Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 265

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 265 Inside World War


I ducked on the ground as I watched those men fight those armies that are unable to die. My dragons are fighting the dragons that Abyss owns or more as he cloned from the original dragons that they took from Fire. I turned around to Princess Agatha as she put her hands on the ground to control the ear. They dodged in a blink of an eye.

I breathed and raised my hand above as a twister came down. Flame shouted to retreat. Laurence and Sirilla are fast as they take out the men close to those monsters. Luther followed me as I moved forward. I watched those poor kids as Abyss's armor. I exhaled seeing a few students that I met from the Academy.

"Fire," I mumbled as the Phoenix flew up. "Amber," I mumbled and she nodded from the corner to break the protection spell that they put on these kids for us not to be able to burn them.

Amber started chanting a spell with others as it grew stronger and the tornado surrounded these armies. The dragons and the poor clones of the kids from the Academy are with the tornado. Flame together with the dragon blows fire on the tornado. We watched as they were burned and died into ashes. Finally, I hope that it's done.

"Goddess!" Laurence called as he ran toward me. "There is an attack in each Kingdom. "Also in Mystical Academy."

My heart nearly sank from what he said.

"Standby," I said aloud. I turned to Bethany. "Laurence, you stay here, Sirilla you are coming with me to Aer. Beth, you stay close to Calvin. Stay safe. Go to Psyche and protect the Crown Prince and Princess."

She nodded and took Calvin's hand.

"King Damien will take the cover of the Psyche."



I stared at my babies for a long time and kissed each of them. Then, I reached for Amanda's hand.

"Break the bond," I said softly. She shook her head.

"I will help you. You need to help me too."

"Amanda, they are close to us. I want you to stay with our children. Protect them. I can't risk you to."

Tears streamed down her face. I reached it and wiped it.

"Amanda please," I begged her. Our children can't lose both of us.

"I'm sorry, Darius. When you are there, fighting, I will keep healing you. Do you understand me? I can't let go without protection."


"Our children will always get protection." I looked at Lady Patterson.

"I will protect them." She promised.

"Thank you." I approached her and hugged her. They are my daughter's foster parents. They are the real parents. She tapped me at my back then and I pressed my lips. I stared at my wife for a very long time and at my children.

"I will be back," I promised her. She nodded. I kissed her lips passionately and then looked at my twins. I want to see my other daughter too. But I think she's busy with the war.

I exhaled and left Amanda's house. It's better to be safe. I know that Amanda wouldn't let me go. But for the sake of our children, I want her to break it. I climbed up on my horse and went to the castle. I jumped off and Lord Patrick bowed at me. I hugged him. I looked at the King.

"Your Majesty, are you going in too?"

"I will be behind everyone. To make sure that everyone is safe." He said. "Children are the priority. If I die, you'll be the next King."

"And if I didn't make it?" I asked. "If you didn't make it, I already set up the new one. You need to be safe. I know that Amanda is hard-headed and she didn't want you to break the bond."

King Damien didn't tell everyone about the twins. It's for their safety. There also triplets in the house of Lord D'Auvergne. The Goddess of Soul and God of Death protect them. Their house is also the target so they will soon evacuate.

"King Damien," Patrick called.

"Yes, Lord Patrick."

"Please trust me."

"I trust you."

He climbed up on our horses as we rode to the battlefield outside the boundary of Psyche.


King Albus of Aer

I called out the eagles as they stood by getting the boulders ready. The evacuation that the Goddess asked for is also ready as the knights from Psyche are helping every people to evacuate. I put on my armor as I faced my right hand.

"Who will be on the throne, your majesty?"

"I will be," I said as I reached the wine and drank it. "We need to make sure that we'll survive. It's the only way to protect our people. Our daily training wouldn't let us down. And I'll be there controlling the wind."

Just what Goddess Adhiti said, I should protect my people no matter what. I should survive for my people too. The Goddess appeared in front of us. He immediately knelt to one knee and put our fist over our chest where our hearts are located.

"Albus, we need to get ready. Yours has the least knights."

She said quickly. I nodded and took my bow and arrow. We follow the Goddess and use our fine horses to go to the battlefield. The Goddess is always with Luther. She shouldn't intervene in a warlike this but since it's Abyss's army, the above will intervene. When we reach it, people who have gifts from the above world. We lined them up perfectly. I looked at the above as the black eagles were around. More like giant ravens and crows.

"This is too much," Adhiti mumbled. She exhaled. "It's like a world war. In the inside world."

"This is the first time Goddess. After a very long time."

"Let's end this, Albus. The people of Aer have been in crisis during Arianne's reign. We can't starve them again and put traumatic things over the people."

"Yes, Goddess."

I signed the people that would be riding the giant Eagles of the Aer.

"Go," I said. The command shouted as they started throwing boulders at the giants that are called cyclops. We don't know how to kill it. Maybe cutting their heads off will do and burn them.

I told them to release the blades and I controlled the air as it flew directly to the cyclopes. It's faster than I expected. It directly went through one of the cyclopes' necks and his head flew as his body took a few more steps before it fell completely.

"The trick won't do the same," Adhiti said. I nodded as we went further. We tried doing it again and again and this time it flew faster than before cutting their heads off.

However, these little ones are faster. They are like babies. Monster babies. Adhiti exhaled and closed her eyes hard.

I told my men to use their arrows and I took out mine to target another after another. On the other hand, Sirilla, who moves faster than the wind, started slicing those babies and I told the people to hold up their arrows not to hurt Sirilla. I signed other men to go after those zombie people. However, no matter how much we killed them, nothing happened.

"Do we have any enchantress to break the spell so we can burn them?"

"They are like ice, Goddess. The only enchantress that lives here is Amber." Achbar said. "Her mother died a very long time ago."

"Then, I'm going to get her."

The Goddess disappeared. She looked so tired at that moment. I don't know how long she's going to take it. I continue protecting the walls that we made so they won't be able to enter the boundary of Aer where my people live.

"Ready the fire!" I shouted.

I watched as they put the oil into the cloth that has been gathered and with other flaming materials that we use for torches. They release it one by one aiming for those big ones. They also started releasing the arrows that had a fire on them. I gathered the snow using my gift as I made it a barrier to the wall to make it strong.

We released another after another and few people from the shelter that I made came up to help. My heart melted from what they are doing. Giving water to the wounded soldiers that are our main barrier. The arrows won't do that much.

"Amber is here." Goddess came with Amber beside her. Amber exhaled and I told someone to give her a warm coat. One came running and put a coat around her.

"Can you do this Amber?" The Goddess asked. "We have no choice but to burn them. We need to remove the spell from them."

"I will do this, Goddess."

Amber breathed as the smoke came. She chanted a spell and raised her hand. It suddenly became warm around here as I saw that there's something in the air. She's controlling the nymphs of air to remove the spell around them. Then a dragon came as they blew them with fire.

However, the next thing that we didn't expect is that their birds increased as they attack the dragons.

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