Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 266

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 266 Death And Pain


Those birds seemed stronger than Aer birds because Abyss's children are with them. They attack the dragons as one dragon falls. Few retreated as the Phrixus squealed, calling them out to retreat. But they kept coming and kept attacking the dragons. I used the air to shoo them away and Phrixus came to his children blowing fire at them. I raised my hand and nodded at the kids who had gifts.

They nodded but just before they used their gifts, something struck their chest out from my eyes. A black spear is right into their chest. I turned around seeing Abyss just behind them smiling at me. He knew well that hurting them is hurting me.

I watched as they fell on the floor together with it my tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Goddess, I'm sorry." One of them mumbled as blood came out from their mouths. I approached them and raised my hand to bring them above the world. So, Abyss won't ever have it.

I turned to Abyss and watched him smile.

"Protect and defend, Achbar," I said aloud. I exhaled and reached Amber.

"Let's go to Era," I told her. "I know that you are tired" I said softly and reached her hand. When we reached Era, we landed on the battlefield.

"Goddess!" Someone called. "My Queen!" A horse came as Aaron sliced the upcoming monster to us. I exhaled and turned around where Abyss is smiling. I glared at him as I covered Amber.

He disappeared and I know well where he's going. We end up in Hydor and just like what Bethany said. Dragons are fighting each other. The main city is empty and Abyss is thinking about where I put them. I approached him and pulled out my sword. I pointed it to him and he didn't even flinch.

"You have my Nicholas. Aren't you tired of it, Abyss?"

"Why would I get tired when I got you all worked up?" He grinned at me. A grin that he never made when we were in the above world. "You know that I can always take you to Nicholas." He smirked at me.

I exhaled slowly and looked at the balcony where Bethany's room is located. The mirror is there and I don't know if she already found out about the tower. I turned to Abyss and he is so close to me. I didn't show any emotions. He stepped back and looked at me for long. Then, he disappeared.

"Goddess!" Luther called and he covered me. I almost forgot that I keep ditching Luther. "Please, don't leave like that."

"I'm sorry, Luther."

I looked around and it's all chaotic. The sea monsters are helping around coming out from the water to grab those armies. I exhaled and teleported to Bethany's room.


"Beth, did you find out about the tower."

"Yes," She nodded. "It's another mirror. If we put all of them there, they might not be able to get out."

"Did get in there?" I asked. She nodded.

"It's an endless Abyss. I think it's where they should be put. When we are cleared, we can destroy them."

"How are we going to put them there?" I asked her. "Is it small?"

"It's big enough to fit a person. It sucked hard. I will open up a portal through here."

"Good." I nodded.

"I'll send Achbar to Aer to do the same," I said quickly. "I'll be in Pyr and Luther will be in Era to control it."

I turned to Luther and he knelt on one knee. I pointed my finger to him.

"Guardian Luther, warrior of the Above World. I gave you an authority to open up the portals to take those armies to this abysmal gate where they came from."

"I will do as you order, Goddess of Universe." He said as he accepted my gift. He stood.

"Please go to Era," I told him. He nodded and he opened a portal and he got in. It closes and Bethany smiles.

"I can't give any gift to anyone at the moment. I can't trust anyone now. That's why I am very careful."

Bethany nodded and she ran to the table and took a bottle.

"This is freshwater." She said and even double-checked it if there's a poison or whatever."

"No one can poison me," Adhiti said. Bethany nodded. I opened the cap and drank on it.

"Honestly, Aqua came here and told me to give it to you. She said that you've been jumping from one place to another, you need energy."

"Thank you, Beth."

"I will help as much as I could, Goddess."

"Yes, and keep safe," I said softly as I reached her face. "You need to live for yourself too. Calvin is a gift from above to you. He'll keep you safe."

Bethany nodded. I finished my drink, and I touched the mirror. This is perfectly made by the mermaids. Asherah has the gift that her family didn't have. That's why her sister envies her so much. I finished the bottle and put it on the table. I stepped forward and hugged Bethany.

"Help me protect the heir and heiress of the thrones."

"I will." She promised. I pulled out from her and teleported to Pyr.

My heart seemed to stop seeing dead bodies and Flame shouting not to let them in the gate. I looked at the dragons lying on the ground. There are at least three dragons that came from Fire and ten dragons from Abyss. I exhaled and contained myself.

"Goddess," Flame came and looked down at me.

"You must be tired."

"Even though there we killed few of them and turned them to ashes, more kept on coming."

"I have an idea," I told him. He got down and put down his sword. "Lure them in the middle. Gather your men and fall back."

He nodded. He shouted at them, and they all ran as a retreat as they gathered in the middle. They cover me up with a shield in front and spears at the back. They ran in a rush in front of me as I opened up the portal and used the air to suck them in. I closed my eyes as Bethany showed me what she's doing, sucking those armies who aren't supposed to be on this earth.

After sucking it in, there's no one left and even the dead bodies of Abyss's armies. I exhaled and looked at Flame, who looked exhausted as me.

"I will go to Psyche," I told him.

"Can I come with you? I know that I can't leave Pyr, but I have Laurence here."

"Yes," I nodded. I turned to Laurence. "Let's visit Aer first," I said.



I didn't make it in Pyr or Hydor. Luther told me to stay in Psyche and to be the marksman. I stayed in Psyche, in the tower. These dead armies are walking like everything is nothing. What surprised me is that few of them could control earth, air, water, or even fire. Most of them could do things with their mind and fight above a human's strength. These clones are people back then. They were killed, and their souls had been taken and replaced with something evil.

I closed my eyes as I gripped hard on the biggest arrow. I released it. and it went directly to the heart of the giant. I release another after another. A shrill caught my attention. My eyes widen on the crawling babies. Their faces are hideous, their skin is black, and they have fangs and red eyes. Someone sliced it in front of me before I even got a bite from it. I looked at Lancelot.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you more," I said as he fought those little monsters using his light and his sword. I get back with commanding to put another arrow to target a scarier dragon before they break our archers. I release another after another, running back and forth to the giant arrows.

I looked at Lancelot, who continued fighting those little monsters. He came to me shortly. I reached his hand and scooped his face.

"My love, whatever happens, or whoever survives, should take care of our babies and love them."

"What are you talking about?" Lancelot creased his brows.

"I can see them. I know that you do too."

Lancelot knew well that he could see those dark shadows lingering to us.

"I love you." I kissed his lips quickly and got back to work. Those little monsters shrieked, and they were after me. I ignore it as Lancelot protects me, and I take another after another.

Lots of us are tired, but I have to do this. I have to protect my little ones, my family, and the heirs and heiresses. I heard someone murmuring or more like chanting a spell. It felt like whispering in my ear. I turned around to the other tower as Lord Del Ria stared at me and his mouth spoke in the old language that means "Strike her heart"

I didn't have time but to kill the last dragon. I pulled it, and just after I pulled it, I felt a sharp thing strike into my heart.


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