Mystical Academy: Clashes Of Insideworld Outsideworld Aboveworld And Underworld Book 4 Chapter 288

Volume 4: The Army Of Dead Chapter 288 Duties And Family

Queen Nixie

Everything looked familiar to me. The most familiar one is the mirror. I already loved the mirror. Former King Wade told me that he gave it to me. He said it in the past tense and I don't quite understand it. I turned around to my mother Marissa. Although she wasn't my real mother, for me, she's my mom.We visited my real parent's grave back in Psyche before I and my twin brother were separated. It's a peach tree that grows in the middle of the battlefield.

"I already read this," I told Lord Sullivan that was teaching me at this moment. Our professor Achbar helped me with it. At the moment, he's with my brother to help him rule around. I heard from him that he knew everything about Pyr and he knew how to rule it. He also mentioned to me that he's the first King that was gifted by the Goddess. Everything will be easy for him but for me, I don't know. I am not fit to be the Queen.

Lord Sullivan seemed like he didn't trust me so he asked me questions about the things I know in the book. I told everything to him. My mom and Lord Achbar taught history and how to deal with the problem. I'm quite a mathematician and solving problems is what I love most. Then, Papa would teach us how lots of things about reverse psychology and how to read a person. I and Kenneth become drawn to it and by Lord Sullivan's gestures, I am sure that he isn't pleased that I was a young Queen.

The study ended soon, then a few more came for me so I could sign papers. Instead of signing them, I told them to deliver it to my study room.

"Your majesty." My mother curtsied to me. I don't like it but I have no choice at all. I took her hands and pouted at him. I'm just nine years old and yet, I'm carrying a whole Kingdom over my shoulder. "You already looked tired." She scooped my face. "I'll massage your back later. How about that? Or do you want it now?"

"I feel old already, Mama."

I hugged her waist and closed my eyes. Her smell was like wood and like the smell of a garden in the fresh air.

"I'm here, my dear." Feeling her kiss over my head washed out all of the worries inside it. "What do you want?"

"I just want to cuddle for a moment."

"Hmm," She caressed my hair. "Let's go to your study room. I'll cuddle you. But how about the papers that you need to sign?"

I exhaled and pulled out from her. I followed her to the study room. I sat up and she helped me with few things while refreshments were served to us. A shadow of a gigantic bird caught my eyes from the balcony. I turned to it and my eyes widened. I stood quickly and ran to him.


He chuckled and spread his arms from me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed my cheek to his chest.

"How are you doing?" Wade asked.

"I'm doing fine."

"Hmm, I was quite busy at the moment. But I will help you with a few things."

"Really?" My eyes widen and I can't wait for Wade to help me around. "I am glad that you are here."

"I will help you finish your task so you could see your big sister."

"Adhiti?" I asked. I heard a lot about my big sister and she's my dad's sister too. I know it's quite messy. But, she's my real parent's firstborn.


"Okay, I will finish it now!" I said excitedly.

Wade taught me the things that I should watch out for. If I feel that something isn't right, I have to follow my gut.



My strength was regained. As long as I stay with my Goddess, I will always feel strong and relieved. Abyss will always go after her, but I can't let him have her. We were bound through blood and soul and I sealed it before she even gave it away to him. I kissed her delicate forehead and stared down at her lips. Her beauty never fades and it will never.

"Nick," She mumbled.

"Did you recover it?" I asked her softly.


I looked at Guinevere who approached the bed as she showed the stone of Memories.

"Take this, I haven't given this to our brother. I think you should give it to him."

I helped my Goddess to sit up and she held the stone. She reached my hand and placed it over the stone in her hand. She closed her eyes as I did the same. Memories of my pasts and memories with her swirled inside my head and played like a movie. I don't know how long it has sunk inside me but I now understand everything. Adhiti is everything to me and now, I was her everything. She loved me as I do and this time, I won't ever fail her.

"I want to have a bath." She said and scooped my face. "Let's bath together, my guardian."

Guinevere looked away.

"I'll let you both settle. Soon, your brother and sister will be here."

We went to the bathroom and settled on the big bathtub.

"What happened now?" She asked as she took the sponge and rubbed my chests. She stared at my scars. It breaks my heart to see her in pain. I wiped the tears on her cheeks. "I'm sorry that it took so long. I have to plan it carefully before I take you out there and before I take the stone from him without his knowledge."

"How did you replace the stone?"

"God of Memories gave me the same stone. Identical." She hugged me. "But all is well at the moment. I don't want to lose you or anyone again."

"I promise you, that you won't suffer ever again."

After our romantic bath, I helped her with her clothes. I have big pants and a shirt that was made by D'Auvergne's family tailor, so it'll be easy for me to slide it in without any worry about my big wings. My Goddess loves sleeping with my wings and she loved to be covered with them. Just like what she said. My wings were the biggest wings among all of the guardians and warriors and it's indeed the color of the universe. Tint with the black and luminous color of each galaxy.

We went to the garden and seeing a very young King and the young Queen made my heart melt. They are adorable. They bowed at Adhiti and Guinevere and Gibson. The little Queen Nixie looked up at Adhiti with full of admiration.

"Marissa," Adhiti smiled at Marissa. Marissa stepped forward, tears started rolling down her cheek and she hugged Adhiti. Adhiti hugged her back with a relieved sigh. "Thank you for taking care of my siblings."

"We are family after all," Marissa said and gently pushed her. Adhiti wiped her tears and Marissa turned to me. I have to hide all of my scars for her not to cry more. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. My poor sister suffered. She has lost weight from the last time I saw her. But all is well at the moment.

Adhiti approached the twins and hugged them. Nixie's admiration toward her didn't fade. She became talkative and asked a lot of things. Adhiti was fond of her and Kenneth was always respectful and he sounded old. But Adhiti loved them both. Soon, the King arrived and he hugged Adhiti and kissed her forehead. This time, they are family. She didn't want to be a Goddess for a moment. She wanted to be a gifted human with her real family. A big celebration was held at the big table. For more happiness, Bethany brought Almira, Andrew, and their son Asher. We saw how Nixie became attached to Asher treating him as a big brother and hugged him.

My Goddess is happy now. The smile on her lips was always genuine. She laughed a lot now as Nixie told her everything. She's a chatty Queen and everyone would love her. She's like Adhiti when my Goddess was once a child.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/mystical-academy-goddess's-rebirth_12336619005291005/duties-and-family_50974410357662034 for visiting.

I looked at King Damien who admired the girls who were talking at each other and what to do. Adhiti wanted to stay with Nixie and Kenneth but the two are two kingdoms apart. It's hard for these youngsters to rule big Kingdoms. Mostly to Nixie who didn't remember about her past. But slowly, she'll understand and at the same time, she'll be frightened. So, while we are trying to close the portals that would lead to both worlds, Wade will stay in Hydor to help the little one while searching for other black holes that were set by Abyss. There were also black holes that they started opening that would lead to the Above World, and the God of Death and Goddess of Soul was more cautious.

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