolen memories of the above world. I want you to take it from him. He always has it around his body."

"Hmm," She mumbled. "And what does it have to do with me?"

"Your stolen memories are there. The memories of the Above World with your love."

I thought about it. My love is Nicholas and that's forever. But if I have another love above the world it only means that it's Nicholas.

"It's Nicholas, right?"

He nodded at me.

"I can't remember anything about him. But we are together again."

"It's your memories, his memories, and other's memories that have been stolen. The important memories are there too."

"How risky is this one?"

"What do you mean?" He creased his brows.

"I mean, how important are those memories?"

"It's how the universe is." He said. "Your love life, your youth, and everything. Abyss is making his universe and to connect it with this one. However, it's not perfect as yours. He can't make it without you although he took your memories away."


"He'll use it against you too. Now, he's using it to torture Nicholas."


"Yes," He exhaled like he'd been traumatized by it. "He can control Nicholas's memories since he has it. He also has that crystal from my realm so he could control it."

He's torturing my husband through those memories and the crystal. I have to plan for it thoroughly. I send a letter if ever they meet Nicholas. I want him to know that I'm coming for him no matter what and I have to end up Abyss's reign and his minions that are also messing up in the outside world.

"How about Del Ria?" I asked him.

"Well, he had his own God. I have nothing to do with him anymore. All of them will be punished if that's what will be voted up there."

"I'll punish them," I said.

"You are getting more and more heartless." He nodded. "You weren't heartless back then. You were young, cheerful, nave, down to earth and you gave love whole."

"And the guardian? The one with galactic wings?"

"The love of your life. You first met him in Soul's realm. You were young and he was new too. When he saw you, he asked Soul if he could be your guardian. You were clingy and of course, gave him wings when he swore his loyalty and love to you."

"He didn't have a soul mate?"

"His life through his years down there is to serve people. He was loyal and good and his every lifetime, he was executed for being good."

I don't know what to say and I listened to him.

"He said that no one ever catches his heart but you. It only means that the two of you are meant for each other. So, you bond your soul to him. When your soul nearly vanished, his half almost vanished and he became ill and stayed at your side until he asked Father to bring him down to protect you."

"Why isn't he there when I was stabbed by Abyss?"

"You send him out to do something. I don't know what you told him to do. But when he came, you were already lifeless."

I don't want to imagine my guardian cry as he hugged me. I don't want to imagine his pain but it feels like I was indeed in pain.

"It seemed like he failed you, again."

I glared up at him and stood.

"He didn't fail me."

"He failed you, Adhiti. Many times. First when you almost die up there. Second, in that academy. Third, now."

"If you think that he failed me, why am I still here alive? Then, more guardians are willing to protect me?"

"He left you, Adhiti."

"He didn't. I don't know what you imply. But leave George's body."

He exhaled and sat down on the sofa across me. He crossed his arms.

"You don't want to accept it, but you are still nave."

I exhaled and sat down. I don't know how arrogant he is but it seemed like it makes sense at all.

"So, what if I am nave?"

"You are always in a rush. Do you think sending Wade and Achbar to Abyss's realm will work?"

"How do you know about that?"

"I overheard something and dug into George's memories."

"If something bad happened to them, should I blame you?"

"I didn't do anything at all. Aqua is with them."

I rolled my eyes.

"How can she be with them?"

"Aqua has her ways." He exhaled and looked around.



Eliza came into my cell. It seemed like someone slapped her. Or my Goddess slapped her? I laughed at her scowling face.

"What now?" I asked. She started speaking in Latin more like chanting it.

"Shall your memories fail you and torture you~~"

Suddenly, my eyes dilated as I saw my Goddess in my dreams as I oath myself to her. However, I failed to protect her as I hugged her. I was supposed to guard her. But I wasn't, I was out there to get something for her. Something that she'll be happy about. But in exchange for that, I lost her. I failed her. Then, again, in a mystical academy, I left her alone and failed to protect her.

"Adhiti" I mumbled as he sat down on the floor and hugged me. I feel shivering cold. Guilty for failing my Goddess. "I'm sorry, Goddess"

In the end, in my memories, Abyss had her in his arms and she looked in love and happy. It breaks me into pieces. Now, I understand what Adhiti would feel when I was drowning in depression and to be with Eliza. Now, I am hurting her again and again.

Something gets into my head again. My torture when I was a man down here. I screamed when they lash me. I can feel it again. I deserve it. I deserve the endless torture for hurting my goddess. I don't know how long I have those but I feel empty and I am losing my sanity.

"Nicholas!" A familiar voice woke me up from those torturous memories. I sat up and looked at Wade. Maybe I'm hallucinating. "Nicholas!" He hissed again. "It's me, Wade." He said in a low voice. I stood and walked toward the cell. He looked around and gave me a letter.

"What are you doing here?"

"I can't stay for long. Achbar is getting sick."

"Where's Adhiti? Is she safe?" I asked in urgent as I received the letter.

"Yes, she sent us to you. We promise to help you."

"Leave!" I heard Abyss nearby demanding the guards to find the trespassers. "Leave now! He's coming!"

"How about you?"

"Don't mind me. I will come back to my Goddess. That's a promise. Please tell her that I love her so much."

Wade tried hard to open up the bars but he failed.

"Leave now!"

Achbar started coughing.

"Leave!" I pushed Wade away. He took Achbar with him as they left.

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