Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 264

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 264 The Marching Of The Dead


I looked at the small little ones who are sleeping peacefully in their crib. Althea gently put the curtains that are made into nylon, it's more like a mosquito net. She turned to me and smile.

"It's painful?" I asked her.

"Yes, very much. But I don't have to suffer for months to bear these little ones. They just grow fast and come out fast." She smiled.

"Aren't you worried?" She asked again.

"About what?"

"Worried about this war and might not be able to be with your little ones when you fail?"

She pressed her lips and watched the triplets sleep peacefully.

"I am worried. But I can always reincarnate again or watch them over from the above or wherever I will go." She answered. "They will be fine. They will be protected. But it's Lancelot. I know that he loves me so much and it hurts me seeing him hurt."

"Did Davin tell you?"

"Yes." She nodded. "I expected it. I'm already happy that I bear for these little ones." She reached her navel. "I thought that I would not give birth, thinking that I was cursed when my father took my innocence."

"I'm sorry," I said softly. She shook her head.

"You need to rest."

"I will stay on the balcony to watch over them."

"You don't have to."

"Althea, just like Young Lord Asher, your children are gifted by the above. Just like what Goddess Adhiti said. They were kissed by her."

She smiled and admired the little ones.

"I shed tears when I hold them first in my arms. I feel so over the moon. I know that I have to do my mission here. They are marching now and I will let Mamman take care of them."

"They still need you for b.r.e.a.s.tfeeding," I said.

"Bethany said that I can go back here. She'll be my transportation so I could feed my babies."

I nodded.

"Sirilla, I think you should go to your husband's room. I will take care of them."

"I know, but I don't feel at ease, Althea."

A wind suddenly blew in the balcony and Clarence stood there.

"I will guard the triplets," Clarence said. "Lady Sirilla, you need to get ready for the war."

"Thank you." I looked at the triplets once again and I went outside to my room. My husband already prepared the bathtub and he smiled at me.

"You know, you should stop worrying. You don't get enough sleep."

I stripped off my clothes and he grinned at seeing me n.a.k.e.d. I went directly to the bathroom and slid on the bathtub. He joined me shortly and kissed my shoulders. I smiled as his arms sn.a.k.e.d around my waist.

"My wife, you need to stop worrying."

"They are going to target people who are close to the Goddess."

"I know." Laurence exhaled.



I rode with Lady Blaze as we roamed around. It's way too dark and the moon has been covered by black clouds. Lady Blaze seemed to fly away from the area and she wailed. Slowly, the moonlight peeks and my eyes widen. There are more. They have Dragons too.

"Let's go Lady Blaze." I patted Lady Blaze and she flew away and wailed. The other dragons responded and once that we landed on the garden, I immediately jumped down.

"What happened?" Adhiti asked.

"They have dragons and I don't think that they came from Goddess of Fire."

Adhiti teleported here an hour ago with Luther. She's restless. She's more tired than I am but she doesn't want to end. She approached Blaze and placed her hand over Blaze's nuzzle. She closed her eyes and after a while, she opened them.

"Just as what Bethany saw."

"Get ready your armors, we are going to meet them before they even reach the gates."

"Yes, Goddess." I put my fist over my chest as I bow my head. I demand my men to ready everything and they ride on their horses and a few ride on the cart with other armors.

She climbed up at Blaze and Luther stayed close to her. She nodded at me and I climbed up to another dragon. Others who have their archery climbed up to the five dragons.

"We should attack right now," Adhiti said as we flew up. The cold breeze of the night is shivering and it felt like it went through my bones. I shuddered a little. I have never been in a war before. It was always calm and there were no threats. But these marching armies need to die first.



I watched as the servants were dragged by those monstrous faces. I wanted to help them and I tried hard to break the iron bars. But they are thicker than the chains that they put on me. I held on to the cold bar as they lashed a few people. I closed my eyes hard like I felt their pain in my skin. I don't know how long it has been but my Goddess needs me. It's been a long time too since I last saw Adhiti's clone. I don't know what happened to her after she helped Wade on escaping.

"Didn't you like what you are seeing?" Abyss asked as he stepped close to me.

"Who would want to see something vicious?" I asked and looked up at him. "I don't know how you become a Demon. Looked at them, Abyss. There are children. Some old people couldn't work anymore."

"I don't care." He smiled. "Humans are crazy. They are greedy. I don't know why they were created in the first place."

"You are more greedy than humans, Abyss," I said it straight. Now, I have this urge to fight him.

"How can you say that to a God?" He smirked.

"You are no longer a God. You vanished from the Above World. And this place disgusts me. I know that Goddess Adhiti would disgust this place."

He scoffed.

"Do you know what happened to little Adhiti?"

I gripped on the bars.

"I have to redo her. She had lots in mind and you fed him negativity."

"You were the one who fed her negatives." I gritted my teeth.

Abyss sighed lazily and he smirked.

"Nicholas, I don't have time to chat with you. Adhiti is on the battlefield at this moment, fighting my creations over her creations." He smirked. "She can't win over those who have no souls. She can't join the army that is already dead."

I gripped hard on the bars and growled at him.

"You were her brother! How could you even do this to her."

"I love her. If she wants to fight me, so be it. If she isn't stubborn, she might be already with me."

"She never belongs to you." I gritted my teeth. "She belongs to the above world. And I belong to her."

Abyss laughed trying to humor me. But I detest the man. He made me feel useless while I watched the servants starve and feel the pain of lashes. Abyss laughed out loud as he left.

Suddenly, I felt twisting veins at my back. My knees wobbled and fell to the ground. I growled as I felt my veins twisting. Sweat ran down from my forehead as I felt it getting stronger. Suddenly, memories in the Above World flash. My Goddess, smiling as she visits each realm greeting them. I was always following her around. Her smile, her alluring smile takes everyone's pain and everyone's burden away. She was my life until now.

I stood and growled as I felt the pain inside me. I tried to break the bars at that time. If they are in the war right now. I have to do something about that. Ignoring the pain in my back, I forcibly pulled the entrance of the gate to break it. I tried hard so hard until a familiar face appeared. She smiled at me trying to make it cheerful.



"What are you doing here?"

She reached my hand. It felt cold like the dead.

"They redo me. But I remember everything."

I felt bad for her as I reached her face.

"Adhiti's soul is not in my body. But she's fighting in Pyr boundary. She's fighting those who are already dead."

"Adhiti, what are you doing here?"

"They will redo me again and again and mixed up my memories, but I saw her. I saw what is going to happen." She reached my arm. "Stay strong and soon, you can fly again to be with your Goddess." She smiled tightly. She turned back from me and stopped seeing the servants getting lashed. "I think I will always get punished like this because I have to complete a few tasks." She mumbled. I know what she felt. "Don't worry, I will pay for Abyss's sins since he created me to live like this."

I don't know what she thinks but she left and went down and called the guards to help her with something. The servants seemed to be relieved. She's alone and I don't think that she could help those people leave this place without anyone's help.

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