Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 269

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 269 Traitors


I hugged Marissa and kissed Daren and the twins. Next, I hugged my mother and kissed her forehead.

"I will be back as soon as possible," I promised them. I turned to my grandfather who nodded at me. I approached my carriage. I turned to them one last time and I entered my carriage. I don't want to leave them on this day that we should mourn over the death of a great father. But we have no time at this moment. We already think that his plan is breaking Adhiti, to wake up Catastrophe. We all know Catastrophe but not completely. We don't know if she became destructive or became neutral. But at this time, it's raining hard and the birds are chirping and animals are making their sound as they know well what's going to happen next.

I stopped by from D'Auvergne's house to pick Davin and Calvin. I went inside and found Althea's corpse in a beautiful bed with flowers. She's lying there like she's just sleeping. Lancelot stayed by herself. His eyes are bloodshot from crying. I heard babies crying from another room and Lancelot's sister, Guinevere, is taking care of the triplets with their Maman. I approached Lancelot and put my hand over his arm.

"Don't worry, she'll be back to you again," I said through his head. He looked up at me and I nodded. "Trust me on this, Lancelot. It's not the end. You have three children to take care of. Let her go."

"It's hard to let go." He said as he looked at his beloved. We all know how Lancelot loves Althea so much. "I will try. For now, I want to stay with her and stare at her beautiful face."

I left him, I don't know what to say after that. Davin and Calvin followed me to the carriage. We soon reached the castle and the guards escorted us. The King is dressed in white with wine in his hand. He's in pain too. Each of us is in pain. We lost a hundred knights in Psyche and a few more from other Kingdoms. At this moment, the King saw it with his own eyes. Those black slithering shadows that killed Darius and Princess Amanda were summoned by someone in the Kingdom to break the protective spell that the King put. He already had speculations and three people with a title as an Elder are traitors.

I stand still in front of them with Davin at my sides and Calvin. We bowed to the king and he stood quickly.

"Give them wines." He shouted at the servants. He already sounded drunk. "Now, Patrick, tell us. What did you see?"

"I saw my father died in front of me," I answered.

"Then, it's Davin." He said. "Can you show us everything?"

"Yes, your majesty. But first, I would like to ask for an Enchantress?"

"The only living Enchantress we have from the Five Kingdoms is Queen Amber." He said and looked at the Lords. "Lord Del Ria, assist everything that Davin needed."

"A little potion to project my memories will do, your majesty."

Lord Del Ria stepped forward and took out a potion that he always had. Davin and Del Ria and their eyes met. Davin smiled at him politely. Del Ria gave him the potion and he took it. He opened it and checked it for a while. Davin stepped forward. He opened the potion. He poured it on the floor as he closed his eyes and showed everyone what happened. On how Althea died with Lord Del Ria muttering. I listen to Del Ria's mind.

He could say that he's protecting Althea from it. No one heard what he's saying but from Althea's point of view, one can read what he's saying. I can read lips and Davin could too. And once that we claim on whatever he's muttering, he'll sentence to death or worst banished from the Kingdoms.

After that, we saw how Adhiti called her father. Papa! It echoes around the hall and then, she breaks after seeing our dad stabbed by Abyss that goes through the iron armor. Everyone is speechless as the Goddess lost consciousness.

"That's all for now, your majesty." Davin finally said.

The King stared at the liquid on the floor as it slowly dissolved.

"She's calling Darius 'Papa', Davin."

"Darius stood as her father back in the Outside World." Prince George said. "I was with Darius and Adhiti. We raised her for two years."

"I see," King Damien mumbled. "Adhiti, you knew that she was a Goddess?"

"Yes," George nodded as he put his hands at the back. "We are protecting her until now. She was murdered back in Mystical Academy and Royal blood is behind it."

"What's the Royal Blood's name?" The King asked. George didn't answer. Everyone is silent waiting for his answer.

"I heard that there are more than one who was involved. But two was the recent headmistresses of Mystical Academy Lady Hudson and Lady Leona." He answered.

"You mean that there are others who are involved besides the two."

"Yes," George answered. "The witness is Lord Andrew Patterson and the Goddess itself."

"Then, I have to wait for her to wake up." The King decided. We couldn't say it aloud on who was involved. " All royals shall be locked into their houses. If anyone leaves their house without my consent, they'll be thrown into a dungeon."

"How about the Highest Princes and Princesses?" Elder Tutelage, Elder Asvald asked.

"Every royal," He said it loud and clear. "Every Highest Princes and Princesses aren't allowed. They can only leave their house with my permission."

"Yes, your majesty." The Elders said as they bowed.

The King sipped on his wine and looked straight at me.

"Lord Patrick," He called. I bowed at him. "If your brother, Lord Andrew knows the threat to the Goddess, you might have an idea on who it was. Give me names." He demanded. I stared back at him and answered him.

"I will only speak once the Goddess is awake," I told him. He creased his brows. "I apologize, your majesty. But I am only loyal to the above. I bow to you but I can only speak once the Goddess is awake."

"I understand," The King mumbled. "I am not more powerful than the Goddess. At this moment, all we need to focus on is the stocks from calamity. Lord Davin, you foresee this?"

"Yes," Davin said. "I don't know how long the Goddess will wake up, but the earth is slowly dying. This is the start, your majesty."

It seemed like the King was listening to us. He looked at Calixe.

"Lord Calixe?"

He approached the King and took out the book that contains the poems that he scribbled.

"Everything is here, your majesty."

"Thank you, Lord Calixe." He held it like it's precious. "Elder Nekvi, make sure that our budget would go through around the year. We don't know how long this is going to stay."

"Yes, your majesty."

The door burst open. A silhouette of a woman entered together with a winged man. A lightning strikes and I know from the silhouette it's Adhiti. Now, we can finally tell them what happened.

We stepped aside to give way to the Goddess. Her eyes looked dark, golden brown with a black ring around them. Catastrophe. No one ever sees her.

Catastrophe was born after Adhiti died

Abyss wakes her up as the world dried

People of the world will pay with blood

Those who provoke her will turn into sludge

Give way to the Goddess of Universe and Destruction!

She won't be merciful to any seduction

Life that has been taken will be paid by life

She'll be the rule that will cause a strife

I read Calixe clearly. So, it's a Catastrophe as I speculated. She removed her mask and faced the King. The King stood and he knelt one knee and put it over his chest. We all did. Then, she speaks, sounding more like Catastrophe than Adhiti. The King stood and everyone followed.

"I came to gather debts." She spoke so mighty and strong. Stronger than Adhiti. Adhiti speaks softly and cheerfully and she's very expressive. She's the reciprocal of the creator. She's the destruction. The King strode fast toward her. He reached her cheeks.

"I know that you are in pain more than us."

"What pain are you talking about, King Damien?" She asked. He put down his hands and stared at her. I read him clearly. The more he stared at Adhiti, the more he saw Amanda through her. "I am simply here to ask for the payment for the life that has been taken. Darius, Amanda, Althea, and other gifted children of the above world. I had seen them right in my eyes. The protective spell does nothing because someone breaks it while they are protecting the people of this world."

"Someone broke the spell?" The King asked. "May I, Goddess?" She asked.

The Goddess extended her hand and the King held it as he looked through her.

"I came to collect Nicodemus Del Ria and your granddaughter, Eliza." She said.

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