Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 282

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 282 Era's Heir

King Aaron

The flowers in the castle suddenly bloom on their own. It's like that when I woke up and even the servants called me out. I stood in front of my balcony as I watched the garden and even the farms grow beautifully and bear fruits and vegetables. Lots of big butterflies are around the garden. They looked so beautiful as they filled every flower. This is good. This never happened in my entire life.

"A~Aaron" My wife called and she seemed struggling. I turned around and found her holding on to the table and the water broke. I quickly ran toward her and held her. I carried her and put her on the bed as I rang the bell beside it. Servants rushed inside and bowed.

"Call the Head Mistress. My wife is about to give birth. Prepare everything."

"Yes, your majesty."

She looked struggling and I held her as they entered and prepared everything. I kissed her forehead as I helped her remove her undergarment. Then, helped her push. Breathing in and out. My wife seemed to have practiced it and it took a few more minutes until I heard the sound of a beautiful cry. They cut the cord that is connected from my wife and watched them clean up the baby in warm water and wrapped them up expertly.

"Congratulations your majesty. It's a Prince."

"Thank you." I excitedly took my little Prince and showed it to my wife. She smiled and lose consciousness. I left them helped the queen while I went to the balcony to showed my little Prince's Kingdom. He opened his eyes. One was gray and one was emerald. Birds, perch on the par.a.p.ets and the butterflies even fly around the balcony like they are smiling at my little Prince. He's the reason why the Era grows beautifully.

"You made that my little Prince." I kissed his delicate forehead and smiled at the animals lurking around to have a peek at him.

"Your majesty, what would be the name of the Prince?" The Head Nurse asked.

"His name will be, Aviv. He's our spring."

"Yes, it's beautiful, your majesty."

"Is my wife ready now?"

"Yes, she's ready for feeding the Prince. I'll prepare scallops soup for her."

"Thank you, Head Nurse."

I went back inside. I smiled at my wife and gave our baby to her. I helped her up a little and put pillows behind her so she could feed our little one. I stayed by her side and watched our little one sucked her b.r.e.a.s.t like a hungry little wolf. I gently kissed my wife's head.

"Love, can we send a feast to the towns? It's our baby's birthday."

"Of course, my love."



I could feel that it's the end of me when they give me one last strike. But when I opened my eyes, I knew that I wouldn't die because I'm simply a living soul. I'm a guardian. The dark lashes that could hurt me are the lost souls that Abyss gathered and become his servants to hurt every person in the Above World.

"Enjoying?" I slowly turned to the voice. Abyss was smiling at me as I struggled to move. The pain that he caused me was nothing compared to the pain that my Goddess is feeling at the moment.

"Or are you enjoying seeing me in pain?"

"Yes." He grinned. "I'm sorry to do it. I'm just waking up my Adhiti. After our wedding, you'll be free as long as you oath me."

"Never." I gritted my teeth.

"Want to see how she's doing?" He asked.

Then, he showed a mirror to me as I saw my Goddess sipping on her wine while Abyss's servants were measuring her for the design of a wedding gown. They look happy but she doesn't. She's drowning herself in the wine.

"I never thought that Catastrophe can be also selfless." He said with a sigh. "In exchange for those people, she let Eliza and Nicodemus free. She is willing to stay too. Except for Adhiti. She's also selfless but she rejects going here. That made her selfish."

"She wasn't selfish" I gritted my teeth at him. "She's just cautious around you. You betrayed her all over again."

"Start lashing him again in an hour." Abyss said as he left and the mirror disappeared in front of me. I tried to reach it to look at my Goddess again but Abyss is harsh.

My eyes slowly closed as I dreamed of my Goddess in her realm. She lay her head on my chest and I don't have any wounds or scars. I looked like I was from my old self.

"My guardian," She sighed softly. "I am happy that you are back from work."

"Did you miss me that much, my Goddess?" I asked her.

"Hmm," She nodded and pouted like a little girl. I looked at the crown that she's wearing that has the universe around it. "Let's go by the beach. I miss walking with you there."

She held my hand and we entered the door to the beach. I watched her fun around and picked new shells. She approached me and walked around me.

"Your wings are beautiful!" She said it in a childlike way. "Your wings are big"

"That's because I oath my love to you, my Goddess." She walked around and stopped in front of me. She looked up at me and smiled. My goddess looked youthful, childlike, and beautiful. I scooped her face and stared at her for a long. "I know that your love is real and you won't be able to betray me."

"I will never betray you, my love."

She smiled as the sun smiled back because of her.

"I know that you won't." She kissed my chest. "I'm sorry if I was selfish and I take most of your time."

"We have a lot of time to be together and I will follow everywhere."

"Thank you, my Guardian." She tiptoed as I bent down to meet her beautiful lips. "Let's go back to my room. It's our rest tonight and I wanted you to love me."

"Goddess, is up for that thing again?" I asked. She giggled beautifully.

"It's normal to do it here." She took both of my hands and placed them on her waist. "And I want to dance with you."

"Well, we can dance every night after my duty."

"I wanted that too" She sighed. "I wish that you will always be on my side and I don't have to send you out." She sighed again. "But it's good that we could stay for a day and night together. Let's go to our room."

We went back to her room and she lay down on the bed. She patted the other side and I put my spear away and climbed up to bed. I extend my arms and my wings. She moved closer to my side and lay her head over my chest. I covered my wings around her.

Coldwater was poured on me. I opened my eyes and I was back in a dusty, rusty cell. They dragged my arm using the heavy chains that are connected to the cuffs on my wrists. It's again the start of the torture. This time, I saw Abyss glaring at me.

"Make sure that he will receive the pain that would wake her up!" He gritted his teeth. I felt a painful lash at my back. I scream in pain. I gritted my teeth and endured it.

Then, he showed me, my Goddess. Catastrophe was sleeping in a beautiful bed.

"She's not waking up and you have to endure every pain that she should feel." Abyss spitted on me. I stared at my beautiful Goddess sleeping beautifully. "Wake her up,"

"No!!" I screamed at him and he growled as the realm shakes. Everyone looked terrified at the moment. I smirked at him. That's right. She isn't going to wake up yet. She isn't going to wake up until everything has been recovered. Until the heirs and heiresses are ready to rule.

I stared at Abyss and a man in a tuxedo stepped closer to him. He smiled at me. The King of the Devil, Leviathan. He waved at me like he's friendly and he liked how they lashed me.

"Oh, poor soul." He said sardonically as rubbed his chin.

"Have you got that little child?"

Little child? My eyes widened as Leviathan shook his head and shrugged.

"That little one is hard to get. I sent him a dark spear, but with just one look it turned into a beautiful rose. If you only see how he could turn a beautiful sharp spear into something magical." He said it, sounding a little dreamy. "That kid is so bright and I don't remember his soul around here."

"He is a special one." Abyss said. "Just like this one. He's blessed by him."

"Him? The one who vanished you?"

I listened to them as I received an endless whip from their people.

"Yes. We don't speak his name." Abyss mumbled.

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