Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 273

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 273 Wildfire

Flame of Pyr

It's midnight and I lay down to sleep when lightning strikes somewhere near. I closed my eyes to ignore it but something caught my attention. A big firelight from my window caught my attention and people's screams. I immediately slipped off from my bed, got on my feet, and ran to the window. Wildfire is spreading on the fields. People are screaming for help. I immediately rang the bell and went downstairs with my robe.

"Your majesty! We don't have someone who brings water to the fields at the moment."

"Gather up everyone," I told him. I sent out a bird to Psyche and Hydor to ask for help. Then, quickly I climbed up to my horse and ran to the fields with the knights. Lightning strikes again on the same field and the fire grows stronger. "Goddess of Earth," I mumbled. My back twisted in pain and I groaned. I almost fell from my horse but a strong hand pulled me up and I turned to my General.

"Your majesty, are you alright"

"I'm fine." I exhaled.

"It's getting into the houses!" Another one shouted.

"Gather every water and watered every boundary of the houses!" I shouted. I jumped off from the horse and I lifted my hand to control it keeping it intact in one way. The air gets a little stronger. It might get through the trees.

I keep holding it while they are taking out the barrels to splash water on it. I stopped and turned to Wade who appeared in front of me and Aaron on the other side.

"Soil and water," I told them. Aaron nodded as he knelt one knee on the ground and held it as the soil started digging while Wade held on to Bethany and they disappeared. After a few moments, water splashes to it from the waterfalls nearby. I watched as Bethany held the portal while Wade was controlling the water rounding it around the fire. Everyone gasped from what they saw. At the same moment, Aaron is controlling the soil to cover all of the fire.

It takes at least twenty minutes to take off the fire. Aaron sat on the ground tired and on the other hand, Wade and Bethany appeared beside us. Bethany is still in her sleeping gown and she looked exhausted too.

"Thank you for coming," I told them. Aaron and Wade smiled.

"We are one," Wade said. We looked at the sky. It sounded mad as it rumbled.

"Catastrophe is angry," Wade said.

"I know." I exhaled and smiled at them.

We looked at the field of corn. Few farmers are already crying. I approached them with Aaron.

"Don't worry. We will work on this again. We'll let the soil recover." I told them.

"Thank you so much, your majesty." They said aloud although not in unison. I nodded at them.

"A drought will come into your Kingdom," Bethany said. She looked at the sky. "I think you need to refill all of the water through the rain."

"I will." I nodded at him.

"Flame, I need your knights right now to gather all of the stones. I will build a water well and we can use it as irrigation."

I turned to my knights.

"Gather all of the stones. We will make water well in this area. To the townspeople, take out all of your barrels and stock for the water. We don't have time. The rain will come in soon."

"Yes, your highness."

"There will be a drought coming after the rain, we can't waste time right now."

"Yes, your highness!" They all said aloud.

Someone came and gave us a bottle of water and I thank her. I brought the water to my face and smelled the freshness of it. No poison. Somehow, I was given a strong sense from the above. Maybe because I was a Guardian. I gave it to Bethany first. She thanked me and drank from the bottle. Another came and gave us water to drink before we got back to work.

"Get Lady Bethany a cloak," I told one of my knights and he nodded and left. It's a cold night and soon it will rain.

"Shall I take Calvin here?"

"I think you should," Wade said. "But you have to rest for a moment."

She nodded and went to the big stone and sat there. I removed my robe and put it on her.

Aaron kept rounding on a few spots and stomping his feet. He's probably searching for great water resources. We already planned this a month ago and we already have a well on the wheat field. For two months, I told the herdsmen to keep on multiplying their sheep, pigs, cows and I restrict everyone from hunting in the forest to preserve the wild. What we are worried about is how to feed the dragons. So, we distribute the dragons to each kingdom. Lots of dragons died from war too and in each kingdom, we have 20 dragons and Era has 30 dragons including the King and Queen.

Lord Patrick

I heard from the owl that there's a wildfire from the Pyr. Flame immediately made an action together with the great kings from Hydor and Era. At this moment, what I am worried about is Aer. Everyone was starving, and the King already let few people on the east part of the castle and gave them clothes. Marissa was gathering a few of her clothes that she didn't use to give to the women of Aer. She also took out a few blankets of Daren to give to the babies.

"Babe, you don't have to pack up so much," I told her.

"It's fine, I will only use a few clothes. Besides, I am too busy nursing Nixie and Kenneth. I won't have time to get pretty."

I chuckled at what she said. Then, I thought about the Outside World. The Outside World has more resources and they have food production. The people of the Outside World and Inside World are the same except for the fact that the people of Inside World could live longer than the Outside World. But if we trade for goods and foods, it'll be better. What we need is gold. Giving them money could make something. Through Mystical Academy, the funding will be good.

I need to discuss this with the King. Marissa told the servant to put it all in the clean sack. Once that it's settled, I put my cloak on and I kissed Kenneth and Nixie on their foreheads then I hugged Darren and kissed his forehead. I approached Marissa and kissed her lips.

"I'll be back before you know it."

"I'll be waiting for you." She smiled at me sweetly as ever. I kissed her lips more and Daren complained at us. I chuckled and kissed her forehead. I took the sack and went outside where Lord Achbar was waiting.

"Thank you for waiting, Lord Achbar."

"It's my pleasure." He bowed at me. I bow back at him. I approached my mother and hugged her. "I'll be back, mom. Please watch my babies and Marissa for me."

"I will." She kissed my cheek. "Your dad will be proud of you." She said softly. I nodded. I looked at my Grandfather and he nodded at me.

"I'm also proud of you, Patrick."

"Thank you, grandpa." I hugged grandpa and we pat each other's back.

I enter the portal with the few things that we will donate to Aer. We appeared in front of King Albus who looked thinner than before. Is he starving himself?

"Thank you for coming," he bowed at me. Soon, the King of Psyche came with Bethany and Calvin. Soon, Lord Achbar left and he arrived with King Wade, King Aaron, and King Flame with their donations to Aer.

"Thank you for coming and for the help." He knelt one knee and bowed at the King and us.

"Let's go straight to our discussion." The King said. Albus stood and nodded. He extended his hand to lead the way. In a room, the fireplace is fully lit.

"We are gathered here because of the calamity in each place. We are here in this world to help each other." The King started. "We need to multiply our poultry in your area." He decided. "And other animal products that can survive in the cold." He said. "Since your place is cold, we need to think of plants that could grow in cold. I guess you already know the lists."

"Yes, your majesty. In fact, we already set up a place for it. We are using the snow, making it as blocks to make a gardening house."

"Good," He nodded. "And the wildfire from Pyr?"

"We already managed it, your majesty. We lose a lot of corn. But, we will work on it again." Flame said.

"I will send Princess Agatha to make the soil better and to grow more trees and other things."

"That's good." The King seemed proud of the outcome at this moment. "Lord Patrick, let's hear your suggestion.

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