Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 263

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 263 Threats


I looked above to see this eagle flying around the cottage. He couldn't land because of invisible protection. My son seemed to start crying. I went back inside and found Almira standing and coaxing my son. I reached my son and kissed his forehead.

"I don't know what's going on. I tried feeding him and changing his diapers"

"The demon never stops," I told her. "They are watching over you and our son. I think we can't leave the academy."

"But, our home is not here." She said and exhaled. "But if it's for our baby's safety. Then, we'll stay here until everything is clear."

Almira sighed as she heard the eagle. It visits two times. In the three in the afternoon and three in the morning. It seemed like it had a pattern. It's even worse if it has a pattern. I don't think that I might be able to show them around. Not just in the Academy. When I take Almira here, I promised her that I'll show her around and treat her like a Queen. Although she told me that she doesn't want to be treated like a Queen. A promise is a promise and I love my wife dearly and now that we have our son.

"We can't hide forever," Almira said. She sighed. "You and my son are my life."

"I know." I pulled her with my other free hand and kissed her forehead. "We'll get this through together," I promised her.

The sound of the ugly wailing makes my son cry even more. I gave my son back to my wife as I took the bow and arrow. I need to shut that eagle. I went outside and watched as the eagle circled. I lifted my bow and arrow and aimed for it. I use my telekinesis to hit it directly to the heart. The eagle wailed and it turned into something monstrous. Something black and it fell. However, before it even reached the ground it exploded into fire and ashes.

I went back inside and my son stopped crying.

"It's done now," I told my son and he cooed and looked at me with that adorable face. Almira looked at me and I kissed her temple.

My phone started ringing and I pulled it out and stepped away from my wife and son. I answered Masen's call.


"We got an emergency. There seemed to be a tornado."

"What tornado?"

"It's dark and it's more like flying."

"And what's the problem?"

"It's just outside the boundary."

I come out and the wind is indeed strong.

"Mira, go to the bas.e.m.e.nt," I told her. She nodded and wrapped our son up. She did as I said and I closed the door. From afar I watched as this tornado ran around the boundary of the Mystical Academy. It doesn't look like a tornado. It's more like birds flocked together to make a tornado. Are they trying to remove the Goddess's curse on the demons?



I brought the King to the Hydor Castle through my teleportation with Princess Nixie in his arms. We didn't fall or something. We are automatically in the old room of Princess Asherah right in front of the mirror. The King stopped and stared at the mirror. I see what he sees at that moment where Princess Asherah got murdered by her sister. The King looked down at his beloved granddaughter and he kissed her forehead.

"My granddaughter will always be safe. No trick can do the same." The King promised. "Thank you, Bethany."

I nodded my head. I looked at the mirror again and I saw how the dragons fight over and over again. I watched as the gigantic eagles with boulders smashed those giants that were made by Abyss.

"Let's go back to Psyche." The King said and I nodded as I put my hand on his shoulder and in a snap, we are back in Princess Amanda's room. The King gently put his granddaughter in Princess Amanda's arms and he faced Wade.

"King Wade, I need to speak with you."

I watched as King Wade and King Damien went outside. I turned to Calvin and he smiled at me. However, seeing the Goddess staring outside isn't good at all. I know that something isn't right. I approached her and stood beside her.

"They are coming closer." The Goddess mumbled. "They are stronger than we anticipated."

"What can I do, Goddess?"

"I don't know, Beth." She exhaled. "Let's go to Pyr. We are needed there."

We faced her parents and she approached them and kissed each of them including her siblings.

"We'll leave King Wade here. I'll tell Achbar to bring Wade to Pyr. Abyss' armies are marching." She said softly. Prince Darius stood and hugged his daughter.

"Be safe."

"I will. You and mom too, and my siblings."

Darius kissed Adhiti's forehead for a long then she approached me. She reached my hand and Calvin's hand as we teleported to Pyr. King Flame is calling out people evacuating them from their homes. The battlefield is miles away from the main town. It's where they are going to meet these armies.

"Flame," The Goddess called Flame bowed at her. "Sirilla and Laurence will be here."

"Can I set up a room?"

"No." Bethany and I will go back to Hydor. "We have lots of things to discuss." She said. "I'll keep the dragons here. Ready everything and we can't let them get into Hydor. They won't be here until seven in the morning."

"Yes, Goddess."

We teleported again. This time, we are in the Mystical Academy. I looked at Calvin and he pressed my hand. . The Goddess looked at the tornado around as Andrew told the students to gather in the bas.e.m.e.nt. The wind is strong and I just realized that I am seeing a tornado.

"Goddess, what is this?"

"This is summoned by the demons. They can't step in the boundary. They can't get the precious son that is blessed by my Almighty Father."

Sirilla and Laurence appeared in front of her as they kneel in front of her.

"Come to me to the Inside World. War is coming."

They bowed and I extended my hand to them. I hold Adhiti's hand and in a snap, we are back in the Psyche with Calvin. A cry of a baby can be heard. I looked at Calvin and he smiled. I just realized that babies start coming out from their mother's w.o.m.b just before the war. Lancelot explained that last night Althea's stomach just grew bigger and the baby boy came out with two baby girls. I didn't expect this to happen. Triplets? I looked at the little ones on their big cribs. Adhiti's smile is beautiful as she kisses each of them on the forehead.

I looked at the Goddess's. She's tired but seeing the babies gives her energy.

"Sirilla, Laurence. You need to rest." She said softly and she looked at Almira. "We need you if they reach the boundary of Hydor."

"Yes, Goddess." Almira nodded. She doesn't look like she even gave birth to triplets. Her energy is back and like her youth is back.

"They are the next generation. Beautiful warriors, they will protect Earth. They will protect everyone when drought comes." She said softly as she caressed the baby boy's face. "We need to go."

Once that we teleported to Hydor, King Wade greeted us. He came with Lord Achbar.

"Rest and regain your strengths. I think it will be a long dark day." Adhiti said. Luther came and bowed. He escorted the Goddess to her room.

I looked at Calvin and he took my hand.

"I'll tell the maids to deliver the food on silver plates. If they didn't serve it in silvers, assure that something is wrong with it."

"I can detect poison, your majesty, with the Gift that Goddess of Soul gave to me."

King Wade nodded.

"Rest well, King Wade," I said.

"Thank you, Lady Bethany." He smiled and bowed. We parted and when we reached our room, the food was there. It's been a long day and it's already dark outside. I washed my hands and Calvin did so from the water fountain. He pulled a chair for me and we both sat down. I looked at the tower where I saw that something reflects in the mirror. My curiosity kills me. But I have to focus on something first. The war. Although the GPS is activated and Masen is locating it, we can't make a harsh decision on the rescue. Adhiti told us so. She seemed to already have a plan and it can't be spilled.

"My love, you need to eat." He said as he served me on my silver plate.

"Thank you, Calvin."

"My brother looked happy seeing his babies."

"Yes, they already have the babies that will replace us," I mumbled as I stared at the tower.

"What's wrong?"

I shook my head as I reached the silver goblet and sipped on it. I just realize how thirsty I am. I put the goblet down and wiped my lips with the table napkin. I turned to Calvin. I am worried about tomorrow. He needed to be there and fight them.

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