Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 267

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 267 Meant To Die


I saw it with my own eyes as Lord Del Ria summoned the dark spear to kill Althea. Just like in my visions, Althea died but I didn't see how. I kept it in my head and watched as Lancelot screamed in pain for his wife clutching her in his arms. My heart instantly breaks seeing the pain. She gently reached his cheek, no words to waste.

"I love you. I~~love our little angels," She said breathlessly.

"No!" Lancelot screamed and called for a healer. I turned to Gibson who walked fast toward them and reached Althea's hand as her soul has been taken from her body. Her eyes turned to Del Ria although he did not see her soul. Lancelot continued weeping in pain as he screamed loud and the lights from his heart flashes, making those little monsters shriek and fall from the tower.

I turned to Calixe and he bowed his head.

"You saw it?"

"Witnesses are enough," Calixe said softly.

The Goddess came and Del Ria ran off like a chicken. We approached the Goddess and her heart sank seeing Laurence wept, clutching his wife in his arms as he cried.

Tears, it's all I see. The Goddess stared at her body and she disappeared and went to the battlefield.

"Papa!" Adhiti called. I reached my chest feeling the pain. "Papa!" She called again and Darius saw something dark coming to the King. He blocked it and it ran directly to his metal armor to his chest. "Papa!" Adhiti screamed aloud as she approached her father trying to heal him. The King fought back covering Darius.

At that moment, I saw Princess Amanda lying there too. The world shakes as Adhiti screams out loud seeing both of her parents dying at the same time. Princess Amanda and Darius reached each other's hand and looked at each other for a while then at Adhiti. Slowly, they closed their eyes after murmuring something. Gibson stood still beside me. But he's down there now, using his spirit form as he takes their souls before the dark spear takes them away.

"No!" Adhiti reached her parent's hands.

The King stopped and looked down at his daughter. He knelt beside Princess Amanda and reached her face. I looked away from the scenario. My heart aches a lot. Just at that moment, Luther came with Clarence as Luther make a portal and Clarence use his light from the other side taking them to the portal. King Albus came out from the portal as he used his wind sucking them into the portal and it closed. Our enemies are gone at that instant.

But at that moment, no one shouted or even cheered. Everyone bowed down as Adhiti and King Damien cried for their loss. Seeing Adhiti cry just like in my vision pained me. Her chest heaved as slowly, the earth shakes together with the sound of thunder.

We went down just when the earthquake stopped. Flame ran to Adhiti and hugged her. She reached her chest and smacked it. She cried harder. She wiped her tears and looked in the direction of Kraig, my eyes widened when Abyss pushed an invisible knife right through his heart.

"Abyss!" She screamed and the world shakes as we duck down. But it's too late. Kraig falls to his knees and mouthed to her.

"I'm fine" He smiled.

"Dad!" Patrick ran to him and caught him before he fell. "Dad!" Patrick shook him. "Dad, don't joke around." Patrick sobbed.

"T-Tell your mom that I will meet her again." He said softly and he also left us as Death took him. Abyss smirked and Soul appeared in front of him in her spirit form. He quickly disappeared as Adhiti breathed and reached her parent's hand that was intertwined together. She whispered and she lost consciousness.

The rain falls hard unexpectedly together with loud rumbling and lightning. The King pulled away from his daughter as the roots under covered Princess Amanda and Darius. He quickly stood and pulled Adhiti's unconscious body.

"Locked up the gate!" The King demanded. We watched as he carried Adhiti who seemed to be in more pain than any of us. But, I don't know how much pain they are keeping. Calixe approached Patrick and spoke to him softly. Until he let them put his body in the carriage.

I looked above as Clarence helped Lancelot. He removed his armors and removed his wife's armors. He burst into tears again seeing the mark on her chest. Clarence spoke to him softly as Lancelot finally took her into his arms carrying her like her weight is nothing.

Luther approached the King to take Adhiti. We marched back to the castle and my heart sank seeing Patrick cry and Calixe hold him. I exhaled softly trying to process everything in my mind. But we saw it. We try to counter it. What I didn't see is how they die. But I know that they died in my vision. So, it's Abyss and Del Ria.

We reached the castle and the maids already set up food and drinks. It's not a celebration at all. The King sat down on his throne and looked at Adhiti in Luther's arms and then to Patrick and Lancelot.

"I don't understand what happened." King Damien said softly. I stepped forward and bowed at him.

I looked at Del Ria on the seat of the Elder and I extended my hand to the King.

"Do you want to know everything?" I asked him. Prince George approached the King. He is bruised like others, trying to protect his father and Darius, and others. The King looked at him and Prince George nodded.

He didn't hesitate as he reached my hand and I showed him everything. I showed him how Princess Amanda gave birth to Adhiti and everything in Mystical Academy. I showed him that Adhiti is his granddaughter and I showed him how they died. He gasped and looked up at me with those dilated eyes. He leaned his elbow over the arm of the throne and put his chin over it as he panted.

He looked at George and nodded. George called out the warriors and mumbled to them. They nodded. The guards positioned themselves to each elder. He stood and faced them.

"From now on, none of you can leave the castle. Someone is a traitor here, letting Abyss's children kill my son-in-law that also killed my daughter. I can't trust anyone at this moment and no one shall leave the castle until I tell you so." He threatened each of them.

"Your Majesty!" Elder Asvald exclaimed. "I think it's too much."

"A criminal stayed in a dungeon for more than five years! How could you complain? You'll stay in the castle, will be served with good foods and good drinks and a warm bed to stay." He gritted his teeth. His eyes turned into Lancelot with his wife in his arm, clutching her as he gently caressed her beautiful face. I saw how his heart broke. She died in front of him and all of us lost a few people.

"I will be going now, your majesty." I bowed at him. He nodded and I glanced at the Elders and then I went to the door to Goddess Adhiti.

"I think seeing her siblings will be better," I told him. He nodded.

We soon reached the house of D'Auvergne. Lancelot's Maman approached and burst into tears seeing Althea's dead body in his son's arms. Lord Philip D'Auvergne stayed in the castle to figure things out. My heart already felt heavy with the happenings.

Guinevere approached his brother.

"Don't worry, she's in the above world," Guinevere said. "Let her go. She'll come back to you soon enough. Focus on the triplets,"

He nodded as he gently put his wife's body on the stretcher so they could clean her up.

"I~~I will dress up my wife," Lancelot said. They nodded as they took her away.

On the other hand, the carriage moved again as Patrick took his father back to their home. I nodded and looked at Gibson. We rode on our horses as we followed Lord Patrick with Luther and Adhiti. We reached the house soon which is thirty minutes drive from D'Auvergne. In the line, people watched us curious about who died.

Hermes quickly approached the carriage, and he held his son in his arms as he cried out loud. Lady Annabeth also came running. More people cried with the death of Lord Kraig. I don't even know how to help them with their broken hearts. I saw everything as a vision, and although we tried to counter it, we failed since Abyss had spies in the castle who helped him to take people who are most precious to Adhiti. The more pain that Adhiti received, the more the world will destroy.

It didn't stop raining at this moment, and I told Hermes and the King what's going to happen. So, the King plans. Everyone planned to stock food for these people.

"Thank you, Davin," Patrick said and hugged me.

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