Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 102

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 102 Agreement

Rachel got up early in the morning and went out for a run to freshen up her mind from all sorts of thoughts but before that she did her breathing exercises to calm herself down. As she was running she had her headphones on and the music was loud enough so that all the anger that was built inside her would just come out with the sweat and her mind would be free of all the thoughts while the music touched her heart.

Seeing her wake up early Kevin too had followed her behind while she was running and he had to admit that the girl was just too fast even for him to keep up to her. He was so relieved when she finally came to rest after half an hour of running. Kevin was totally provoked as he saw her doing the stretches. Her track suit was just attached to her body by all the sweating and it took the shape of her body revealing all her beautiful curves. Kevin turned hot and red all over and he finally looked the other way to avoid doing any regretful thing. He had carried a bottle of water, he gulped half of the bottle in one go, took a deep breath and then went up to her. He called her from behind but she did not respond because she didn't hear him so he put one hand on her waist and with other he removed her headphones whispering a 'hi' in her ear slowly trying to smell her.

Rachel was started all of a sudden but her defensive skills were so sharp that she immediately came to her senses moved around quickly and pinned him to the ground taking him to be an even teaser. She was about to punch him without looking at who he was when his slow voice came "Stop it's me, Kevin."

She loosened her grip and as he stood on his feet she was filled with anger again "Are you stalking me, what do you want."

Kevin smirked "I was just here for a jog and then I saw you so I thought of saying 'hi'."

She simply answered in a sarcastic tone "Oh so you say 'hi' to everyone like this, great. Forget it, I don't want to ruin my morning so I will leave first." She walked a little further and turned around saying in an authoritative tone "If you wanna stay in my house, stay away from me." saying this she ran all the way back home.

Kevin stood there smiling as he said to himself "As if that is the reason why I planned all this" he ran behind her but she was fast enough that she was already having her green tea, seeing him she took the cup and ran into her room slamming the door shut then said to herself "How am I going to get rid of this devil."

Kevin was passing by her room when she heard this, he smiled and replied loud enough for her to hear "Let me save your time, never."

She was taken aback at this sudden answer so she opened the door "Don't you dare challenge me." she said pointing finger at him."

He pulled her by her finger "I would never challenge you for something I am determined to do."

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