Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 271

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 271 Destruction


I woke up from a very bad dream. I dreamed of the earth slowly dying and a few plants from outer space crashing at each other. I saw how the meteors rain in the mountains. Few places on earth flooded and it'll be a long drought too. My breathing heaved from what I witnessed, my sweat broke and rolled down to my neck. I turned to the silhouette outside, Abyss was standing there, probably staring at me for a long time. We stared at each other for a long time and I decided to stand and approached him.

"There must be something good that happened that a former God pays me a visit."

"I am still a God, Nicholas."

"Well, I don't know. You've been banished from above" I shook my head to mock him. He smirked at me.

"The earth is dying," He smiled. "It only means that Catastrophe takes over."

"Why are you happy about it?"

"Because Catastrophe doesn't love you, poor Nicholas."

My heart clenched from what he said. It's not true. Catastrophe loves me too because she and Adhiti are one. It's like she had multiple personalities inside her. I remember Catastrophe asking me in loneliness if I could love her and love them. I promised her and I won't break that promise.

"I am getting ready for my wedding," He smirked. "Come here, dear." My eyes turned to the little Adhiti. She's wearing a pure white dress with lace on the sleeves. "Isn't she beautiful?"

"Don't tell me that you are f.u.c.k.i.n.g her?"

"No. Not yet I will consume it after our wedding. But first," Abyss caressed Adhiti gently like she's a gem. "I'll have to wait for a Catastrophe." He kissed pressed on Adhiti's cold temple. She looked like a robot. More like she's an empty shell. My eyes look through her chest and I can still see the little light that Goddess of Water put.

"You had fun hurting Adhiti," I said as I stared at Adhiti's clone beside him. I saw how my Goddess broke. I know that it makes Catastrophe rise and it's indeed catastrophic in the Inside and Outside World.

"I just want her but she's too selfish." Abyss said as he possessively pulled Adhiti to him.

"You are the selfish one here, Abyss. Look at what you did. You just made a clone that is her replica. I feel sorry for you. You knew well that you can't have her, so you make someone that looked exactly like her."

"No, you are wrong. I make someone exactly like her because I have to pay for her body. You see, once Catastrophe came to me, I have to send this Adhiti back to their world so they won't ever interrupt me with my Adhiti." He said it like he owns Adhiti. Catastrophe will come to him? Why? He left and Adhiti looked at me once again. Once that they left, my back twisted and I growled in pain.



The deafening shrill of the slithering shadow that is trying to take Eliza and Nicodemus. I pulled out my sword that is blessed by the Goddess of Soul. I run fast and cut the tentacles that are holding them. It shrilled even more as Catastrophe levitates, taking those dark slithering shadows back to the portal where it came from. She brought them back from where they came from. We were momentarily mesmerized by her glowing marks.

The thunder strikes somewhere near the castle and Catastrophe looked mad as she glared at Eliza and Nicodemus. She burned their clothes. Her eyes are sharp and murderous. Together with it, the rain poured even more together with strong wind and numerous lightning.

"Catastrophe, that's enough." I reached her hand. She glared at me and pushed me away. She's strong and she's destroying everything.

"I had enough with your schemes, Eliza. Did you summon the dark spear to kill Darius?"

Avaree held Eliza's hand and she gritted her teeth.

"I did."

"You are the one who summons the succubus to make Nicholas f.u.c.k you even though he thought so much of Adhiti. You hurt Adhiti and it's now my time to hurt you."

"Catastrophe!" I called her again and blocked her. I scooped her face and looked into her murderous eyes. "Hey, let the King handle it."

"How can he handle someone who betrays the above world?" Catastrophe asked.

"I'm here now. I will help you."

She pushed me away. Damn, she's stubborn. I watched as George approached her and he was in his monotonous expression.

"Catastrophe, I will help them. I promise that they will never escape. And if they did, I will go after them and take them to you." George said like it's an oath.

She calmed down and the rain suddenly stopped even the angry clouds.

"Very well," She exhaled and looked at Luther.

"I will take care of this, Goddess." The King said. Catastrophe looked at me one last time and she turned back. Luther followed her.

"Guards," He called. They approached him. "I want to see them in the devil's dungeon."

I never heard of the Devil's dungeon before. I turned to Calixe and he looked at me in the eye.

"The Devil's Dungeon is the deepest place here. That even dark shadows couldn't go. It is blessed by Goddess Adhiti. Anyone that will be put there will be people who will also be judged in the above. Even a demon could be put there."

I watched as they dragged Eliza and Nicodemus. The King signed me and I followed him with Davin.

We watched as they were put in separate cells and cuff both of their ankles and their wrists. They can still move around and even lie down. Then, the king mumbled something, and somehow, I could see the protective light around it. Eliza glared at me and I turned back from her as I followed the King back to the hall.

"Anyone who wanted to be in the Devil's Dungeon?" He asked. I held the King's arm before he tripped. He's tired of everything. Emotionally and physically.

"Your majesty," Elder of Healers, Marcellus Amados stepped forward and held his arm. "You need to rest." I see a light coming from him as he passes it to the King.

"Lord Patrick, Davin, Calixe, escort me to my room. The rest, I want everyone back to their room and clean this up!" He commanded.

I let go of the King as he stood still. We followed him to his room. His room has photographs from Polaroid and it was secured in a glass and wooden frame. There's also an ancient painting of a beautiful woman with a crown. She looked closely like Amanda and Adhiti. He sat on his bed.

"I apologize," The King said. "I saw how the Goddess of Soul and God of Death trust the three of you."

"Lord Calixe, you will be crowned as an Elder of Doves means the messenger. Lord Davin, you'll be crowned as an Elder of Visions."

"Your majesty, I~~I think I am too young for that," Davin said.

"You are not. The most important isn't the age. But the mind. Your mind is older than your age." The King said. "At this crisis, I will need all of your help. Catastrophe is scarier than Abyss. I don't know what else will happen."

"Lots of people will die and starve," Calixe said. The King pulled out the book from the pocket of his robe.

"Your majesty, if I would like to suggest," I said. He nodded at me to go on. "We need to cut off the food in the palace. People will be given the same food as the people outside." I suggested. "I already spoke to my grandfather about this. We have stocks of foods for the upcoming drought and winter. We also cut off food for everyone. That includes us. More foods will be given to mothers who are b.r.e.a.s.tfeeding and who are pregnant."

"You are right." He nodded. "I know that you are the next Lord of your House. But, Lord Patrick, I have been thinking about this for a long. I want you to be my right hand."

I didn't expect him to say it. I haven't read him for long. His mind is messed up because of the loss of Amanda and Darius. Who am I to ignore his wishes? If I will be the right hand, then I'll be able to help the inside world and the people.

"I won't disagree with you or reject you, your majesty. I knew a lot about people." I told him humbly. "Since I have seen every vision that Davin saw, I already have a few suggestions for us to survive. Or at least 70% of people survive in this disaster."

"I will listen to your suggestions." The King said. "But for now, I want to be alone. But before you go, Lord Patrick, how are the twins doing?"

"Marissa is feeding the twins. You don't have to worry, we'll love and raise them. Like we did to Adhiti."

I think the King had an idea already.

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