Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 272

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 272 Mourn


The rain stopped in the morning, I stayed at my beloved's side until the sun was up.

"Lance," I turned to Calvin holding Bellatrix in his arms. "Did you forget that you have triplets?"

I stood and looked at my Princess.

"I'm sorry," I said softly.

"You need to sleep. I can take care of one of the triplets. Maman is already taking care of Ludvig and Louella. But we are worried about you."

"I~~I'm sorry, Calvin. It was only a short time I want more years with her." I told him.

"Lance, we can live longer than the people of Outside World. How about you'll wait? Focus on the triplets while you are waiting for her."

"You don't understand. I already lost her once. And I don't want to lose her again."

"I know," Calvin moved closer and showed me my beautiful Bellatrix. She just looked like her mother. "This little one and the other two need your attention too." Calvin sighed. "I'll stay here with her. How about you take a bath and change your clothes. We'll have to take her to her tomb."

I nodded at my big brother and looked at Althea once again. I bent down and kissed her forehead and I went to my room. My clothes and bathtub are set up. I drown my sorrow in the hot bathtub as I remember how I used to bath my wife. She does the same and she would kiss me and snuggle with me. My sister Guinevere promised me that my soul mate will be born again. I will wait for her.

"Lancelot?" My Maman called. I stood from the bathtub and wrapped my lower part with a blanket. I went outside and she smiled at me tightly. "Put your clothes on. We have to take her there. Get ready, okay?"

My maman let me settle and I put our traditional clothes on. I went outside to see my three angels dressed up in traditional clothes. Sirilla is holding baby Ludvig while my Maman is holding baby Louella. Bethany is holding baby Bellatrix. Laurence hugged me and I hugged him back.

The ceremony started and I helped with taking my wife to her tomb where a stone sculpture is in front of it. Our ancestors were also buried in this cave. I turned to my little ones who cooed and reached their hands to me. Calvin hugged me and I hugged him back. They started walking out as time passed. But I stayed in front of my wife's sculpture.

"My love, I will wait for you. I promise to take care of the little ones. I promise that they will serve the above and help the people to find the light. My love, when I find you, can you not push me away?"


King Damien

It was two peach trees. The two peach bodies are intertwined together. Like Amanda and her beloved Darius. I was wrong for breaking them apart back then. Now that they got a chance to be together, fate killed them. Together with it is the pain of their first daughter, Adhiti. I know everything about her as a Goddess. I know that Amanda has to take her outside world for her safety. Abyss was after her and now, he showed her how he would take the life of the people who are important to her. Her mother and her father, and the father who took care of her and doted on her back when she's little.

My heart ached whenever I thought that I didn't give the same love to my granddaughter. I watched as they put a barrier to the tree so no one would ever cut it. In drought, this is one of the trees that will stay alive.

Forbidden love was once a tale

It's boundless and can't be scaled

In the middle of the desert is a peach of immortality

The land where it stood will live more than eternity

From what Calixe wrote about my daughter and Darius, the peach trees will stay for all of us.

"The ritual from D'Auvergne is done, your majesty. Also the ritual from House Patterson." Calixe mumbled.

"Thank you, Calixe."

"I want to see my twins." I turned to him.

"Yes, your majesty."

We entered the carriage and I looked around as we passed the people who were getting ready to stock food in town. Gathering all of the fruits from the trees. I don't know when the drought would be, but the ants are already stocking their food from the castle which means that a great crisis is about to come.

The Castle of Pattinson came into view and the carriage stopped in front of the door of the main house. Lord Patrick and Lord Hermes are there waiting with the rest of the family. I stepped out of the carriage and they bowed to us. I nodded and I approached them.

"Thank you for waiting."

"Shall we go inside, your majesty?" Hermes asked.

"Yes, Hermes,"

Once we reached the pavilion, the twins with their nannies came into view. My heart melted by just seeing them. Nixie looked like Amanda, while Kenneth looked like Darius. But both of them have a resemblance to each other since they came from Amanda and Darius. I reached Kenneth on my other arm and Nixie on the other. Their smell comforted me from my longing for my dear daughter.

"Do you want to bring them to the castle?" Patrick asked.

"No," I shook my head. "They aren't safe in the castle. But I will always visit to check on them." I hugged them and kissed each of their delicate heads. The two cooed and looked up at me.

"Where are they sleeping?" I asked Patrick.

"They are sleeping in our bedroom. They have their crib and Daren is also taking care of them." He smiled at me as he looked down at his one-year-old son.

"Wow," I chuckled and Daren looked at me innocently. The God of Night. I am sure that he will protect these little ones too. I am more competent when they are with them. There's also the guardian who is protecting them. Amanda trusts their family even to her death. "Thank you, God Daren, for looking out to my grandchildren," I told him. Daren giggled and hugged her mother's neck.

The two felt heavy and I asked Lord Patrick's assistant. He took Kenneth and I looked down to Nixie who yawned.

"How about food, your majesty?"

"Yes, thank you."

They have fresh fruits and meat.

"I apologize for not preparing grand foods."

"You don't have to," I told him. I sat down with Nixie in my arms. "I bought food for Marissa. Thank you for feeding the twins."

"It's a pleasure, your majesty." She bowed a little with Daren in her arms.

"The drought seemed to come." He said.

"Yes, we received a letter from Aer, the snowstorm is getting worse."

"Lord Patrick, as my right hand, I want to hear your suggestions."

Patrick gave Kenneth to his mother and I told them to sit down and they did. I admired baby Nixie who cooed and looked up at me as her eyes blinked.

"We already set up clothes to deliver to Aer through the dragons."

"We need to do something about the dragons." The King said. "Set up a meeting with all of the Kings. Called Lord Achbar to teleport them to Aer."

"Will do. Tonight is the coronation for the three of you. I hope that it's okay if there will be no big celebration."

"Yes, it's not needed." He agreed to me. "What we need now is how to counter all of the crisis right now." And I agree with him. The first time I met him. I know that he's something. I know that he's smart and he is serving the above world not the people of Earth. If someone is loyal to the above world, it only means that someone is full of goodness. He wouldn't be gifted by the above and by Goddess of Soul herself if they don't trust him.

"Tell me your plans so we can go through it thoroughly."

"I will."

We had our late lunch first and then, Hermes led us to the study room after it. Everything is tidy and antique. However, something caught me. Photographs. It is what is called from the outside world. No need for paintings to record a face. I looked around and saw photos of my Princess Amanda and Darius with Adhiti between them. My dear granddaughter. I wonder how she is.

"If you wanted to see Adhiti, she's sleeping in her room."

"Again?" I asked.

"Yes, Catastrophe is above the world at the moment. Destroying a few things on the Earth.'

"I see." I nodded as I pulled a chair and sat down. They followed me. But Patrick went to a cabinet and took out a big scroll.

"This is the blueprint. It's what we called from the outside world."

I looked at the blueprint that he's talking about. It's more like an engineering plan.

"We need to build this to plant more resources."

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